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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 3

Novichok 3 | 7,602
5 Aug 2022 #871
And you believe that because... Putin said so?

The reason Russia attacked is because Putler didn't want a thriving economy

And you believe that because Putin said so?
OP amiga500 3 | 1,420
5 Aug 2022 #872
The reason Russia attacked

and because in front of his friends super yaghts that they siphoned hundredd of billions that were earmearked for the rruski armed forces., and he thought that would make no difference? hahha that's just sily of putin.

He thought the russian AF were not an immoral, incompetent, useless, subhuman organisation that only learns as dumb as F after 6 months?.

That could not organise a brothel at a chapel, even for 300 million, because the money would be all stolen!, and the hookers would all be on lavrovs yacht in switzerland, mingling with his daughters, hey maybe those b**ches are the high class hookers! no difference what lavrov become, used to be smart now just baghadad bob...

Stpupid ruskis

mafketis 34 | 12,243
5 Aug 2022 #873
because Putin said so?

When did he tell you it was because of NATO?
Novichok 3 | 7,602
5 Aug 2022 #874

Feb 15, 2022.

But, of course, the mind-reading, Russia-hating PF morons know better. Yes, a-holes, Putin sent thousands to their deaths, spent billions, got sanctioned becasue of his imperial ambitions.
pawian 190 | 19,211
5 Aug 2022 #875
What`s in the vid, coz I don`t open Putler`s links????

if you are really interested

I am but not as much as to open Putlerite`s links. If they want to have a bigger publicity, they need to advertise their products. Simple.

Putin sent thousands to their deaths, spent billions,

Very well. And that`s what he is going to be tried for, either by Russians or international bodies. Simple.
OP amiga500 3 | 1,420
5 Aug 2022 #876
Fortune or a Yale report is like imagining you are living on the moon.

Gee I wonder how much more the ruskis can take of this, and how much Huawei/ZTE etc will tolerate it? As in not having your district export market but at the same time having the risk that your communist bosses will deny all knowledge and turn on you when your particular factory gets sanctioned for trying? and what happens to their ruski comrades when the supply of mobile phones, or worse something needed for the SMO does not get through?

Let's have a serious discussion about a nuclear tactical strike that wipes out Moskva.

- Show Putin his country is not a mongol gene based imperial culture.
- Allow Russia to be broken up in 4+, countries, let the chechens and indigenous siberians be free.
- Get china on our side by letting them annex a some of siberia and upper ussr mongolia.
Korvinus 1 | 648
5 Aug 2022 #877
And you believe that because Putin said so?

When you realize that your own people, after personally witnessing what is possible, may incite another color revolution....
Plus he's still butthurt about the collapse of the ZSRR and would like to reverse it and recover all lands. Putler openly, publicly admits this.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
5 Aug 2022 #878

He's said lots of things at different times. Some of it is for domestic consumption some for international. Looking at the overall course of his career, NATO just isn't that important (look at his 'okay... whatever' attitude toward Finnland and Sweden joining).

The most likely reason is that Ukraine was becoming the anti-russia - democratic and free with an engaged citizenry that didn't take crap from the government. That's also why Orban sides with russia - he hates the idea of Hungarians catching on to his bvllcrap and kicking him to the curb....
Novichok 3 | 7,602
5 Aug 2022 #879
Kremlin points to 'real cause' of global disorder
Global stability was undermined by the 2014 Western-orchestrated coup d'état in Ukraine, the Kremlin said
According to Peskov, tensions in Europe have been stoked by aggressive NATO policies and encroachment toward Russia's borders.

That's what Russia says. But, of course, PF third-graders know better and bullsh*it something about "citizenry" - as if Western "democracies" pay attention to theirs.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
5 Aug 2022 #880
the 2014 Western-orchestrated coup d'état in Ukraine

See? That's your problem right there! You are addicted to the stupidest narrative possible spoon fed to you by RT and you somehow manage (or pretend) to believe it....

Here is as close as you'll find to the real reason - ethnic hatred.... found among a large majority of russians toward Ukraine
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
5 Aug 2022 #881
Russia will be in pre 1991 economy before the snow flies. Western goods are running very low which is why they are opening the foreign currency stores and literally buying all existing stock or taking it. The Used laptop market will be insane by Christmas. The used luxury car market will be all but non existent unless you are ultra wealthy and they you will buy cars for parts. How do you like your caviar comrade, on paper plate or toilet paper?
Novichok 3 | 7,602
5 Aug 2022 #882
How many times you need to be told not to bring up that BS and brazen lies?


