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Polish journalist punched on Russian TV

Wulkan - | 3,251
28 Nov 2016 #31
This is mainstream media?

Yes, it's mainstream media crap.

what are you smoking?

Unlike you nothing, I lead healthy life style.
Velund 1 | 425
29 Nov 2016 #32
In some better world Poland would lead Russia.

Maybe, if in that better world Mnisheks and their supporters would be a bit smarter. In this world they was a bit too Catholic, so we have what we have.

if Maciejczuk was right saying that the Russian people live in ****. 79% of them said 'yes' and only 11% said 'no'.

Good place to ask... ;) With same success someone would poll flies sitting on a piece of ****.
If you ask regular visitors of that serpentarium to vote about nuking Russia - more than 50% will respond "yes, please"... ;)

Home / News / Polish journalist punched on Russian TV
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