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Traditonal Polish values can add balance to modern life

Polonius3 983 | 12,333
31 Aug 2016 #1
At a time, when the pursuit of cut-throat competition, profits, pleasure and creature comforts has dominated our lives, perhaps traditional Polish attachment to religion and basic family values can add some balance and stability to the turbulence and confusion of modern-day life. A similar role is played by time-honored traditions - something that gives meaning to life and provides a more stable foundation to build on than fly-by-night fads and gimmicks.

The Polish human touch (like engaged couples inviting the most honored guests to their wedding in person) could help offset today's excessively institutionalised and commercialised way of doing things. If they can't come in person, Poles prefer to extend Christmas, Easter or nameday wishes by phone rather than sending greeting cards. When they do send cards, they nearly always pen in a brief personalised message rather than simply signing the card.

Perhaps some of the old-fashion Polish peasant foods (whole-grain breads, groats, root vegetables, sauerkraut, etc.) could provide a healthier alternative to today's eating habits centring round overprocessed, high-additive-content foods. And perhaps everything from traditional Polish squared-logged houses (which breathe and insulate naturally) to decorator items incorporating natural wood, bark, straw and home-spun fabrics could provide a healthier, more ecological alternative to the toxic "Made in China" synthetics that surround us at every turn.

This is not to suggest that Poles in Poland afre immune to plastic, synthetic "modernity". They too would do well to judge things not on the basis of advertised "trendiness" but actual merit.
Levi 11 | 435
1 Sep 2016 #2
Traditional polish values are a guarantee of stability and a good life away of degenaration that spreads through an agonizing Europe.

And yeah, i am back.

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