There must be a new virus out there. The most visible symptom is the high frequency of "you". I counted 8 in the last two posts. How about discussing things without yous... Too hard?

Putin always wanted one thing: Ukraine to be neutral and the Russians there treated fairly. After 2014, Ukraine was not neutral and the Russians were not treated well - before and after 2014. Z-hole will pay for it with a good chunk of Ukraine.

Say what you want about Putin and Russia but at this point Russia simply cannot say oops the way the US did in Vietnam after losing 58,000 men, pack up and go home.

Donbas is Russian now. PF Russia haters, eat sh*it.
Tacitus 2 | 1,833
5 Aug 2022 #883
Ukraine to be neutral

You claim to know what Putin wants, yet you keep ignoring what he actually says and writes. He does not want a "neutral" Ukraine, he did not speak of a "neutral" Ukraine in his 2021 essay or his February War speech. He believes that Russia owns Ukraine, that Ukrainian independence as a state is a myth an "historical mistake". His words.
Korvinus 1 | 648
5 Aug 2022 #884
2014 Western-orchestrated coup d'état in Ukraine

Russian system of governance does not work for the people. It works for the narrow elite around the dictator while the population is held in poverty and forced to pay bribes for every public service like education or healthcare system. That's why the colorful revolutions overthrew some of these tyrants and ex-aparatchiks. Despite regimes' efforts people have access to information from the world and see the western system provides more wealth and opportunities to their populations. That's why they want to move towards such systems of government.
pawian 190 | 19,211
5 Aug 2022 #885
Z-hole will pay for it with a good chunk of Ukraine.

BS. Sanctions on RuSSia will be lifted only when the situation returns to the territorial status quo on the day before the war. How long will they last, what do you think??? :):):)

Ukraine to be neutral a

Another BS.
Here is a dream map by a RuSSist politician who once was a president. Ukraine partitioned by RuSSia, Poland and Romania.

Novichok 3 | 7,602
5 Aug 2022 #886
You claim to know what Putin wants,

I am repeating what he said.

Russian system of governance does not work for the people.

That's none of your damn business.

It works for the narrow elite

Are we talking about the US? I don't want another O violation.
pawian 190 | 19,211
5 Aug 2022 #887
I am repeating what he said.

Yes, like a stupid parrot.
Korvinus 1 | 648
5 Aug 2022 #888
That's none of your damn business.

And even if those color revolutions had outside... inspirations, they wouldn't be possible without the people living there wanting to protest and even fight to change their lives and their country for the better.
Tacitus 2 | 1,833
5 Aug 2022 #889
I am repeating what he said

Only to the degree that is convenient to you. You reoeat Putin's view on the present and recent past, but insist on ignoring what his ultimate view on Ukraine is.

He does not believe that Ukraine should be anything but a part of Russia. Period.
pawian 190 | 19,211
5 Aug 2022 #890
11 Polish donated tanks on their way to the front. Good luck, guys, give those Mongols hell.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
5 Aug 2022 #891
The solution was, and always has been to compensate Russian people in Ukraine in order to allow them to move to Russia, and remain neutral. The problem is, Russia does not want that, and Ukraine does not want that. This is not a NATO problem, Ukraine was already denied entry once and told again later they would not get approved. The Russian security guarantees in exchange for no Ukraine nukes has been violated. The issues are not as complicated as people would like to make them. The problem is spoiled little brats, on both sides, are not getting what they want. Then one spoiled brat invades the other.
pawian 190 | 19,211
5 Aug 2022 #892
Russist lies about Poland:

Poland sends not only armament but also troops to Ukraine
There are hundreds of Polish volunteers in Ukraine
Poland wants to capture Western Ukraine
Poles are the beacons of russophobia in the Western world
Ukrainians fear Poles
Hospitals are full of Ukrainian soldiers so Polish patients are turned down
Poland is the puppet of the UK and the USA.
Novichok 3 | 7,602
5 Aug 2022 #893
Then one spoiled brat invades the other.

The problem is that the other spoiled brat has the US involved in that pis*sing contest. Not a good idea.
Novichok 3 | 7,602
6 Aug 2022 #894
This one goes under Sometimes Russia Is Correct....Quoting

Amnesty International DEFENDS report accusing UKRAINE of endangering civilian lives in Putin propaganda coup and says it 'calls out human rights violations no matter who is responsible'

Amnesty report listed incidents in which it said Ukrainian forces appeared to have put civilians in harm's way by establishing bases in residential areas

On Friday, Amnesty's Secretary General said group 'full stands by our research'

Now, as we say in America, eat sh*it, AI-is-always-right PF Russia haters. Yeah, Russia has been saying exactly that...

