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Why are Polish men (or guys) so polite and don't harass women at all

31 May 2019 #1
I don't mean to generalize but I saw that they are really hardworking, they don't let the work to the others, they don't harass women nor whistle at them. They look kinda shy and don't want to mess with others. Coming from a culture where men are really chatty, vain and self loving, obsessed with talking about women, beauty and other not so polite topics, I find the typical traits of Polish men really admirable. It happened that a young Pole had a crush on me and he was so shy he couldn't even say hello to me, but just stared in this romantic way he had and helped when he could, but didn't say a word. I don't know if this fan be extended to other Eastern European nationalities though.

Are Russian or Bulgarian this way too? Have any experience? And why do Polish men look so polite? A friend of mine told me they fan be this way at work but at home they're lazy and they let every task to the woman (children, house, cooking). So it's just for scene? Sad. I also wanted to ask of it's true that they are romantic and protective of their beloved ones.
pawian 204 | 21,100
31 May 2019 #2
In Poland males whistle but only at dogs or during football matches. If you are not a dog or a rival team player or unfair referee, there is no reason for a Pole to whistle at you.

Which do you prefer: romantic approach or whistling?

Are Russian or Bulgarian this way too?

You should ask another PF female member, Rich Mazur, she claims she often visits Moscow, so she surely knows a lot about Russian males.

they let every task to the woman (children, house, cooking)

Yes, it is true, but fortunately, not all tasks are let onto the woman. E.g., you will be spared the task of drinking beer and watching football matches.
pawian 204 | 21,100
1 Jun 2019 #3
I also wanted to ask if true they are romantic and protective of beloved ones.

Yes, they are protective but only after you do all the house chores - shopping, cleaning, washing, cooking, childcare, sex. If you fail with any of these, they will raise hell.

Any other questions to the expert?
Bardzo serdeczni
16 Jun 2019 #4
Approaching women in public generally leads to suspicion and awkwardness. 1. Do this in Polish as a foreigner their reaction is usually fear, strangers who happen to be men are generally not trusted. Males should not go out alone in PL or it may look weird 2. Do it in English and they think you are one of those weird Yank pick up artists making a video for their weird little blog or YouTube channel.

Polish men in their twenties have slightly better marriage prospects than US foreign men but a growing number of the over 25s face the same issues of trust, social barriers and rejection often due to the fact women until age 36-37 have an enormous amount of choice.

I do not think your man was shy. Being reserved is also different from shyness-using your Brain and past experience and over thinking things is not fear from shyness but simply common sense in many social situations for men under 30 who are unused to positive social interaction and again, it is pretty normal for men out on their own nowadays(friends often have their own plans and even groups of Polish friends ive known only go out once a month together). You should realise men can even get accused of things for saying hello. It happens. Ive seen it happen to my Russian friend in Poland, and he had trouble over talking to one girls friend. CCTV saved him from her lies.

Polish men are not facing as many barriers as Young foreign men, but it is getting Harder for them to meet women too.

Also I wonder how many dates that guy has been stood up on. Some of us get tired of all this. We know Younger men are not well regarded socially, even when well paid and when they keep off the drink. It wouldnt kill the woman to say hello occasionally either. The Tinder Instagram effect plus the contempt society generally has for Young men plus the suspucion regarding all men when they go out alone or in small groups generally makes an average guy under 30 less willing to take risks.
Spike31 3 | 2,161
19 Jun 2020 #5
It is our long standing Polish tradition and also one of the main reasons why a feminist movement didn't take off in Poland and is so small and politically irrelevant.

jon357 72 | 21,047
21 Jun 2020 #6
a feminist movement didn't take off in Poland

pawian 204 | 21,100
21 Jun 2020 #7
why a feminist movement didn't take off in Poland and is so small and politically irrelevant.

It is much weaker than in Western countries but saying it is politically irrelevant is certainly a little exaggeration. After all, rightist rulers still refuse to pass full anti-abortion laws in fear of annoying women here.
23 Jun 2020 #8
Nora, are you Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Balkan, Iberian or Latin American?
pawian 204 | 21,100
23 Jun 2020 #9
You forgot: Japanese.

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