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Polish Girls vs Russian Girls

Nika 2 | 507
1 Mar 2010 #751
I always said that on the level of people
there is more mutual sympathy between Russians and Poles than both sides would
like to admit (and more similarities as well) :)

totally agree. The way I see it, is that Poland/Russia issues are much more on the political, rather than the people's level.
Exiled 2 | 425
1 Mar 2010 #752
Welcome to Russia.Eastern european dream. Who said that russian MILFs are not attractive? Ah,these stockings.Russian girls are fashion conscious.
Ioxana - | 57
1 Mar 2010 #753
The girl of Lithuanian-Russian heritage on the first pic..The rest are different girls from Russia and Ukraine

wildrover 98 | 4,451
2 Mar 2010 #754
I have visited both Russia and Ukraine , and for sure the ladies there have a special kind of beauty...Polish girls are lovely too of course , but after living in Poland for five years...well ....... i have fallen for a Russian lady...
f stop 25 | 2,513
2 Mar 2010 #755
I bet in 20 years they will be just like Polish girls.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #756
F stop, why?;)
Generalizing again?
f stop 25 | 2,513
2 Mar 2010 #757
I was egging on wildrover. ;)
seb4u - | 48
2 Mar 2010 #758
Polish , Russian ,Ukrainian, Byelorussian women are pretty.
in my opinion Russian girls lack the charm, elegance and strong personality that Polish girls possess. they are too vulgar for me. everybody has a different taste.

ok. i'll add Poles again

  • polish girls

Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #759
So you suppose that Ioxana has no charm,elegance and strong personality?You are deluded.Ukr women are bombas in passion.
seb4u - | 48
2 Mar 2010 #760
yes, she's too vulgar plus she has strong inferiority complex. ca't defend herself without offending others. i don't like bitter girls
Nika 2 | 507
2 Mar 2010 #761
Seb t'es Français?
seb4u - | 48
2 Mar 2010 #762
oui je suis français,Nike, désolé de ma réponse tardive

i forgot to answer your question before=). why did you think i was German?=D
Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #763
As I stated before ukr girls are for free.And they have mediraneanean passion.I like Ukrainkas.
Nika 2 | 507
2 Mar 2010 #764
T'es d'où en France? I really don't know why I thought you were German.

Seb has the biggest stock of pics of beautiful PL girls - it's official!

Have to go to work, I was just supposed to check my daily horoscope :)
Beautiful weather today in K-ków, so have a great day everybody.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #765
Seb4u I still wanna know where the hell U met Russian women which cannot possess?XD
In a factory, in Magadan?XDD
Polish women charming?O_o
Maybe but def not the ones I saw in UK..
Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #766
Seb has posessed two matryoshkas.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #767
Aha exactly:)
Plus as the most men nowadays Seb4u shows a big "respect" towards women coz probably poor guy was grow up i a family of the value "sh/t up You, woman, ur day is 8th March";)

So got used to calm and humble soskas (rus.-soska;)) his "brain" doesnt understand how female can express the thoughts usin a strong language..And thats called "vulgarism"(o_o)..Ololo^^

We are on a forum, aint we?And everyone can say what they want in intelligent manner doest mater whether it strong or p. language mm?:)Im nor sayin about swearings-I despise them but dear-the things u said Ill disapprove twicely in the same way U said-maybe a bit bitter;)Or u still thinkin u aint insltin me even though I accept it with a humor?:) I do-dont think thats without a gain;)

These soskas prob know the only thing in life-party party, men and expensive cars XD
So think several times before u puke with the conclusions about me lookin only at the language I use ok?;)Never judge ppl before U got to know them in reality-tht will def ruin ur stereotypes u feedin with;))
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,443
2 Mar 2010 #768
As we say down my local, that which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.

