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Unwanted furniture - Warsaw charity?

KLD 1 | 7
28 Feb 2011 #1

We are weeks away from a move out of Warsaw and we don't want to ship our few bits of furniture.

Is there a charitable foundation anywhere in Warsaw that would be interested in collecting it and putting it to good use (it is ikea stuff and only 18 months old so its in good condition - bed, drawers, side tables, wardrobe, dining table, TV stand and maybe an aircon unit)

If you know of any can you please let me have their phone number.

Thank you
lizaalbert - | 1
10 Mar 2011 #2
This is really a good cause and I appreciate it.. Its really good to see that you are giving furniture to the need one.. I hope some one will visit here and see your post.. Did you get any number?

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