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Streaming online Polish TV

antheads 13 | 368
21 Jan 2011 #31
first post hi hope this helps. here are the main polish channels online. for free!


polsat htt://

tvn + more??

tvn24 (news)\

sorry had to remove w to b able to post this, just add a w :)
ginger77 1 | 3
22 Jan 2011 #32
God, I love to know how you have done it? I still can't watch Ipla. have you got a polish wireless internet connection or something? I am so desperate to sort some type of polish Tv out as we move to Brunei in September and I need my little boy being able to watch Polish TV!! Any ideas??
internaldialog 4 | 145
22 Jan 2011 #33
God, I love to know how you have done it?

i just installed and clicked on a show re-ipla to be honest

have you got a polish wireless internet connection or something?

no as i am in student halls of residence in the UK so i use my connection provided by them

Any ideas??

not sue what to suggest i am sure you'll find a way though =)
ginger77 1 | 3
23 Jan 2011 #34
How frustratrating!! Ipla would be the best solution when we move to the other side of the world! I ll try again though. Cheers anyway.
adamkut 1 | 5
27 Jan 2011 #35
violetta 2 | 22
2 Feb 2011 #36
If we're talking about free, then I have not found anything good as of yet.

If we're talking paid, I use, although sometimes they do have their downtimes and they are not that cheap, running me at over $70 every three months, which is ok I guess considering you can watch polish tv serials, entertainment shows, movies and news on demand and updated regularly.

Anyone know of any other Polish on demand sites where they have movies and shows archived?
Eurola 4 | 1,906
7 Feb 2011 #37
I use it too. A few of us share user ID and password. It came to $22.00 for six months and a lot of good stuff to watch! All the 'free' websites I checked are just a bunch of crap. Nothing is free. Silly gives some 'free' useless shows and the ones I wanted to watch I can not, in USA that is.
violetta 2 | 22
9 Mar 2011 #38

I have the same subscription. I find it works well most of the time, however, sometimes they have days where the server is down and they do not reimburse you for it....which is cheap and lame customer service on their behalf. Also, I don't like how they do not have all the series from the beginning, only the most recent, and then they delete the earliest episodes because they do not want to take up room on their server I guess. Sucks for people who want to watch a series with hundreds of episodes from the first one....cannot be done because it is likely not there any more.

If anyone knows a similar site like this, but with everything from start to finish, I am willing to change subscriptions and pay for it, since I am paying for this one anyways.

If anyone watches Russian TV, I am looking for something similar to but in Polish.
raith09 2 | 3
20 May 2011 #39
Merged thread:
Polish TV Shows or Streaming TV?

hey I'm trying to pick up Polish and was wondering if anyone knows if there is some kind of streaming Polish Tv Online that i could just leave on all the time? If there aren't any, can anyone maybe reccomend some Polish Tv Shows that i could download on torrents or movies even? Thanks!
20 May 2011 #40
I was using but for some reason I now cannot update my subscription as it is taking me to a dating site, has the site been hacked or something? is anyone else having the same problems?
internaldialog 4 | 145
20 May 2011 #41
can anyone maybe reccomend some Polish Tv Shows that i could download on torrents or movies even?

TV - Czas Honoru (4th series commences later this year and one of my faves of the past few years)
Films (these are my personal preferences) - Testostron, Lejdis, Nie Klam Kochanie, Katyn, Ciacho,

I am also open to film recommendations or tv series recommendations as well from people =)
knowledge - | 7
21 Jun 2011 #42
if u want free live streaming of movies tvn tvp and so on send me a message not streaming 24 7 though but it is free and great quality
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
25 Jun 2011 #43
Found a bunch of Polish TV and satellite channels, enjoy.
25 Sep 2011 #44
Here you have over 20 Polish channels in HD

coppermouse 16 | 62
26 Sep 2011 #45
Can you please give me estimate of the bandwidth usage of this site? Thanks
jimbo 77
21 Oct 2011 #46
Hey guys why don't you try
They have got a great features in a best quality!

All my family in Europe are crazy about it!
19 Nov 2011 #47
Polish TV 8 channels , polish radio, video clips and music video clips AVAILABLE and ACTIVE NOW! this channel rock! Watch on you tube roku eulive!
emigrantka1985 - | 1
12 Apr 2012 #48
i could recommend Polska Plus television, you can watch them online on or on Freeview- 110 canal.
You can't watch polish canals in UK so something like polskytv is illegal, but Polska Plus got deals with polish televisions and it's legal!
Natalia28 - | 1
23 Jul 2012 #50
Absolutely amazing quality of Polish Tv. You can watch it online or you can watch it on your tv. Never experienced any problems with the service before. 35 channels all in polish for 29.95 a month and its without a contract! Most popular channels are included! Call Natalia at 773-741-7773 for details!! If you speak with Natalia you will recieve a $5.00 discount so call now! Promotion Code: N167

Mondays 10am- 4pm, closed Tuesdays, not in office on Wed, Thursdays: 10am-6pm. Friday: 10 am - 4pm. Sat: 10am-6pm. Closed Sundays.
EwaB - | 1
18 Jan 2013 #51
Speaking of Polwizjer, how does this website work? What do you have to do to watch the shows? I can't figure this site out... please help.
berni23 7 | 379
19 Jan 2013 #52
Dude, dont fall for this "offer", most of the channels are free to watch over your comp.
Lenny88 1 | 7
19 Jan 2013 #53
I'd like to recommend some better polish movies for you:
- Mala wielka milosc - romentical comedy
- The pianist - war movie
- Tydzien z zycia mezczyzny - drama
- Zabic Sekala - drama
- Psy ( 2 parts - action movie )
- Sara - action movie
- Kryminalni - crime series
- Wesele - comedy and drama.
desigujju - | 1
26 Feb 2013 #54
Streaming online Polish TV @
vpnonline - | 1
1 Apr 2013 #55
You can watch Polish TV through VPNonline.
22 Sep 2013 #56
Check and change IP address on Polish IP.
This way you can watch TV directly on sites like,,,
VPNonline have vpn servers in US and Britain so, you can watch hulu, cwtv and ibbcplayer.
Configuration and connection is very simple.
20 Jun 2014 #57
Polska TV
2 Apr 2015 #58
IPLA is not working and is too expensive and not the best quality, I normally use the following one:

Lots of channels.

It is the best one I have found if you live outside of Poland:
JollyRomek 7 | 481
2 Apr 2015 #59 is too expensive

20 zlotych too expensive for 30 days of high quality viewing pleasure? I understand that you are trying to promote your blog, but come on.......20 zlotych is quite a good deal. And on you can watch all channels on their website whereas your horrible blog only links to other pages.
Polska TV
2 Apr 2015 #60
It's not my blog at all, just trying to help others here.

For example, last weekend we tried to watch the football match between Ireland and Poland with and Polsat was buffering all the time (probably too many people watching it). By the way, through was not working either! (Polsat isn't available there). It is expensive because is not reliable. We pay using but many channels stop working or are buffering due to too many people, that's why I advised

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