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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades

johnny reb 33 | 7,332
22 Jun 2022 #14,401
Ukrainian authorities have banned the country's main opposition party and seized all its assets, once again undermining the narrative that Zelensky is presiding over a beacon of democracy.
Velund 1 | 1,041
22 Jun 2022 #14,402
before killing thousands of Ukraine civilians.

Azov/Aidar and AFU killing Ukraine civilians (both with Russian and UA passports) since 2014 on Donbass. So, nothing new. But this time USA shares responsibility in civilian casualties, especially in areas that was previously unreachable for ukrainian artillery and never had any military installations. And US will pay for this dearly, as right time come. Lapdogs also will be remembered.

BTW, AFU use 40 minute "technique"... One or two shells to a residental block. And after 40 minutes additional salvo to exactly same place. To kill emergency workers, paramedics, firefighters and other people who helping civilians at that place.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,238
22 Jun 2022 #14,403
Again if Russia had not invaded in 2014 it wouldnt be an issue. As for the 40 minute technique, Russia taught them well. Karma is a biatch. And the USA pay? By Russia? LMFAO
johnny reb 33 | 7,332
22 Jun 2022 #14,404
And US will pay for this dearly, as right time come.

Yes we will Velund, whether it be by Russia, China or both, the U.S. will pay.
One electro magnetic bomb 50 miles above the U.S.A. would fry every transformer in the U.S.A. shutting down our entire electrical grid.

It would take at least ten years to fix that and ten years may be to late.
The smug, pompous, snobbish Americans are in for a very rude awakening when WW3 strikes U.S. soil.
People in the U.S. are clueless to the sufferings of war.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,238
22 Jun 2022 #14,405
@johnny reb
China not going to bomb the US. US owes China too much money and represents its best customer for exports. Not going to happen. Russia? Maybe, but then it will be MAD and Russia will be turned to glass at the same time.
mafketis 34 | 11,904
22 Jun 2022 #14,406
US will pay for this dearly

In your dreams. The US is an important country and Russia is not and never will be (until you get rid of your rotten Tsars and stealing and filthy military adventurism), Russia is simply an inferior country that tries to steal importance by invading other countries... it won't work.
johnny reb 33 | 7,332
22 Jun 2022 #14,407

China not going to bomb the US.

That don't have to bomb us to destroy us.

Not going to happen.

Here's to hoping.

Russia will be turned to glass at the same time.

Yeah, so will we as they have more nuke's than we do.
And yes, they have stealth subs too that we have no idea where they are at.
PolAm, have you ever watched a big tuff arrogant loudmouth bully get into a fight with a littler guy and have the big snob get his ass kicked badly ?
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,238
22 Jun 2022 #14,408
@johnny reb
The US is too important to China, it simply isn't going to happen. The amount of nukes Russia has is only slightly larger than what the US has. The end of the world is the end of the world and 100 nukes one way or another is not going to make a difference between who wins or loses only how many survive and get radiation poisoning.

Yes, I have seen plenty of wanna be tough guys get beat down. Size does not matter when there is a skilled fighter involved. Russia is not a skilled fighter. Ukraine is proving that. So if the nukes fly they fly, not a problem. Not living in fear over any of it, and neither are any other smart people.

As for their subs and hypersonic bombs, they still can not prevent the US from launching, or from EU countries launching. In fact, by the time Russia attacked, the EU bombs would be hitting Russia before any Russian bombs got to the US. Nothing to fear, just have a lot of snow gear in storage for nuclear winter and its all good.
cms neuf - | 1,988
22 Jun 2022 #14,409
Of course war crimes can not be prosecuted if the scum that committed them remain in Russia.

But they should understand they can never leave - no holidays un Turkey, no business trips, no cross border shopping, no hiding their booty in Cyprus. They are prisoners in Russia until they die - it's a long time for 19 year old kids
Przelotnyptak1 - | 272
22 Jun 2022 #14,410
There is a hole in your reasoning. (Befforebombs get to the USA)Before taking on the USA, suppose Russians have some working brain cells and target Europe first. Hummmm?
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,238
22 Jun 2022 #14,411
No problem, EU bombs will land in Russia the same time theirs get to EU. If its the end, so be it. Again, the fear of the 70's through 90's is no longer there for most people. And Russia wont fight NATO conventionally without getting completely obliterated.
jon357 71 | 20,468
22 Jun 2022 #14,412
target Europe first.

