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How do we know that Polish guys really serious in their relationship?

plg18 1 | 2
3 Aug 2010 #1
Hello All, i need some advice from you, and really appreciate all the good or bad response! I'm an asian girl, i'm 18, and i fell in love with a polish guy who younger 7 months than me. We never meet face to face becuz being in miles away each other is complicating, we just met in twitter, and we started talking everything of our things till now we chat everyday, then we exchanged our email address, facebook, my space, amd everytime i have a problem, he always asks and finds a solution, me also do the same the way he's treating me.we've been like this almost 1 year.. Btw he's such an amazing boy, respectful, caring, sweet so much, simply perfect, honest i guess. We also communicate of mailing a letter to each other. And one time, I disappeared from twitter for 4 days just wanna test him does he miss me or not? And guess what? He said he missed me a lot, and got crazy without talking to me. I was so surprised, and honestly i feel the same. I always show him affection, pay a big attention for him. He thanked to me and so did his fam. He told that his fam liking me, so often tell me that i'm an ideal wife for him, he ever said kocham cie, and i also ever told him that 'i kocham you too' haha. But i so wonder, is he really serious? Will he come to visit me and take me with him wherever he goes? I know this sounds awkward, becuz we just know ech other from site, but i actually have a hope from the bottom of my heart, i want to always take care him and keep him and help him everyway I can . But i'm hesitant, is he really serious with his words? I really need advice thank you so much :)
usmiech 1 | 22
4 Aug 2010 #2
he ever said kocham cie, and i also ever told him that 'i kocham you too' haha.

thats very sweet PLG18.

I like ur story and I would like to wish u all the very best and success with ur love, only if its true.

Sorry, I dont know about polish blokes, but the at thsi age I believe everyone feel then same as at thsi age when ur in love everything looks amzing, everyhting u see is amazing, and anything u do is amazing

even i am in love with a polish female, and she is 5 years elder to me, she in relation and i am asian as well (nice twist know!!1 hahaha )


Its nice to hear that his family members like u!!1

thats amazing, well

I hope you find better suggestion in ths forum

I just wanted to appericate ur love and its such a sweet love story

all the best and best wishes for the success in love
frd 7 | 1,401
4 Aug 2010 #3
I'd say you can't be sure of this relationship until you meet him face to face. If you guys are serious or if he is serious you should plan a meeting for instance him coming to your country on vacation, holidays or something like that...

If you guys don't live close to each other then it's probably gonna be tough.. anyways you need to meet him and then think about a "relationship"..
12 Aug 2010 #4
He probably can't afford to buy the air ticket to come and visit you. Poland is a poor country don't forget.
xsofex - | 10
13 Aug 2010 #5

i actually have a hope from the bottom of my heart,

I feel very pleased for you that you have found someone you feel this connection with, Polish boys from my experience are very genuine, caring and kind, so for this case i feel that he may deffinatly feel the same towards you, it sounds that way.

You are 18, you should arrange to meet up because this is the only way you will be able to find out if you will be ok together, however i know this may sound patronising but since you have met him online, arrange to meet in a busy public place before seeing him alone, only to be certain he is who he claims to be, i may be wrong to say that because you may see him on webcam, i am just thinking of your saftey.

I do not see why your relationship would not work out, what is the difference between meeting someone in person to online? nothing much, give it a go! He sounds very pleased that he has met you, dont let him slip away :)
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
13 Aug 2010 #6
Plg - I wish the best for you both and I also agree with the advice you've gotten here so far. Meeting him in person is probably the only way you'll really know and even then there are no guarantees.

You both live far away from each-other so it won't be easy. Don't know where you live but based on your English i'm guessing the Philippines maybe? Either way, i checked a 2-week round-trip ticket from Warsaw to Manila and back and also from Warsaw to Shanghai (Pudong) and back (2-week stay). Manila is slightly cheaper but not by much, you're talking $1,300 - $1,700 plus taxes and fees.

If you were to visit him instead add $50 or so on average. More choices out of Europe and therefore slighlty lower prices. As you can tell it'll be expensive no matter what you do. Wish you the best.

I'd say that if you feel very strongly about him than try to find a way to meet. In worst case it "simply" won't work out and one of you ends up with a very expensive mini-vacation. :) In a best case scenario however the sky will be your limit.

