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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 3

Bratwurst Boy 12 | 13,164
22 Sep 2022 #3,031
More high comedy.

That must be a joke....right????
(I send your link through the translation)

What to take with you? Let's figure it out.

Every season has its own specifics. We proceed from the given, that is, we consider the option - cold.

I'll make a list point by point.

1. White winter camouflage coat, warm uniform, such as Gorka on fleece, warm pea coat, thermal underwear, sweaters.

2. Good shoes, ideally low shoes are light, in the best case these are Lovochi, or other branded items. But if finances do not allow, then berets and some insulated boots to the heap. Do not forget also about the usual rubber slippers, the fungus in the barracks and in the positions does not doze off, and the legs need to rest periodically.

3. A backpack, the more the better, a hundred liters of commercials, cool if with a strong dorsal frame, khaki. I do not recommend saving on this thing, because if the straps break there, then you will have to drag all your belongings in little hands.

4. Unloading vest, here you need to understand who you are in the state, that is, what kind of weapon you will have in place, a machine gun or machine gun, and so on. Here, as they say, who is comfortable and who likes what more. It is necessary to take one so that the material does not cling to itself, as on authorized pixels, so that the ******* straps do not stick out in different directions, which will have to be wrapped with electrical tape, and so that you can carry as much payload as possible. And the back so as not to ****.

5. A knife, what the ****, the main thing is that it can cut and open cans with it, you can even fold it. Do not believe in fairy tales, you will not need a saber before close combat, so take some sort of folding one, for example.

6. Flashlight, any, the main thing is that it works and holds a charge, ideally a rechargeable one.

7. Underpants, socks, T-shirts, larger T-shirts, there may be no time and nowhere to wash, but mudya and legs should be kept as clean as possible.

8. Sleeping bag, karimat and podzhopnik. We take, it is not discussed.

9. Medicine, if you have chronic sores and need constant taking of any pills, then stock up on them more, because there will be no time to treat you there, and there will be no time to mess with you. Be sure to take Loperamide (so as not to crap yourself) because unsanitary conditions and incomprehensible food lead to diarrhea, and you really can't crap yourself. Plus, take a hemostatic, a couple of good PPI tourniquets, and so on. There is a lot of material on the Internet on personal first-aid kits, you shouldn't save on this either, because they won't give you **** on the spot. And this is the question of your life.

10. Any tourist trifle, such as a lighter, matches, a needle, thread, ten meters of rope, a boiler, a spoon, a fork, a plate, a thermos mug, a flask for water (or a hydrator), a power bank, we take everything, it will come in handy for sure. A pair of black electrical tape, a pack of cable ties, a gas stove-burner and a couple of cylinders for it. If you smoke, stock up on cigarettes well.

11. If finances allow, then take "eyes", that is, binoculars, a sight with different mounting options, ideally a thermal imager of course, well, this is already quite expensive and rich. And before the trip, it is recommended to figure out how it all works.

12. SIBZ-Means of Individual Armor-Protection. So blet, here we stop in more detail! Bulletproof vest, good bulletproof vest, with all the plates in place, with groin protection, a class of 5, lightweight plates (ideally) and so as not to ******* mini-platener, think with your head, the more area of ​​\u200b\u200byour body is protected, the better, fragments and bullets don't give a **** what fashion company he is, this thing should fulfill its functions.

Helmet, good Kevlar, khaki, complete with ears. But there is a but, if you take a fashionable helmet without ears, then you can put on active headphones, and your ears will be intact when it arrives nearby, BUT, thereby you will reduce the protection area of ​​​​your bad little head, so think that only you are more important to you.

Protective goggles, which are hung on a helmet.

13. Gloves, normal gloves. I like fingerless ones because I feel good about weapons in them.
Some kind of arafatka, very convenient in order to hide the **** from the dust.

14. A set of interchangeable uniforms, it's good if it's some kind of tactical shirt, and pants with built-in knee pads. If not, then in SIBZ add knee pads and elbow pads, take good ones, not from a hardware store (I'm not kidding, I've seen such types).

If they really ask all that from their new recruits.....unbelievable! It is very doubtful that all families can stuff their boys with all they have to go otherwise naked?
mafketis 34 | 12,459
22 Sep 2022 #3,032
ask all that from their new recruits.....unbelievable!

they can't even provide new recruits with boots now.... they were sending them into the field in plain shoes and telling them to take boots from dead soldiers (rus or Ukr)....

this will go down on the long list of stupid things that putain has done and that the vatniks like velund and bobko whole-heartedly support
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 13,164
22 Sep 2022 #3,033
Unbelievable! How can they even think to win like that???
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,034
As happy as I was when I saw the front pages this morning with such screaming headlines Putin mobilizes 300,000 people, Vladimir, perhaps you are not a traitor after all. Slava Rusiji, freedom to the Russian people. Odessa is a Russian city, let's go, send everything, the Russian steam roller is just starting to roll, the traitors, servants and serfs are on life-support.

