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Are girls aggressive to chase men in Poland?

21 Feb 2017 #1
Because I read somewhere, Poland has more girls than men, and if this guy is very good looking and have a high salary job many girls will go after him. Even normal Polish guy get a lot of attention from girls.

Girls are aggressive in Poland.
Is it true?
Ironside 50 | 11,036
22 Feb 2017 #2
Because I read somewhere

who fed you that HS? Was it your husband or boyfriend? Girls in Poland are not more aggressive that in any other European country.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
22 Feb 2017 #3
Girls are not aggressive here - maybe in the clubs the stara Polka's after a few glasses of wine are quick to jump on rich looking foriegn boys. But the general population keep to themselves, maybe having some girlish charm if you find yourself speaking to one.

However I'd vouch that girls are more likely to be honest about their feelings (if they have any) rather than play the games you get from Western chicks. Time is more precious to them, while Wgirls act like they're eternally youthful until they hit the wall HARD. And even then they might be delusional.

Pedestalization is the main problem, and girls aren't pedestalized here so they have to make some effort.
OP Magdalena_K
22 Feb 2017 #4
Hi WhirlwindTobias
Do you mean most of the Wgirls trying to pretend hard to get but Polish girls show their real emotions?
Then how about Polish guys?
Do they like to play the game or they are honest' too?
OP Magdalena_K
22 Feb 2017 #5

Okay then that on-line article was wrong.
That article was written by a western Europe guy visited Warsaw and he saw girls surrounding pretty good looking successful Polish guy, and he thought Polish girls are aggressive.

Personally I think western Europe girls are more aggressive though, so do north American's..
Atch 16 | 3,296
22 Feb 2017 #6
I wouldn't say Polish girls are aggressive but they take a business-like approach to relationships and they don't waste time faffing around with a guy who won't formally commit. If they've been going out with a guy for more than two years, they expect to see an engagement ring and if it doesn't materialize they will move on even if they love him. Most of them want to be married before the age of thirty and prefer to have their children early. A man's ability to contribute financially is very important to them. Head usually rules the heart for Polish women.
OP Magdalena_K
22 Feb 2017 #7
That's very smart, I think the way Polish girls date should be the good rolemodel for all girls, don't waste your time, get financially contribution from a man!

I like it, very much, they are very rational.
I think its not a good thing many western and northern European men don't commit, even they had children, they still find new partners, or just play around!
Atch 16 | 3,296
22 Feb 2017 #8
Well Magadalena, don't assume that Polish men don't play around! Many will take a bit on the side if they can get it but they are less likely than a 'Western' man to leave their wife and kids for another woman. But marriages in Poland break up of course and there are plenty of divorces.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
22 Feb 2017 #9
I'd vouch that the loyalty of a nation's men are relative to the sexualisation of a nation's culture. Anglo culture propagates polygamy more than monogamy and that is reflected in both genders.

Not to mention partners can blow up later in life, and cause an imbalance in the relationship which may ultimately lead to straying from your marriage. It doesn't help that we're brought up to think "You can always do better".

In terms of Poland not only is there no glorified cultural sexuality encouraging you to "build notches", marriage has a more cohesive purpose behind it and women are more likely to stay pleasant both in personality and looks - so there's little incentive to chase a new piece, excusing the crude language.

Of course there is still the occasional PiotruĊ› Pan, but you can usually spot them a mile off. They will try to take you to bed on the first date, can't go a night without a beer or two and have no hobbies outside of watching sports.
Veles - | 164
27 Feb 2017 #10
"Financial contribution" :D
15 Apr 2017 #11
My take on it after 18 months here-note 'you' is anyone-the topic is generally interesting:

-Firstly to answer the OP, many places have more women than men. Move around Europe a bit and you will see that. It does not altogether change the whole situation much. I have lived in places where meeting women for a relationship or encounter of any sort was relatively easy for any man of average social intelligence, but making real friends could be harder, and vice versa. Austria is the only place I found women to actually be what you describe in forwardness, though the motives were usually more honest and natural than the material ones some people on here seem to think purely motivate women(though those people of course exist).