BTW, the above is not Russian propaganda so don't go there. It's from Amnesty International - an organization beyond reproach and always truthful. This is what I was told here, at least.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
6 Aug 2022 #895
US wouldnt have gotten involved if invasion did not happen. It really is a simple issue.

Now the Russian backed head of the Kherson region is in a hospital in Crimea in an induced coma because he was poisoned. LMAO Must been something in his caviar that made him sick. Such a pity. And, the head of the laboratory that designs hypersonic missiles in Russia has been arrested based on suspicions of treason. Amazing how that happens during a war. Hope the guy has a bank account that can get him out of jail. LMFAO Stupid Russians created this environment.
Paulina 13 | 3,573
6 Aug 2022 #896
BTW, the above is not Russian propaganda so don't go there. It's from Amnesty International - an organization beyond reproach and always truthful.

First of all, noone is perfect and so in my opinion noone is beyond reproach, no matter whether it's Russia, Ukraine, Poland or US, or Putin, pope Francis or Amnesty International. I'm just against false claims about Amnesty International (and other human rights organisations) spread by Russians that it's "paid by the West" and "not objective", which is clearly not true, as you can see.

I haven't seen this AI report yet, but judging by what I've read in the press the controversy seems to be more about the conclusions of the AI report rather than about it's findings.

AI says that Ukraine should move military forces and missile defense systems away from cities and Ukraine respond that they have to be there in order to defend the cities, because Russia wants to take over cities and not forests and meadows. This makes sense to me, to put it mildly.

AI states that Ukrainian military shouldn't be using civillian buildings like hospitals and schools while Ukraine says that they're using them only if they're empty.

AI says that Ukraine should evacuate civillians and Ukraine respond that they're doing that, but not everyone wants to evacuate. Based on reports both of media and private people and videos made by both media and private people who went to Ukraine I can say that this is true. Even what Bobko wrote confirms that - he wrote that his "stupid cousin" decided to stay in Mykolaiv in order to "guard" his family's flat.

One could argue that Ukraine shouldn't blame Russian troops for attacking hospitals and schools if Ukrainian military is using them, which I think is true. On the other hand, this whole Russian invasion on Ukraine is a breach of the international law, so Russian troops shouldn't even be in Ukraine attacking anything.

AI also stated that there were cases of Russia attacking civillian buildings even when there were no Ukrainian military or any other military targets there - I'm guessing that neither RT or any other Russian state media quoted that. Am I right? :)

This is what Steven Haines, a professor of public international law at London's University of Greenwich who drafted those guidelines on the military's use of schools and universities during conflicts has to say about this:

""The use of schools - if they are not also being used for their primary purpose - is not invariably unlawful. Very obviously, the situation in Ukraine counts as exceptional in this respect ... so the Ukrainian military is not necessarily breaching the guidelines," he said.

While Haines agreed that buildings should be chosen that are set as far apart from residential areas as possible, he said the nature of the invasion meant that city warfare was inevitable."

Quote from:

AI about Russian indiscriminate attacks:

"The group noted, however, that the tactics 'in no way justify Russia's indiscriminate attacks', which have battered civilian populations.


The report said: 'In certain other locations in which Amnesty International concluded that Russia had committed war crimes, including in some areas of the city of Kharkiv, the organization did not find evidence of Ukrainian forces located in the civilian areas unlawfully targeted by the Russian military.'"

Quotes from:
Alien 11 | 1,652
6 Aug 2022 #897
This war must simply be won, because the winner is always right. In this case the victory of this war will be if Ukraine does not lose it.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
6 Aug 2022 #898

you lose! quoting.... RT????? Seriously? An admitted lie-factory????

you need to stop the RT and find out who made it and why....

a name to start with.... Surkov (who wrote the blueprint for hybrid warfare against the west that russia has been carrying out)
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,543
6 Aug 2022 #899
Slava Youcrainee 🤡


American transvestite in Kharkov against Putin. Why do they export their imbecility around the world?

How disgusting those pathetic faggots are and everyone who supports & promotes them.

Go hard like Vladimir Putin ;)
mafketis 34 | 12,243
6 Aug 2022 #900
Go hard like Vladimir Putin

Kill slavs like Vladimir Putin!

Impoverish other slavs like Vladmir Putin!

Be a sick freak like Vladimir Putin!

Attract sick freaks like Vladmir Putin!

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