Slava i sloboda ruskoj braći.

Kashub1410 4 | 456
22 Sep 2022 #3,035
@Bratwurst Boy
I guess you never heard about feudalism? 😆

I wouldn't be surprised if Putins closest oligarchs will tasked with creating "security forces" and send them to the borders. Probably only ones with enough cash to equip soldiers

*eherm* security guards
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 13,164
22 Sep 2022 #3,036
...the sons of those oligarchs surely won't be included in said mobilization at all...
Kashub1410 4 | 456
22 Sep 2022 #3,037
@Bratwurst Boy
Duh! Probably honorary officers tho!
After my trip abroad and if any of my dates won't be able to convince me otherwise I see no other option then travel to Kaliningrad to do my part to end this. It's when good men do nothing that evil triumphs. So I'll have to do my part, if I'll get arrested so be it.

Can't sit on my dupa anymore!

*my landlord also wishes for my rent to increase by 300 PLN!*
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,762
22 Sep 2022 #3,038
I am told Saddam was screaming deliriously for his special forces as well just before he was executed. You sure idolize a lot of losers. Makes sense now as to why Serbia wants to get rid of elements like you. You bring the whole country's IQ down exponentially all on your own.
mafketis 34 | 12,459
22 Sep 2022 #3,039
Odessa is a Russian city

Not according to the people who live there... which is what matters.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,040
Not according to the people who live there...

Zaporozhye Oblast completely breaks relations with Ukraine as its integral part and will never identify with it again, said Vladimir Rogov, president of the "We are with Russia" movement, member of the Main Council of Administration of Zaporozhye Oblast. "Nothing connects the Zaporozhye region with today's Ukraine, which is ruled by extremists and terrorists. The Zaporozhye region breaks all relations with Ukraine as its integral part and will never identify with it again. The Ukrainian period in the history of the Zaporozhye region is in the past," said Rogov. After the referendum, Russia could get about 5-6 million new citizens. And when the refugees start returning, that number can rise to 8-9 million people, says Vladimir Rogov, a member of the administration council of the Zaporizhia administration. According to him, the Zaporozhye region is on the safe path of returning to Russia and will not deviate from it. "The future of the Zaporozhye region - is only as a subject of the Russian Federation," Rogov stressed.
Tacitus 2 | 1,917
22 Sep 2022 #3,041
We are with Russia" movement

Which go how many votes in the last election before the invasion?
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,042
After the referendum, the Kherson region will become part of Russia within its administrative borders, said the deputy head of the regional administration, Kirill Stremousov. "After the end of the referendum, the entire Kherson region within its administrative borders will become part of the Russian Federation," he told Sputnik.

Snegirivka and Aleksandrovka (Nikolaev region) are included in the Kherson region. Residents can vote in the referendum, said Kiril Stremousov, deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,762
22 Sep 2022 #3,043
These Russian coxuckers can say what ever they want to say. It doesnt make any difference. Just like rounding up 300K unprepared men to become chum in Ukraine wont make a difference. Just more dead Russians is all it makes. Let them grab their $hitty little WW2 equipment and go to die. So be it.

More than half the demonstrators last night in Russia were women. Maybe they dont want their sons, brothers, husbands and relatives to get sent off to die for no reason? I would like to see Putin pick up a rifle and lead a battalion. It would be the quickest annihilation in history.

I am going to have a referendum tomorrow guys. I am proposing that we all vote on Russia becoming part of Zimbabwe. Voting time is noon CET. Agreed?
johnny reb 36 | 7,578
22 Sep 2022 #3,044
Bring me a Serbian soldier with a real combat expierence and he wouldn't talk stupid like a trash as you do.

Spot on and not just Serbian soldiers, any combat hardened soldier.

I have spoken to many soldiers who have seen action, and not one of them would glorify death or the things you do.

Thank you PolAm, the diaper dandies here are clueless.
Meanwhile Putin's cancer is causing him to go blind.
Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges today said any response by America 'may not be nuclear' but warned that if Putin were to use nukes in Ukraine that the US could look to 'destroy the Black Sea Fleet or destroy Russian bases in Crimea'.

His comments come after the Russian premier sent shockwaves around the world, as he announced the 'partial mobilization' of his reserve military forces to continue his murderous invasion of Ukraine.

Putin doesn't have the time or facilities to train 300,000 kids to make a difference now.

biden can't wait to get directly involved to make it WW3 for his $$$$ buddies.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,381
22 Sep 2022 #3,045
There is a long queue on the Russian-Mongolian border. Russians flee from mobilization in all possible directions ...

