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What are Polish Women like? Just started to date one.

Seanus 15 | 19,706
29 Dec 2011 #211
Faceci?? Men are different too. What experience do you mean??
southern 75 | 7,096
29 Dec 2011 #212
What experience do you mean??

I mean a series of experience by being exposed to the usual male piggies.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
29 Dec 2011 #213
Still, I think there is an element of luck to the 'pick up' game. For me, I don't think I'd ever see a drunken woman to take home as anything special at all. What love is there there?
southern 75 | 7,096
31 Dec 2011 #214
I think there is an element of luck to the 'pick up' game.

It is not luck.For example today I waited for three hours till logistics were right to pick up the hottest Polka in club.However due to bad coincidence a polish guy got angry and defended pride of Polska by blocking me.The girl would for sure fall in my lap he was totally intimidated by her response to Balkan charm.However as a friend of Polaci I did not tell anything to him he is right to want to keep Polki inside polish circle.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
31 Dec 2011 #215
There is the gift of the grab which is subtlely different from the gift of the gab.
southern 75 | 7,096
31 Dec 2011 #216
Generally I cannot believe the response of Polki.You see the most beautiful girl you have ever seen and in one hour she is in your lap.They respond very well extremely well.And you have around the circle of kolezanki storming and throwing themselves as well.For sure great.This is sth I experienced only in Ukraina as well polish women tell me I make them put out very quickly they don't understand how this happens.

Then of course are the polish guys who try to block every advance.It is understandable though.Mind you they will let the Black the Arab etc approach because they regard them as inferior and are not afraid.They will block the Balkan though because he is dangerous.The same happens in Scandinavia etc with local guys.
Ironside 50 | 10,922
31 Dec 2011 #217
WTF is all that garbage about ?
Halloween - | 30
31 Dec 2011 #218
Can't you understand in english? Use google translator
Ironside 50 | 10,922
31 Dec 2011 #219
O my ...! Have you fallen for

Balkan charm.

? Are you a girl ?If not did you tell southern about that ?
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
31 Dec 2011 #220
WTF is all that garbage about ?

It's nonsense - you were right first time.

Only a mind as warped as that which squeezed it out would make any sense of it.
southern 75 | 7,096
1 Jan 2012 #221
Damn.I just saw one of my Polki kissing a polish guy.So the one day she gets banged by me with her kolezanka and the next she gets the polish stick.Anyway I forgive her although her kisser was awful.I will give her the chance to show her remorse.

Meanwhile I saw two blondynki with pakis.Curious combination unexplained.(car with polish numbers).
EM_Wave 9 | 311
1 Jan 2012 #222
Meanwhile I saw two blondynki with pakis.Curious combination unexplained.

Sure there is an explanation. Polki love exotic men.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
1 Jan 2012 #223
Meanwhile I saw two blondynki with pakis.Curious combination unexplained.(car with polish numbers).

ffs Southern, i do not mean to be offensive, but round here you would get called a 'paki' as well.....
give it a rest.
southern 75 | 7,096
1 Jan 2012 #224
We also call them paki here..Some also call them Bangladesh.Hey you,Bangladesh.
Anyway nobody has called me paki Arab or Turk and if anyone tries he will taste Balkan power.
Yesterday the club was full of ugly Polki with some remarkable few between.These Arabs etc have always this serious face like having serious intentions whatever.
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
1 Jan 2012 #225
ffs Southern, i do not mean to be offensive, but round here you would get called a 'paki' as well.....
give it a rest.

I hadn't really met that many Greeks or Turks until I started working in Lewisham (back in the mid-90s). I remember upsetting a few of the Greeks by mistaking them for Turks lol. southern will always be in denial about this similarity, though. Probably because it was easier to tell the difference between Greek and Turkish women - the Turkish women were way more attractive. He brings sex into everything, so I suspect that sexual jealousy is part of his problem :D

Unfortunately, southern's like a broken record when it comes to Polish women as well. Always the same old stereotypes, about the same limited group of women. When I compare his statements about Polish women to my experience, I often wonder if he's even talking about people from the same continent, never mind the same country.
southern 75 | 7,096
1 Jan 2012 #226
When I compare his statements about Polish women to my experience

What is your experience?
Natasa 1 | 580
1 Jan 2012 #227
He brings sex into everything, so I suspect that sexual jealousy is part of his problem :D

The one who says he doesn't is a liar ;)

Psychoanalytical assumption is that other types of curiosity, particularly that one that involves acquiring the knowledge (like in latent phase of PS development, when kids suddenly become totally asexual apparently, best years for school, after oedipal phase) are derived from SEXUAL curiosity. That is the basis.

