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Polish Domination by Germany

Crow 139 | 8,394
15 Dec 2011 #61
Yes, appetites of Germany are enormous
rock - | 460
15 Dec 2011 #62
The EU policy of Turkey :

Previous policy : Entering EU
Expected policy : Penetrating EU :))
Crow 139 | 8,394
26 Oct 2018 #63
How things stand, Poland have less and less reasons to fear from Germany and from German-Russian projects behind back of Poland. Its deep history.

Seams that Germany made quite serious mistake by initiated dissolution of Yugoslavia and mobilized all media and other capacities of western Europe and back then Clinton`s USA, producing unprecedented scandal, due to enormous quantity of lies and violation of international law. It in turn forced Serbians to use all their capacities to influence Russia, other Slavic countries, China, Japan, India and movement of Non-Aligned countries. So cumulative effects of Serbian workings got impressive results. Speaking only of Russia, even now in this moment, Serbia pressuring Russia to cancel all mega-strategic projects with Germany regarding energy and Siberian resource concessions. Actually, unofficially, Serbia is in a state of war with Germany. Cold war, more or less. In that war, Germany have obviously more to lose and that war already grinding Germany to minces.

After support to Nazi project of Greater Croatia and Nazi-Islamic projects of Muslim Bosnia and Albania (and Kosovo), crucial moment that changed history and convinced Russia to join its diplomatic capacities, even nuclear capacities with Serbia, was when EU, led again by Germany, initiated maiden in Ukraine. In that moment, Serbs told to Russians... ``We told you, Germany must be stooped.``

Vatican already abandoned German side and openly promote Serbia`s sovereignty on Kosovo. Vatican even changed its stance on Greater Croatia and Muslim dominated Bosnia.

Now, even USA changing stance, starting to support Serbia. It makes Germany isolated and in full retreat.

But, is `retreat` even option given to Germany, is yet to be seen. By many signals, its over with Germany. Serbs pushing for entirely new strategic look of Europe, without Germany.
Lyzko 25 | 7,015
26 Oct 2018 #64
Perhaps the economic success of the mighty German motor has given the impression of somehow "dominating" Poland, but I can assure you, Ms. Merkel is no fool and no jingoist, Polish domination being the absolute farthest thing from her mind, y'all can trust me on that one!

Incidentally, The Federal Republic doesn't discriminate; she makes practically EVERY European economy feel inferior.
Spike31 3 | 1,904
26 Oct 2018 #65
Seams that Germany made quite serious mistake by initiated dissolution of Yugoslavia

Germany has felt politically and economically threatened by Hexagonale that's why they have initiated the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Basically, for the state in which Serbia is now you have to "thank" Germany

Germans are also concerned about the new Three Seas Initiative project but it has backing of the United States so they can't do nothing about it. Not that they won't try to jeopardise it
Crow 139 | 8,394
26 Oct 2018 #67
To be able to understand and therefore take part in discussion as minimally informed, start with this > Rola Niemiec w rozbiciu Jugosławii by Prof.dr hab. Jerzy Robert Nowak, Radio Maryja (2008-04-26) >

This is very well, informative and balanced comment on topic.
Bratwurst Boy 7 | 10,458
26 Oct 2018 #68
Okay...some link NOT from Radio Maryja if possible?
Crow 139 | 8,394
26 Oct 2018 #69
Germans are also concerned about the new Three Seas Initiative project

Beware here. Greater Croatia that is now part of Three Seas Initiative was not only German project but also Vatican`s. So it may be that Vatican seek to involve Poland in this and that way, on the long run, confront Poland with Serbs, if official Poland tries to prevent reunion of (Catholic and Orthodox) Serbian lands when the moment come. We Serbs understand that Poland do have necessity for access to warm seas but it would be much better for Poland to annul its Kosovo recognition and stop to be too close to Greater Croatia and that way demonstrate how is ware that there are open questions. How things stand, official Poland these days behave as open enemy to Serbia. It also contribute to Poland`s isolation from Hungary and other Visegrad members. Think about it what Duda doing. Especially think of it in context of fact that Serbia already becoming no.1 regional choice of USA.

So, Croatia now forcible hold great deal of Serbian lands, including Adriatic coast. This situation is far to be resolved and some regions in what is now Croatia already seek to oppose to Croatian (read Zagreb) hegemony.

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