At night, in the Lomonosov district near Saint Petersburg, a military recruitment center was set on fire.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,046
Poll: Support for joining Russia in the Donbass is at a historic high

The Republic Institute for Political and Sociological Research in Crimea (RIPSI) regularly conducts research on the opinion of residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions on the attitude of residents towards the referendum on the region's accession to the Russian Federation. The majority of residents of the DPR and LNR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions support the implementation of the referendum on joining the Russian Federation and are ready to participate in the vote. In DPR, 86 percent of respondents are ready to participate, in LNR - 87 percent, in Zaporozhye Oblast 83 percent, and in Kherson Oblast 72 percent of respondents. According to RIPSI data, the level of pro-Russian sentiment continues to grow in the DNR, LNR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. 94 percent of the electorally active residents who were polled are in favor of the DNR joining Russia. In LNR, joining Russia is supported by 93 percent of electorally active citizens, in Zaporozhye Oblast that figure is 87 percent, and in Kherson Oblast - 80 percent. The population's support for the idea of ​​leaving their region as part of Ukraine is at the level of a statistical error of one to two percent, it is minimal in the LNR and amounts to zero percent. 933 respondents each participated in the survey in DNR, LNR and Zaporizhia Region, and 1,000 respondents in Kherson Region. Polls were conducted from September 13 to 14 by telephone, the possible error in the poll is 2.1 percent. RIPSI continues to monitor the dynamics of public opinion on the territory of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.
johnny reb 36 | 7,578
22 Sep 2022 #3,047
Same with Finland's border, Z.
Backed up with thousands of Russian draft dodgers waiting for Putin to die from his aggressive cancer.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,048
Oblasts which will hold referendums on joining Russia!

PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,762
22 Sep 2022 #3,049
Support for Zimbabwe annexing and incorporating all of Russia is also at an all time high on PF. The votes of which will matter and make as much a difference as the votes of the Ukrainian traitors who will eventually be caught and shot.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,050
You're a little bit nervous PolAm.

If we put that aside, a serious story begins from now... in a few days the referendums will end, and then total war begins.

Rock & Roll begins. When will NATO mobilize its LGBTQ troops?
cms neuf - | 2,208
22 Sep 2022 #3,051
Whenever the gays and the cucks do arrive at the front you can be sure they will be smartly and safely dressed at the expense of Western taxpayers

The Russians are wearing clothes from the Lumpex - don't be surprised to see some of them running around in a 2005 Bayern Munich shirt while their bosses back in Moscow are dressed in Swiss watches, British shoes and Italian suits.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,762
22 Sep 2022 #3,052
You are a joke and so is Russia. Nervous? I dont think so. I am more than prepared for any Russian retard walking down the street in Krakow. Locked and loaded. More chum needed for fertilizer. No problem.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,053
the front is stable, the only thing is that in 7 days all the territories held by the Russians will become part of Russia, so they will have a free hand to crush anyone who thinks of, say, shooting at a bridge in the southern Russian city of Kherson.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,762
22 Sep 2022 #3,054
You are delusional. Go see a doctor and get some medication. Nothing will be part of Russia. No one will recognize it. WW3? Maybe and so what. Time to wipe out the Russian scum in my opinion.
Kashub1410 4 | 456
22 Sep 2022 #3,055
He fails to realise American soldiers response when SS began shooting American POW's. What Russian soldiers are doing in Ukraine can be considered worse, purposely killing civilians
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,685
22 Sep 2022 #3,056
State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (mostly known for his active opposition to all things LGBT) said on Russian federal TV that, quote, "the era of iPhone soy cuckolds is coming to an end" & the war is giving them a chance to become real men

PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,762
22 Sep 2022 #3,057
He is just another Russian sympathizer. Someone I would happily put in a trash bin myself. Death glorifications are only for those who have never experienced it. But like every Serb pu$$y he is staying at home and looking forward to EU membership. He lives in a video game world.
mafketis 34 | 12,459
22 Sep 2022 #3,058
war is giving them a chance to become real men

tell it to Peskov's criminal son.... I'll believe the mobilization is real (and not an attempt to kill tens of thousands of young russian men) when he's in uniform and not a second before

or go fight yourself, I'm sure you're in their age limits
Velund 1 | 1,151
22 Sep 2022 #3,059
You don't think Velund will be a draft dodger, do you ?

Looks like my military speciality is not in the list, and my age is too close to upper limit to retrain. Total silence from military comissariat so far, and no calls from HR department at work. Looks like no plans to roll T64B+ line out from storage bases. But I'm ready anyway. Boss at work in silent panic, of course (not because of me alone).

But a small crowd around doors of local military comissariat, as I passed by today. Many volunteers.

As a really good joke - some young Navalny c*cksuckers, that protested yesterday against mobilisation, got summons to arrive to military comissariates. As I heard locally, at least two already found as used forged documents to dodge draft in the past - this may lead to criminal proceeding.
Velund 1 | 1,151
22 Sep 2022 #3,060
More high comedy.... mobilized vatniks are being urged to bring their own supplies.....

Warm clothes, drinking water and some conserved meals for first 2 days is listed in the my mobilisation order (the one I got glued into my officer ID once moved to reserve and to be executed in case of martial law).

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