And Freudian thesis about final source of curiosity being sexual by nature is just the tip of the iceberg that includes later theories of their relationship, they seem to be inseparably intertwined, sexuality and curiosity.

Sexual jealousy, what is that suppose to be? When someone's wife is banging with the neighbor at the same time that person (hubby) experiences heat pump cycle's peak ? :)))))

I think you meant envy, not jealousy (jealousy is a stage for 3 actors, threat of loss of someone important, etc.) :)
southern 75 | 7,096
22 Jan 2012 #228
Today again after entering the club the experience with seksopolki.While talking to her kolezanka and extracting her phone number in 10 minutes having hand all over the smooth slavic legs a Polka gets introduced to me by her and after the first handshake she grabs my hand and puts it on her breast to massage it.Similar has happened to me only in Ukraina.In five minutes the guy who was talking and hugging the blondynka before comes and grabs her from the back to the dance floor while she continues talking to me.I mean Balkan power what a marvel.Or do they come for the pienadze?

Anyway the seksopolki intensively increase the drilling options and maybe this will be the only oil we are going ro find in Greece.
EM_Wave 9 | 311
22 Jan 2012 #229
Everytime you post, it seems to me like you snorted some hardcore **** beforehand.
Natasa 1 | 580
25 Jan 2012 #230
This was my only smile today :)

You are my soul brother. I would describe the scene in similar way. Only this 'massage of breasts' is a bit soft prnish, slapping the udder creating the chain action- reaction on the neglected one.
southern 75 | 7,096
25 Jan 2012 #231
Only this 'massage of breasts' is a bit soft prnish

It happened and it is not a common development after a common handshake but with the crazy Polki one has to comply.
Tomorrow I have an encounter with my two Polki where we will discuss world peace and then the first seksopolka from Saturday waits for her portion of pierogi.
3 Feb 2012 #232
thats a load of bollocks for starters. polish women are very house proud and clean, but like to flaunt. Once someones interested their gone, wether theyre married, have kids dosent matter. theyre just as bad as us english, but not lazy.Ive worked with polish girls for over seven years and they make a fantastic relationship,just keep an eye on them though, once routine kicks in they looking aroud.
southern 75 | 7,096
5 Feb 2012 #233
Many polish women have also very demanding mothers who not only refuse to help them financially but demand an inflow of pienadze.In this situation only the Balkan knight can intervene and save the poor Polka(and maybe her mother) from sure starvation.

In order to ascertain steady inflow of pienadze Polo tend to choose ugly men who do not have further chances.
Natasa 1 | 580
5 Feb 2012 #234
choose ugly men who do not have further chances.

Ugly and wealthy is usually a win win win situation.
southern 75 | 7,096
5 Feb 2012 #235
In capitalism beauty tends to find money so these two usually go together except in the case of gay persons (just kidding).

I have to admit polish craziness for pienadze is unparalleled.They bleed us dry in an extent I am sure IMF will have to declare bankruptcy.This black hole becomes bigger and bigger.Polki are keen to bring their relatives kolezanki etc into the equation so the burdens icrease.How much more weight for the Balkan power?
9 Feb 2012 #236
Just to give my opinion (if anyone's bothered) my polish 'girlfriend/affair) ended in tears just as i was warned and secretly knew. However, in contrast to everyones opinion, she did actually come clean with her partner about me and how she loved me and wanted to be with me, which ended up with me and him on the phone with me basically saying if she comes to me i'll never try to steel away your daughter but you'll have to accept it and if she decides to stay with you for the sake of your kid then i'll walk away. That night i had to call the police cause he tried killing himself and he was arrested then i suspect he tried it in the cell again cos they roughed him up a bit. Subsequently, he went back to Poland and i gave her some space to breeth and decide what she wanted, unfortubnately for us both she reluctantly decided to stay with him because of emotional black mail but i understood and walked away as promised then faced the worst emotional pain i've ever experienced (this was back in september 2011 and it still hurts now - i'd rather go 12 rounds with mike tyson than face that again)! !

