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How many Polish girls are married to foreigners? / How many Polish boys to foreign girls?

25 Nov 2014 #91
fair enuff dougie

to be honest dougie I think whoever wrote that post is some expat brit who never could make it there and is now all sour grapes from some hicksville in the backwoods of Poland.
26 Nov 2014 #92
In most cases those girls come from very backward villages in eastern Poland

You are fast for stereotyping and putting down people. There is nothing wrong with villages in eastern Poland or anywhere else.
There is everything wrong with pundits like yourself.
Marsupial - | 886
27 Nov 2014 #93
I married an Australian girl. She can't cook, doesn't know history, is useless at geography, doesn't realise much of europe at all or anywhere beyond Australia. So on so forth. It's like living with a primitive human which is the knowledge level of a lot if ppl here. But...I dont mind as it doesn't matter. Obviously there is a lot of positives. The only major negative is I can never go back to poland to live because I just think she would never make it there especially with language but also many other things like culture shock, food, the cold.....I dont post much here just read your posts, it makes me less home sick.
candycandy 2 | 13
27 Nov 2014 #94
I am in a relationship (However i don't know for how long since i'll leave the country in maybe two years and i don't see myself living in poland) with a medicine student in poland. i'm older than him (4 years, don't think i'm a pedo). i'm a nurse student myself.

i think this topic is interesting in every country .how many spanish people are marrying to foreigners? it is a question i make to myself sometimes too. they are getting married to lots of cubans and rumanians. you can make your own conclussions, 90% of rumanian girls i know are married to men 20 years older and are uneducated in most of cases. which is just sad. i don't care about your opinion about housing, i'm spanish and i cook better than most of you here and that doesn't mean its my purpose in life you know? and cubans using marriage to escape their country is sad too. i suppose marriage is a good way to assure a good living in a poor country.

And i'm not implying by any means that all marriages or relationships have some economical purpose. I am not giving my money to my guy at least, and I share an equal relationship. that is something to be proud nowadays i see.
27 Nov 2014 #95
I am in a relationship

How many Polish girls are married to foreigners? / How many Polish boys to foreign girls?
sobieski 107 | 2,128
27 Nov 2014 #96
90% of rumanian girls i know are married to men 20 years older and are uneducated in most of cases. which is just sad

This was the case with all the Polish girls populating specialized Belgian/Dutch marriage agencies after 1989 and well into the 90's. Girls with an education but wanting to escape economic misery in Poland almost at any cost, even when this meant marrying a loser or a country bumpkin 20 years older. I think that is now the same with girls from the Ukraine. The other way around it was often Belgians or Dutch who couldn't get a partner at home, and went that direction.
Veles - | 229
27 Nov 2014 #97

I'll give translated more important things from this site.

In 2010 there were 3 732 marriages between Poles and people of other nationalities. Polish-foreign couples were 1,6% of whole new marriages taken in Poland (many Polish people are getting married also abroad - these numbers are not involved here; only those taken in Poland). 3/4 of the foreing spouses are males (2 804).

Polish women prefered men from:

- Great Britain (618),
- Germany (403),
- Italy (196),
- Ireland (138),
- France (108).

Polish men prefered women from:

- Ukraine (389),
- Belarus (89),
- Russia (83),
- Germany (49).

Answering to the topic, how many Polish girls are married to foreigners is one correct response: many. And much more every year. The same with males.

Personally, I am more interested in foreign women than in Polish, as my view on Polish girls is not necessarily positive.
21 Sep 2015 #98
If you are girl you can choose any given country, even city in the world go on internet and find you husband, if you're a guy you're stuck in your polish apatment with parents because women don't want guy from abroad they just don't care so it's life in loneliness and poredom for someone like me.
nothanks - | 640
21 Sep 2015 #99
I married an Australian girl.

Depressing but she must be gorgeous looking my friend
kanadinski 1
20 Feb 2019 #100
why do polish girls marry canadian guys- i am one then she gets here and just wants citizenship and a work visa. i was married twice in one day in july 2000, once in wroclaw city hall and then some catholic church .

do you think i got screwed
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
20 Feb 2019 #101
In my experience Polish girls go for foreign men very easily,often Asian ones in London.
Polish men are more conservative and either stick with what Polish girls are left or go for other European girls.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 492
21 Feb 2019 #102
approx 1/3 of children born in the UK by the Polish women have non-Polish fathers.
approx 9/10 of children fathered by Polish men have Polish mothers
Ironside 51 | 11,338
21 Feb 2019 #103
do you think i got screwed

Seems to me some screws would do you good.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
21 Feb 2019 #104
I've always wondered why polish girls actually most upper class white girls have this weird thing where they like cleaning up your house after ******* or they feel like they owe it to a guy to clean their place for them....

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