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Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"?

jon357 69 | 13,491    
11 Mar 2018  #211

I cant figure out the reasoning behind the wall socket.

The a/c does make sense; there are always some people who will always want it on full. I've shared offices with people like that.

The ornamental plug socket in Poland? Anybody's guess. At least it was safe.

delphiandomine 86 | 16,477    
11 Mar 2018  #212

The a/c does make sense

It's the same with the klima in my school. The control panels in the classrooms are just dummies, but it shuts up kids whine about it being too cold/too hot.
spiritus 67 | 656    
13 Mar 2018  #213

And what about an admission from you Spiritus that you are wrong to make every single thread into a religious centred rant?

And where have I even mentioned religion in this thread ???

Is this just another "Doug generalism" the same as your earlier claim that Poles have a history of bypassing gas meters yet you can't provide any proof to support this.

Home / News / Polish food shop blown up in the UK - result of gas "leak"?
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