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

OP plg18 1 | 2
14 Aug 2010 #7
usmiech: nice to hear that his family members like u!!1

thank you so much, gladyou like my story, but the pproblem is i never meet him yet :( wish me luck, haha..

frd : you need to meet him and then think about a "relationship"..

he ever planned to move on to NZ to study and also get job there, plus thought so easy to reach me, i was so happy actually, but that plan was cancelled becuz me and his mom convinced him ot to go abroad, becuz he's still 17, and i'm so worrying if he lived alone there.

xsofex: dont let him slip away :)

i won't :)

skysoulmate: where you live but based on your English i'm guessing the Philippines maybe?

phillipines? nope, i'm indonesian, hehe
he lives in krakow, isthere any trip ticket Jakarta-krakow?

thanks so much for the info :)
trener zolwia 1 | 939
14 Aug 2010 #8
What a sweet story.

He's serious.

Good luck.

OP plg18 1 | 2
14 Aug 2010 #9
thank you so much, yeah, he's amazing youngman <3333333

I have been trying to search some scholarships for undergraduate level or freshmen exchanged program in university in Cracow, becuz that's the only way that my mom will agree to let me go out from indonesia-continue my study with scholarship. But really hard becuz seems like a must that i have to be able to speak polish, and most scholarshp provided for Native Polish. Not international freshmen like me, idk..
trener zolwia 1 | 939
14 Aug 2010 #10
But I would caution you to not go alone when you meet this boy. We hear so many horror stories these days about human trafficing and such... And one really knows very little about another over the internet. Predators are adept at being charming too. Safety first!
yulia - | 2
13 May 2011 #11
i'm waiting your next story with him :)
keep fighting !!!
rtz - | 46
14 May 2011 #12
@OP: "How do we know that polish guys really serious in their relationship?"

- easy: they would do nice things for you, you wouldn't do back/in return.
Believing - | 2
20 Jan 2014 #13
I do want to know the end of this story.. funny thing is,,this is happening to me right now..
20 Aug 2015 #14
im dating a polish guy and his soo cute...caring...and responsible..i like the way he advice me and he help me to open up the true meaning of life...hope we will be forever...
callmebyyourname - | 1
3 May 2018 #15

In a relationship with a Polish guy... How are Polish guys like?

Hi there! I really need some advice from you guys. I'm sorry that this's gonna be a bit lengthy.

I'm in a relationship with a Polish guy for 3 months. We both live in Germany. He is (only when we meet) sweet and nice to me and there're quite a lot problem between us. Despite that, I still like/love him so much. I know it's stupid to be so attached just after 3 months of relationship...

He always keeps all his emotions and feelings to himself. Whenever he's sad, stressed, he doesn't want to tell me unless I ask him like 50 times in an hour. I mean, as his partner, I want to share not only his happiness but also his negative feelings. I'm trying so hard to break his walls but I can never go into his heart. Also, he doesn't know how to (or just doesn't want to) express his affection to me. He never tells me that he loves me. Also, he never says something nice or cute things to comfort or cheer me up whenever I'm mad or sad. I don't know if this has anything to do with his personality or the culture (are Polish are always calm and indifferent to things?). We have talked about this for so many times too and he's always like "I'm not the one who made this, I can't solve this for you" or "don't always live in your fantasy and expect I'd would sugar-coated stuff to you. Not everyone has to be nice to you. I'm sorry if the world is not treating how you expect but you're not a baby. Just accept and move on". One time I was so ill and I was a bit mad that he didn't ask if I'm feeling better the whole day. And I asked him why then he said "is a text from gonna make you feel you better? No. I'm not the doctor". I was completely speechless and disappointed.

He cares about money so much. He never brings me to any restaurant even on Valentine's Day. Every time we eat out, we only go to McDonald's. I'm totally fine with McDonald's food but don't feeling like eating there every time we meet. I've talked to him about this before and I told him that I don't mind splitting the bill, and he was like why do you want to pay 15 Euro for something in a restaurant when you can cook it by yourself with a cheaper price.

He never or just seldom listens to me. In our relationship, he's the one who always decides everything. Even if he asks for my opinion, he usually ends up taking his own ideas. He says there always has to be a person who listens. Are Polish men very macho?

There are still a lot more problems between us but I don't wanna break up with him. I wanna try and see if things can work after 1 or 2 months. And as you guys can probably tell, yes I'm the kind of person who always needs attention from the partner. I've never been with a Polish guy before so I don't know if these are culture thing or not. Thank you so much for reading until here...

One more thing, does it mean anything when he brings me to his parents?
cms neuf - | 2,048
3 May 2018 #16
How is he sweet and nice if he doesnt even ask if you are feeling better ? Saying hes not a doctor is weird and definitely not Polish

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