They probably would.

There are two nuclear powers in Europe, one in the EU and one outside it. Both would retaliate immediately.

In the case of the UK, most of the nukes are on stealth submarines that can be anywhere in the world without anyone having the slightest idea where. The likelihood of one of two of them not being very close to r*ssia right now is tiny.

We should not assume that the official number is nuclear warheads and delivery systems that the UK has is correct; every country has its secrets. There is commonly thought to be a reserve of land-based weapons that is kept disassembled. It is likely that they are no longer disassembled.

There are also French nukes, based on land and there are US land based nukes in Europe.
Velund 1 | 1,041
22 Jun 2022 #14,413
The US Embassy in Moscow has changed its official address. It is now located at Donetsk People's Republic Square, building 1.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,238
22 Jun 2022 #14,414
It really doesn't matter what the address is. Unlikely Russia has a relationship with the US that matters for decades. Meanwhile, the US keeps seizing Russian assets around the world. Big boats will go a long way to help rebuild Ukraine. All that steel to recycle into housing will be a great way to use it, and all the money will pay for a lot of Ukraine books in schools where Russian language will never be taught again. All this while Russian's wonder while no one in the world except other turd world countries want anything to do with them. Happy gulag biatches.
Crow 153 | 10,768
22 Jun 2022 #14,415
This with Kaliningrad is no good thing people. I am now sure these games would affect all our lives.
Velund 1 | 1,041
22 Jun 2022 #14,416
The well-known French lawyer and politician RĂ©gis de Castelnau said that Russia had seized two undamaged French-made Caeser self-propelled guns in Ukraine and was now studying them at Uralvagonzavod.

"Another achievement for Macron. Two French CAESAR self-propelled guns were captured by the Russians unharmed. Currently, they are at the Uralvagonzavod plant for reverse engineering. Thanks Macron. We pay for it," Castelnau writes.

GefreiterKania 11 | 1,477
22 Jun 2022 #14,417

An honest question - no jokes, no malice intended: how do you imagine Russia can win this war? I mean, what is the most realistic scenario that you would consider to constitute a victory for Russia?

It's almost 4 months now, the emotions cooled down a bit (probably), so what do you think? How can Russia win this?
Bobko 11 | 1,007
22 Jun 2022 #14,418

Don't know what Velund thinks, but I think there is still hope for a collapse on the Ukrainian side. Maybe not everything at once, but one piece first which causes the other dominos to fall.

This must be the interpretation of the situation by the Zelensky team - otherwise their desire to keep committing forces to areas that are under imminent threat of encirclement do not make sense.

Every inch and every river is important, because a breakthrough might mean that the defending force won't be able to dig back in for dozens or hundreds of kilometers as it gets steamrolled over open terrain.

Ukrainian soldiers have shown great morale in the face of absolute incompetence from their commanders, but even they are getting tired. Daily desertions and surrenders are increasing. War is a battle of wills, and the main bet on our side is that fatigue will overtake the AFU. This will lead to rapid and unexpected collapse that the same commentators that told us about Kiev in 72 HRS will also explain with a genius' facial expression.

Alternatively - we have a coup in the Kremlin, Russia apologizes to everyone for questionable behavior, and pays half a trillion dollars to restore Ukraine, returns Crimea, finally it tells: Donbass, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Transdnistria, et al to fxuk off.

You decide which scenario is more likely.
GefreiterKania 11 | 1,477
22 Jun 2022 #14,419
Daily desertions and surrenders are increasing.

We keep hearing the same about Russian forces.

You decide which scenario is more likely.

Let's say that Ukraine does collapse and you manage to install a puppet government there. What next? There's not a snowball's chance in hell that the West will accept that, so what then - a new cold war? Do you really think that Russia is in a better position to win it than the Soviet Union was?
Korvinus 1 | 597
22 Jun 2022 #14,420
So in your opinion, since the Ukrainian army is about to collapse, what kind of Russian advances can we expect to see and in what time frame?
Crow 153 | 10,768
22 Jun 2022 #14,421
snowball's chance in hell that the West will accept that, so what then - a new cold war?

