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War & Love (Polish TV serial)

Polonius3 990 | 12,349
3 Aug 2013 #1
Anybody watching the 'Wojna i miłość' serial on Friday night? When one considers the prospect of that drunken, godless Bolshevik scum overrunning Europe, killing, raping and stealing everything they could carry away and destroying the rest, Poland truly deserves everyone's profound debt of gratitude. And it wasn't an overwhelming victory. At times the odds were quite even and it was very close. Who knows if the Bolshies wouldn't have carried the day were it not for Stalin's blunder. The serial itself was well made, with a nice balance between battle scenes and dialogues, historical events and fictionalised inserts. IMHO only Piłsudski isn't too convicning. They chose the wrong actor for the role. The Marshal was known to speak with a pronoucned Wilno accent which cannot be heard. In a previous dramatisation Zapasiewicz made a better Piłsudski.
OP Polonius3 990 | 12,349
3 Aug 2013 #3
Great stuff, Pawian. I'm not a big back-scroller, but you hit the nail on the head! Tak trzymać!
pawian 223 | 24,583
3 Aug 2013 #4
The serial itself was well made,

Yes, true, I watched most episodes (with fast FF function from time to time :):):) ) online. Quite realistic.


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