wrong forum;)
Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #769
Seb grew up in a family where a camel was considered more precious than any female and men divorced for the camel.He is an Allah screaming French probably.
Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #771
Yes the guy feels attraction only if a female looks like a camel that is why he doesn't
find Ukrainian women attractive.
No hump no boner.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #772
I found far more attractive women on one polish datin site..
These ones I saw- O_o
Like that we got in every corner
Could show us hotter than he has..But Im sure personally he hasnt XD
I appreciate a bit more proffesional photos (not photoshop applied to all the body) rather pics aka Ive been grazin cows on the field;)

Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #773
Ukr women have always good taste on women.He he.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #774
And another Russian beauty

Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #775
I am afraid we have a clear winner.The finals should be between Russian and Ukrainian women.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #776
Not sure..Many of people arent online though;)
seb4u - | 48
2 Mar 2010 #777
everyone can say what they want in intelligent manner doest mater whether it strong or p. language mm?:

intelligent manner? you are far from being intelligent.


i actually shouldn't discuss with you, little emo girl

Polish women charming?O_o

you are envious of Polish women and thats why you are indirectly bashing them.
Persoally i find Polish women to be much much more charming bright and sweet than Russians.
you are so stuck up girl...and you think you're funny.

i would send you back to read what your compatriot Sasha wrote about you, clever words.

besides,it appears you are the only one here who hasn't noticed yet that Exiled is not taken seriously here and he's a are at his level.

isn't it you by any chance?

when it comes to Ukrainian girls, i found them pretty but definitely not prettier than Polish girls.

He is an Allah screaming French probably

i'm athetist if you are so curious. judging by your comments you must be a little dirty arab
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #778
Capitan Obviousity actually reminds us that Seb4u had clisma couple hours ago and therefore got a word-diarea..I apreciate that fact thanks-u r at least stinkin XD

I guess I know why You defend them-I probably buy prostitutes for night stands at the backwoods of Paris..
How long tome It took to You to write this post.??Two hours?XD
Still not clever, though at least as U pay attention for me..if so we are on the same level even lower than mine..;)
Sasha is typical moral chav as You so I dont consider U seriously-the place of both at the end of the timeline will be the monk position or..public house?:)

Why he is a clown?)Just cas he knows u put cheap pics and disagree with You as he has right-the ones U show have nothing common with something called "style" except of maybe couple-thats it..

So whats so beautiful in them-do they have good long hair?ideal colour of the face and skin in general?they got ideal nose and lips?where?show me?And compare at leats with ones I shown U;)

If "she" got a small skirt and "nice" hair doesnt meen female u picked up on is hot..
I dunno what the manners and intelligence u talkin about but the her academical knoweledges have nothin in common with her wisdom wich is in 90% is abcent;)

U just got a village taste + low-confidence+it's possible that u r scruffy little boi with lack of intelligence and knowledges. Ur life is about insultin others, indeed, with the cheap comments aka Im from primary skool. And then u are surprisin why other are kinda disrespectful towards ya. First of all-stop thinkin Polish women are the best and etc.- the beauties are everywhere bt def Poland has no more than we got;)

LOOK, SEB4U AT THE POLISH INTELLIGENCE;) <---------------- I guess it's the wife of ur dreams
seb4u - | 48
2 Mar 2010 #779
polish girls are cuter ! (ioxana is getting furious reading this)


yo are ridiculous.

Russians were pretty 20 years ago. now they are not a litlest bit prettier than girls in France.
why all the Russian girls i know are such arrogant self conceited (...)? they aren't even pretty.

well the girls showed were in my opinion better looking than the ones you uploaded. imagine the pics of "my" girls were just from 1 bar in a small Polish cities whereas i can imagine how much effoert it took you to find pretty pics of Russians.

it's interesting you signed up only because someone dislikes Russian girls LOL. inferiority complex.
I at least have a beautiful Polish girlfriend and speak Polish fairly well.

  • polish girls

Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #780
Seb4u, did I say Im envying them?))
Im just said they arent better us;)
Whats wrong?:)

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