-I have seen gobshytes here, usually from much further afield, think that just because they have a better 'pull' rate that every girl likes their stupid lies. Often their tales of conquest were exaggerated and it was a pleasure to watch them embarrass themselves. Usually they are the same fellas who live here for 5 years or more and cannot speak a word of Polish. You want to avoid being one of those morons, even if you think being more 'exotic' makes you look better than your mates short term.

- Don't try and make your friends feel small to 'pull' the woman. You will lose any worthwhile mates quickly, and from what I saw of this Alpha approach you just creeped the women out usually(except for the fools who think being from a certain place gives you a status). Obviously nobody wants a moron or an 'aggressive man' as a friend when going out trying to watch music, hang with his friends, or find a woman.

On local dating:

To local women considering foreign men:

-Don't be so judgmental. Don't psychoanalyse a man on a date. Don't ambush him with personal problems on the second or third or fourth date. For some of us, 'a whole month' of going out is nothing relationship wise and in fact it is not us, but you who has not shown commitment.

-Do you want a foreign man your age or 20 years your age? Please don't tell me weird comments about the type men you like on our 'dates'. It's not confession. Go on about your exes all you want.

-If a man has lived in 5 more countries and many more places than you he probably is less racist and less religious than you-even if he is 5 years younger. Please shut up about this. I actually left a woman in a restaurant cos she offended people beside us with her crude spiel. There are some real village people in every large city I know, but in some countries they are not stupid enough to act this way in public, never mind when meeting a member of the opposite sex.

-Don't meet a man for 3 weeks and then suddenly give me some nonsense about you loving a man in Sweden. I don't want to know. Just stop texting me and I'll stop texting you. No I don't want to be your friend. Spare me the drama.

To men like the OP with classic views of women:

-Accept most of the time you will actually have to 'date' and be a normal man. In some countries dating doesn't even exist so if you are from anywhere in particular, you can empathise with that. This will involve listening to crazy family stuff like I have to go home cos my drunk dad is smashing the new fridge up in our really big house again. I actually dumped one otherwise worthwhile woman cos she did that among other frightening things when we had only be going out for a few weeks. I am not sure or not if I regret that particular case as she also had an international business and I did not fancy competing with a professional dancer, and her company, and her chaotic family.

-Don't waste your time with anyone under 25. They're all full of shyte and can't be trusted. Women complain about men all the time but these girls-of this age group-are students more or less, cancel most dates, probably to see other men or head out with their friends and then post instagram pictures while claiming to be sick. I do not bother with anyone younger than me now. They're focused on college they say but really you aren't important to them and won't be as they are having fun with friends or other men. Get ready for excuses you have never heard the likes of in your life if you are obsessed with this age group, which men 10 years older than me seem to be. 'I have to meet my gay friends' was my favourite.

-Generally if you care enough about Polish women over any other nationality to only date local women just be advised to keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself. Try to avoid answering any question that might offer offence. You are not allowed to offend, so don't.

-Don't bring up money. Contrary to stereotype most normal women don't care about it. Only the younger and less intelligent fools in the nightclubs do.

-If you are basing anything on material offerings I would seriously advise you to get a life.

-Beware of anyone looking to get married for the sake of getting married. They don't want you, they just want status.

-If she cancels any date early on for a stupid reason like a headache after going swimming just end it. You can guarantee they will dump you as quick if you miss a date over a hangover or something actually important like your brother's surprise visit.

-Overall, don't expect much and definitely don't behave the way other foreign men often behave and you may have a few chances at something.
PolkaFasolka - | 7
15 Apr 2017 #12
@Magdalena_K I can't speak for all Polish girls but I don't think I've ever been aggressive to anyone 😂 Don't want to get married, have children or be financialy dependent either. Women in Poland are not all the same, maybe this guy went to some club with gold diggers and based his opinion about the whole population on this experience.
25 Apr 2017 #13
The Poniedzialek after Easter is dingus day. Girls can chase boys on that day in Poland.

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