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How to Ask my Polish girlfriend to Marry ME

Anthony2381 1 | 1
23 Jun 2011 #1
Hi All

Ive been recently been thinking of asking my girlfriend to marry me, but before i do i have somethings i need to get across to her in her native languge so she understands fully what i am saying so there can be no mistake. If you could please help me get across what im trying to say id really appricate it.. And if it all goes well i will keep you informed :)))))))) ok here goes...

Patti; we have been together for over two years now, i know things havent been easy on us the last two months, ive been feeling a void growing between us, like your slowly pulling away. I know im not the most perfect guy in the world, i make mistakes, i am after all human, i know im not the tallest or most goodlooking guy in the world, and i know im not rich either, but patti i do have a heart full of love for you. And only You. I just need you to talk with me, tell me you thoughts and feelings, what is going on in your mind. Everytime i try talk with you i get no answer you remain silent while i pour my heart out to you. After ive said my piece we carry on as if nothing has happened and it frustrates me to know that ive not gotten anything back from you. Is this a sign you no longer care for me? Please tell me, do we have a future together, this is the question ive been asking myself alot latley. The future, especially kids... Ive told you i want a child someday and a woman i can love and who in return loves me equally. I want to commit myself and be the kind of father i know i can be. Loving, supportive and proud as hell. This is what i want in my future, and i want to know will you be a part of it? You know i love you...

I know you have been seriously hurt in your past, made to feel afraid, uncertin, alone and abandoned by the one who you thought you would love for the rest of your life when you walked down the aisle. It didnt turn out to be the romance you dreamed did it. you were hurt at every turn and this is what has made you into the person you are today Patti.But i know that beneath your defenses you are a really fun free sprited girl, ive seen it in you, and i love this girl, i love when you dont have your defenses up a mile high. You are great fun to be around. I know that the wounds of the past still cary enormous weight with you, that you are, as you always say, "afraid" there is no need to be afraid. I will never hurt you Patti, i will always stand by you and support you and be there for you when you need me.. Like ive been there for you before in the past. You have come so far in the last two years, you have gotten your son back, got the apartment, tv and the security that comes with having a place to call your own. And you have done it with my help Patti, i gave up my time for you gladly to ensure you get your dreams, now i want to know will you help me achive my dreams?

Will you love me as i do you, will you stand by me as ive done for you? Or do you want to walk away... I dont know because you can be very hard to read sometimes... But Patti know this, i will never hurt you, i will give you my all, but you must be willing to do the same.. Im writing this to you to make you see that what i say is true... In me you have someone you can trust to help you heal the wounds of the past and go on together into the future.. but you must talk to me...Tell me what you think...

I really do love you Patrycja, and if you feel the same... tell me

Ok... thats it, and when i present her this letter i will have a talk with her and after its done i will, dependinng on the outcome.. say to her "Patrycja, i love you and i will always love you, will you marry me" ...see what she says... plese translate this last bit too so i can present her the paper and see what she says hahaha i will of course keep u all updated..

Thank you so much, and wish me luck ;)))))))

pawian 176 | 15,392
23 Jun 2011 #2
Ok... thats it,

It is definitely too short. Girls prefer longer speeches.

Thank you so much, and wish me luck ;)))))))

I wish you luck. Try to run quickly and hide wherever you can - the best for you would be to lock yourself in the bathroom and wait till she stops kicking on the door and leaves the house.
Wroclaw Boy
23 Jun 2011 #4
It is definitely too short. Girls prefer longer speeches.

are you being sarcastic or what, plus its a letter not a speech.

ok here goes...

You dont want to give her that mate, women hate a man who begs. The letter proves your vulnerability and hands power over to her which it sounds like she has anyway.

I really do love you Patrycja, and if you feel the same... tell me

Dude stop it she would have told you already if that was the case.

The only way you can fix this is to step back - big time. Take away the support and everything else you've been giving and see what kind of feed back you get.
pawian 176 | 15,392
23 Jun 2011 #5
are you being sarcastic or what, plus its a letter not a speech.

I am dead serious.
I didn`t know it is a letter - I just read the beginning:

Yes, you are right, women prefer the Barbarians:
OP Anthony2381 1 | 1
23 Jun 2011 #6
cool...thanks for your advice do i deleate it ?

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