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Polish mother, possible UK father - child law Poland.

MartaPs - | 1
14 May 2013 #31
Condoms do not give 100% protection and therefore I would have a DNA test to confirm whether it is yours. If it is your child she will be able to apply for a paternity DNA test from any EU country( very inexpensive process) and you can be made to pay child maintenance from your UK wages when she stays in Poland. This is because new regulations have been agreed between our countries and they will soon be put into practice (if not already). She does not even need your address.
7 Oct 2013 #32
i know a fair bit about this

what she is askins is you agreeing paternity - ie you are on the birth cert

the other form is giving away parental responsibility

either way you wil never see your kid if she doesn't allow you

are you sure its you kid? dont sign, when the next papers come through for maintenance after the kid is born you can then ask for a dna test

all the best!!!

btw also be aware that even if you are on the dole you are persued for maintenance, and you have to pay.

in england imaintenance is a civil matter, but as the order will come for the polish court the english have to treat it as criminal, you will be arrested for non payment in england!

be aware also the polish courts will try and **** you over, dont expect english style maintenance payments

offer her 100 notes a month, that is fine for poland, and ask for the agreement to be non formal with her if you truly believe the child is yours - trust me it is a fair sum, otherwise they will order 300 on 1000 pound income for instance

like mentioned i have a lot of exp in eng/pol child custody and maintenance
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
7 Oct 2013 #33
offer her 100 notes a month, that is fine for poland

It really isn't. The standard these days is around 700zl a month minimum.
Ant63 13 | 410
7 Oct 2013 #34
The standard these days is around 700zl a month minimum.

That's a figure bandied about this board. Try 1/2 that but if you are a foreigner or a Pole abroad you'll be helping with the national debt
18 Oct 2016 #35
Usually people in your situation complain that girls force them to take extra responsibility. She seems to be a very good girl. And her behavior towards you is also good. Try to understand, she is from another country, she will grow the baby alone, I don't know why she needs you to sigh a birth certificate (may be something connected with the law), but I perfectly understand why she wants you sigh other papers. Just imagine, she lives her life with a baby, you visit them some times per year, but when she wants to do something that contributes you to be involved, she can't do it. Also she doesn't know you, may be you'll use your rights against her. So sign it. It won't make a problem. And signing a birth certificate is better for you if you want to be the part of baby's life. In the future if you want to do it, it'll be not so easy. Now you can just sigh a paper. But if you want to do it later, you'll have to go to the court (taking into consideration that you're from different countries), they will order paternity test you'll pay for it and agree on joint custody. Better keep good relationship with her now. And forgive her for her emotions, she is pregnant.

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