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Where do the wealthy class live in Warsaw?

Cargo pants 3 | 1,198
21 Sep 2021 #31
entrepreneurship, real estate, savings, etc. rather than through more risky speculative investments

Yes,and lately more and more Poles are getting rich and more by Entrepreneurship as more opportunities exist after Poland joined the EU.I do see that some younger poles are into stocks/forex also and there number is growing fast(They think its easy money).Poles are following the west esp esp the US at a very fast pace in every respect.

all made their wealth through sex trafficking, money laundering, online fraud etc

I dont know any one who thinks like that,and I think who do think like that are low level people from the west esp the ones who are economic migrants in Poland from the west like English teachers etc to show there fake superiority among poles.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,198
21 Sep 2021 #32
Like 1 million, 5 million, 10 million plus ?

1,2,3,million USDis very common in Poland.Here are some sites selling real estates,on the first one I see over 20 properties being sold for over 1 mil,so there must be buyers buying them if the sellers are selling same goes for the other site.Some one mentioned some figures here,but the rules on the ground are different.,175132.html
and plenty others,same as some in USA,here is one agent in USA selling similar to the above in US

Statistics also show not many making 4/500k USD in US,lol in fact most small businesses make netto even more.Even some corner grocery store makes over 250k.Same I see in Poland.LOL now why would some people is small businesses pay millions to buy them if they gonna make less money.EG liquor stores in NJ,they dont issue any new licenses and if they do cuz of population growth the big guys like TGIF.Applebees,Outback etc bid them and they go for millions(and that is just a piece of stamped paper license,you hav, to buy inventory,property equipment etc on top of it)

Small eg,in Poland there are over 3000 Biedronka stores,95% are rented and the property owners want 2 to 15 mil Pln,lol I am not even mentioning Zabka,Carfourr,Rossman and so on...

Same in the USA.Walgreens have over 9000 stores 90% are rented and property owners want 2 to 20 mil usd.Same with Mcdonalds,Burgerking,Pizza hut etc and so on...And most dont stay in market for long.I could never find the real statistics on line and on the ground story is all different.Poland is no different except it has more opportunities then USA esp in small,medium or large business to get wealthier.

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