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Dating a polish girl who left her husband

20 Apr 2010 #1
hi, i am new to the forum, i recently started dating a polish woman that lives in england.

this girl seems sweet and charming (attractive too). there is an aura about her, i am just not sure about a couple of things though:

she basically left her husband and divorced him for non-cliche reasons and been single for almost a year, then had a rebound relationship that ended few weeks back.

when we were together there was lots of touching and if i would let it happen a kiss too (i never kiss a girl on first date, respect thing, dont ask me why :))

can i ask some polish woman here to elaborate on this, what is taking it slow and what is too fast? she seemed very keen on meeting up again and i can feel she was really into me, i do like her but dont want to come off too strongly.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
20 Apr 2010 #2
all women are different. an experienced woman might be less inclined to the preamble. But then again...
king polkacanon - | 57
20 Apr 2010 #3
I guess she divorced the Pole to get a third wordler.Those irrational polish.
sdafa - | 1
20 Apr 2010 #4
so you do know the girl i am talking about then? i know i am old but i dont remeber typing that she had a Polish husband or that i am from a third world country....

good old prejudice & assumption, isnt too late for your bed time anyways? kids these days.....

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