That is your mistake in observation. Take a new glasses. Things change.

To wage cold war NATO and EU needs to have soft power. To have soft power EU and NATO have to exist, remain rich and attractive. After this Russia`s operation and short after there will be no NATO and no EU. At least no united respond, no soft power, no resources, no real money (forget paper) and wealth. Not without deal with Russia. Just, some time ago we talked should Russia joins EU. Now we see that if western Europe fail to have deal with Russia, they would most certainly lose their sovereignty and could be simple absorbed by the USA or by the Russia or by the ``Open Balkan plus`` initiative around Serbia. Also, if refrain itself from blindly following USA and rest of EU, Visegrad countries could actually profit.
OP pawian 188 | 17,916
22 Jun 2022 #14,422
incompetence from their commanders

BS. Ukrainian army commanders are doing wonderful job. Something that RuSSists commanders can only dream of. Haven`t you heard RuSSists are cleansing their high rank military for their lousy performance which entailed gigantic losses?

OK, I know, you just gave us another Kremlin propaganda preemptive strike.:):)


Darling, for Ukraine to accept ceasefire or start peace talks, RuSSists have to withdraw to positions from before the war. Crimea is a topic for further negotiations.
OP pawian 188 | 17,916
22 Jun 2022 #14,423
Russian language will never be taught again.

I hope so. :):) Europe has to seriously cut down on RuSSist influence until those Mongols get civilised.

This with Kaliningrad

The deal is simple - RuSSists cut off gas supply to Germany, the EU cuts off all supplies to Kaliningrad.
Bobko 11 | 1,007
22 Jun 2022 #14,424
So in your opinion, since the Ukrainian army is about to collapse, what kind of Russian advances can we expect

I didn't say "is", I said "if". If they collapse, the push will logically be to Dnietropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, probably resulting in long and grueling sieges since those cities have both been fortified to the max and are multiples of Mariupol in population.

In the southwest the situation is more fluid. Nikolayev is holding the defense of Odessa. Ukrainians have made unsuccessful attempts to counterattack from the Nikolayev Oblast into Kherson Oblast. If the east collapses quickly, and forces can be detached for a siege of the two largest cities in the center - then the bulk might be thrown at this direction to reach Moldova.

I can't imagine that the Russian army will have any strength left for strong pushes after the above goals are achieved unless there's a total collapse in the Ukrainian side. It might takes months, or more than a year to reconstitute forces for a complete push to the Polish border and also might require actual involvement of Belarusians or at the very least their borders.
OP pawian 188 | 17,916
22 Jun 2022 #14,425
Back on topic edition 89

Poles provided Ukrainians with heavy sniper rifles which can take out light armour vehicles. The rifle is called TOR.

cms neuf - | 1,988
22 Jun 2022 #14,426
The active involvement of Belarussians ? The rank and file hate you just like everyone else does. Lukaszenko knows he will face a mutiny if he orders his troops into battle.
Crow 153 | 10,768
22 Jun 2022 #14,427
The deal is simple - RuS... cut off gas supply to Germany, the EU cuts off all supplies to Kaliningrad.

Strange. I thought that EU wants to prevent Russia from selling gas to EU countries. Its blackmail then to must sell to EU? For gold rubles or for paper eur? Or they just take gas?
Miloslaw 14 | 4,425
22 Jun 2022 #14,428
This war will probably end before the winter because the Russians are running out of weapons and men......
Crnogorac3 2 | 1,376
22 Jun 2022 #14,429

2022.06.22 Israel Provokes Russia
Novichok 3 | 7,107
22 Jun 2022 #14,430
What I really dislike here is the attitude that Russian soldiers are garbage and that, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, they love killing Ukrainians. Normal people would feel sadness that white Europe is in this self-extermination mode again while the brown hordes are flooding it unchecked.

So, here is my polite request: cut that "nuke 'em sh*it out, a-holes.

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