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Different relationship... can it work with Pakistani girl and Polish guy?

jon357 67 | 16,836
16 May 2017 #121
islam is the only faith that has not changed

Many changes, many types. Some revere Hussain and Ali, some don't. Some are Ahmaddiya, some not. The same with Christianity - different variants exist.

In both Pakistan and Poland you can find different doctrinal and cultural viewponts.
Arsalan Zafar 1 | 11
17 May 2017 #122
@sweet_g will it work ?

instead of asking folks on forum ask yourself truly will it work and ask your wife will she make it work ?

yes i married to a beautiful polish girl last year

no one will give you the answer you have to seek in yourselves
18 May 2017 #123
I had seen, that i remember, 11 couples of Pakistanis/Afhganis and Poles. Mostly on the UK.

For obvious reasons (Islam doesnt allow a muslim woman to marry a non-muslim) all of them are Pakistani Men/Polish Woman.

Only 2 have normal stable marriages. 4 of them had cases of serious domestic violence. And 9 had divorced, and in the cases that kids are involved, it becomes really, really complicated due to the obligation that muslims have to raise their kids as muslims.
25 Dec 2017 #124
I'm a pakistani girl and I love the man I'm with who's Polish. I'll be honest it was a tough thing to go through the first year and a half, I even ran away...

But I came home because my boyfriend spoke to my parents. My family are slowly accepting the relationship and I couldn't be any happier. :D

The only advice I can give in terms of the girls perspective of her family, if they cant see your happiness above their own opinions and choose to disown you for it, are they really family? My heart is always going to be open to my family, its up to them whether theirs is open for me.

I know many people will judge me but I'm prepared for it. And its what I've learnt to become from the start of my relationship. Im only 18 and my other half is 19. We know what we want and we're prepared to fight for it as we have.

So to answer your question, it can because it is for me, but I cant speak for everyone.
mafketis 24 | 9,126
26 Dec 2017 #125
But I came home because my boyfriend spoke to my parents. My family are slowly accepting the relationship

Be very careful, there are a lot of Pakistani girls who thought their parents were accepting their choice of partner who ended up killed by them.... this is not a culture that values individual choice or female autonomy.
26 Dec 2017 #126
@mafketis, It was my main worry at the start, the stories I'd heard about honour killings and all the horrible things that can happen. The main thing I have been is very careful and I'm continuing to do so.

Unfortunately, unlike me, there's a majority of girls who do get killed for their choice of partner and their parents don't understand. My parents didn't at the start but they're starting to open up their heart and mind.
27 Dec 2017 #127
it smells like something really bad, it will never work out! ;D
28 Dec 2017 #128
Honestly I still have my weak moments where I think it would be best if I just left him for the better so he could be with someone who's family would truelly accept him. But love is love and I know who I want to keep and he wants to keep me too. 😊❤ Maybe it will work out maybe it wont, is anyone ever certain about their future?

But it does'nt hurt to try if youre willing and prepared for any consequences that may arise from ones actions.

I'm only 18 and I know I have a long life ahead of me. But I'm not stupid to look away from what I have right in front of me.

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