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African girl from USA dating a polish guy needs advice

chichimera 1 | 186
27 Jul 2011 #31
have you heard about one of the key factors of evolution and survival of species which is the need for genetic variation? without mixing of races we'll die out, niuniek
27 Jul 2011 #32
Don't mix races, and break up!
29 Jul 2011 #33
Lucas D11
"Dont mix races, and break up"

You are such a racist.
Its her choice to have a Polish guy for boyfriend. Tell me one good reason why she should not mix race?
beckski 12 | 1,617
30 Jul 2011 #34
break up!

There is a huge chance they may have broken up by now. This thread was created 6 years ago.
25 Feb 2012 #35
Bulshit..There is a lot of interracial couples in Pland and in Europe in generally is normal attitute to interracial the way..why white Amricans don't date black girls and Europeans love them ? And "the issue" if "controlling" has nothing to do with race or nationality but with normal need of human being (sex)
MarcinD 4 | 135
25 Feb 2012 #36
Quick differences between Polish & American guys would be

- Chivalry is still alive in Poland
- Women are expected and encouraged to work in America. In Poland the guy feels extra pressure knowing he is expected to care for the family, possibly by himself. In Poland and most of Europe: the women is expected to take care of the home & kids. Family come first. Family over Money
25 Feb 2012 #37
Chivalry is still alive in Poland

I assure you, I would not have scored my Polish wife, were I anything less than a gentleman. Being from America wasn't a detriment, it was a statistic.
25 Feb 2012 #38
Polish guy marrying black girl will not get any flack, contrary to Polish girl with a black guy, she indeed can be looked down by her former friends. Nevertheless, it can be family thing. I can imagine my mother's reaction, if I turned out with a black wife...

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