Anyway, the reason i'm telling you all this is that after 1 month of her changing her number (his request which i agreed to so i didn't start texting her drunk) she strted to e-mail ne from a secret e-maIl he wasn't aware of. She wanted to see me but at the same time maintained she wouldn't leave him! ! ! ! ! WHAT THE FCUK! ! ! ! This obviously fcuked my head up just as i was starting to feel better and ripped open the delicately healing wound in my heart - i was back to sqare one. She obviously wanted to have her cake and eat it and although she must have had strong feelings for me to be thinking about me all the time she didn't love me enough to let me go and get on with my life so i did the only thing i could - i waited till she was out and confronted him face to face for the 1st time (at 1st he wouldn't answer the door cos he thought i was there to fight) but once i talked him round i explained my position about what i was told about him and i didn't know about him when i met her then when she came clean she made him out to be a monster. I apologised for the whole affair then dropped it on him that she was e-mailing me again and seeing as i was doing my part by keeping away it was up to him to sort his woman out cos i could't and wouldn't carry on like that. I showed him the e-mails and beleive it or not we actually shook hands when i left as he understood i only acted on what i knew and i wasn't a home wrecker and although devastated the little slag had started to try and re-start our affair he appreciated me bringing it to his attention (what goes around comes around! ! ! ! ! ! !).

Someone on this forum stated that once a Polish women gets settled down they start to look around and in my experience i beleive this to be the case with me 100% but you can't tarnish everyone with the same brush,

Also, i coincidentally bumped into one of his friends girl friends friends during my work and when it came out in conversation who i was and about the affair (small world), it was nice to give my side of the story to a neutral party who assured me in their circle of friends she was the villain not me - which was nice as she could have spun any amount of bull sh1t to make herself look like the guilty party so again - what goes around comes around.

My conclusion to all this is basically most women whether eastern or western think their sh1t don't stink anf they can just swan around with their nose in the air thinking they can do what they want without reprecussions, and when it comes to being unfathfull woman are just as bad as men if not worse - after all if men are so bad then who the fcuk is it we're fcuking?????

Be carefull boys you can't live with them and you can't live without them but living with some of them can be the death of you! ! ! !

Nuf said
southern 75 | 7,096
9 Feb 2012 #237
Yes,polish women like to play with men.
weropimkie - | 2
9 Feb 2012 #238
isn'tit like all polish women are different?Me personally I dont believe I got any of these features u can mark as "polish" and that's just strange to me how people can classify behaviors and personalities like that....
southern 75 | 7,096
9 Feb 2012 #239
Polish have some specific traits although they generally display the typical slavic approach.With Polki you feel alive for some reason.They can be shocking when they appear so natural but it is part of the lure.
20 Feb 2012 #240
So are you saying i shouldn't give up on Polish women altogether? I did actually say in my message i wouldn't tarnish all Polish women with the same brush and i am still very much attracted to polish over western women as they seem to be more down to earth and value relationships and loyalty more (i have a polish couple who rent a property from me and they seem so happy and in love) BUT after going what i've been through over the last 18 months i'm scared to death to trust any women ever again let alone a Polish woman! ! ! Obviosly i'm still hurting and i know that time heals all wounds (apparently), but is there light at the end of the tunnel cos right now i can't see it!

P.S What makes it harder to accept is that the kids Father is a lazy thick ugly labourer, whereas i keep fit, and am very succesfull with my various businesses and could have provided a much better, secure and loving future for her - do you think she chose him purely cos of the suicide attempt and having a kid together (emotional black mail) or could it be she wants that kind of man cos he's easier to control, plus she always used to worry that i would cheat on her if she chose me cos she said i was attractive and she'd be constantly worried about other pretty girls in my gym whereas with her partner she doesn't need to worry about this! !

Your advice would be appreciated as part of getting over someone is understanding, why?

P.S My last post was directed at weropimkie - i assume you are a polish woman?

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