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What type of documents do we need to get married in Poland?

sunshine1991919 1
19 Jul 2017 #1

We are planning a religious ceremony in Poland and I know there are certain documents you need to provide in Poland in order to get a license to marry. We live in the United States and I'm a dual citizen (Polish/US) and my fiancee is American. We've never been married before and we don't want to get married at the local courthouse and subsequently fly to Poland. I know it sounds silly but I really want our American marriage certificate to state "religious ceremony". From what I've gathered (correct me If im wrong) we need a

1. so called certificate of non-impediment with an official translation in order to apply for a license in Poland;
2. a green light from a local priest with some sort of paperwork saying we took pre-marital class;
3. both of our birth certificates? (am I going to be treated like a foreigner or a Polish citizen? I was born in Poland so I'm guessing they should have it; not sure if I need to provide mine)

Am I missing anything? Is it true you have to apply for a license in Poland at least a year in advance?

Thank you.
DominicB - | 2,709
19 Jul 2017 #2
@sunshine1991919 1.

Is there any reason why you can't get married in a Catholic church in the US? That would be a lot easier than doing same in Poland.
sunshine1991919 1
19 Jul 2017 #3
I don't really understand your reply. I mean yeah, clearly it's easier but that's not what I was asking. The wedding is in Poland as stated above. Thanks
DominicB - | 2,709
19 Jul 2017 #4
You would also both need your baptismal and confirmation certificates, as well as a letter from your pastor(s) stating that you are Catholics in good standing, and probably also permission from your bishop,especially if your fiance is not Catholic. You might also have to request permission from the bishop in Poland. Some Polish priests are easy to deal with, some are jerks until you pay them off, and some are jerks no matter whether you pay them off or not.

You will also need a certificate of completion of the prerequisite Pre-Cana course, preferably from your diocesan chancellery.
Emitex - | 1
20 Jul 2017 #5
please how can one get married to a polish girl?
20 Jul 2017 #6
Dziekuje! So much stuff to take care of but so worth it. Weddings in Poland are the most beautiful :)

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