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My Słowianie (music video mocks stereotypes about Poles and Slavs)

Ziemowit 13 | 4,356
21 Jan 2014 #31
'''That's true, Poles generally think about themselves as PO voters!
Szalawa 3 | 248
8 Aug 2014 #32
Merged: Pan-Slavic music made in Poland?

I have been listening to a lot of pan-Slavic rap for the past year and I notice that Poles seem to play the key role (such as EESS-Eastern European Street Style), which promote pan-Slavic ideology and unity. Does anyone here know more about this?

I also notice it is quite common among folk music too (Which I love) etc.

this is a good sign

Anyway please share any music promoting pan-Slavism with me here if you come across it, especially if it's Polish (although it does not have to be)
Vlad1234 18 | 1,202
21 May 2015 #33
I've appreciated this song when saw it on Eurovision in Youtube

I would wish it become Eurovision winner.
Ukrainian and Russian performance was great as well, though.
I like the idea of the song. Donatan's mother is Russian, it explains it...
Crow 157 | 10,890
23 May 2015 #34
I've appreciated this song when saw it on Eurovision in Youtube

me too. i was sincerely happy
Vlad1234 18 | 1,202
23 May 2015 #35
Though I like the general meaning of the song I have to admit that performance on the scene was a bit vulgar. They could easily avoid these mini-skirts (which looked awful) and demonstration of a certain body parts. All this could be done much more appropriate. True Slavic beauty doesn't need to show underwear...
4 Nov 2015 #36
Merged: Funny stereotypes toward Poles and other Eastern Europeans - hilarious yet somehow true video

I had a laugh :) You?
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Nov 2015 #37
What that has to do with Poland?
4 Nov 2015 #38
Yet have no distance. It's a satire about how westerners see us East Europeans. And Poland was mentioned at least twice in this clip. I'm native too
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Nov 2015 #39
Yet have no distance.

I have more distance towards my nationality than you.

It's a satire about how westerners see us East Europeans.

Most Polish consider themselves Central Europeans including myself, I can't see what do I have to do with a person from Moldova for instance, nor I understand the language nor I look like one but hey they say we have to be alike so people confusing me with Austrian must be crazy.

PS. this song is old and has been here already before.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
4 Nov 2015 #40
Most Polish consider themselves Central Europeans including myself

I've never actually met anyone (bar the occasional idiot from a part of the world that can remain nameless) that considered themselves Polish and Eastern European.

Even look at the language - German is far more influential than Russian, isn't it?
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Nov 2015 #41
I've never actually met anyone that considered themselves Polish and Eastern European.

Neither have I, NocyMrok is the first one.
Crow 157 | 10,890
13 Jan 2018 #42

Popular music in Poland and other Slavic countries 2017 - relaxing side of life

Give me something from Poland and from any other Slavic country. Don`t be selfish, share. I making new Slavic compilation for my car. In music, at least, we are free to fly.

I will give you this in the meanwhile, from Serbia >

Zdravko Colic - Mala - (Official Video 2017)

Zdravko Čolić - Šljive su rodile - (Official Video 2017)
G (undercover)
13 Jan 2018 #43
Crow 157 | 10,890
13 Jan 2018 #44
Thanks brate. Very very good. God bless you. Just, you should make an effort to give tittle, too :)
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,546
13 Jan 2018 #45

Da sam soko (If I was a falcon)
Crow 157 | 10,890
14 Jan 2018 #46
Great. Highlanders. Ethno based music is always good thing.

We should here give more of gusly players to Poles, to show them what Jagilonian Kings imported from Serbia to Poland, during middle ages.

Here is one Serbian-Hungarian musical mix in song of Lepa Brena

Lepa Brena - Janos - (LIVE)

Lepa Brena - Jugoslovenka - (LIVE), Belgrade`s arena

You Poles, my brothers, know nothing. Let me show you

See, see? You must have subtle approach. Then, passion. How else to increase our birthrate.

Serbian drinking song > in movie Gypsy music play and sing for Serbs who drink > song `Nesanica` - `Insomnia` >

Also, I presenting you the song of Bosniak (Muslim Serb) singer Halid Bešlić (sang during new 2017 year celebration on Serbian TV program) >

Song is beautiful - Ja bez tebe ne mogu da živim (I can`t live without you)

NOTE: I giving you this to show how Muslim Serbs looks like. Under terrible circumstances, in life threatening conditions for themselves of their children, they were forced to accept Islam but, they never mixed or intermarried with Turkish occupiers. They preserved their racial purity, no matter Islamized. These days happening that they more and more returning to their ancestry and wants to be label themselves as Serbs again. In process, some of them taking Christianity, some stays in Islam and tolerate Christians.

This is so beautiful - MUST SEE


Yes, brothers, alliance must be formed once again.

Lepa Brena - Zar je vazno da l' se peva ili pjeva - (Official Video 2017)

SŁAWOMIR - Miłość w Zakopanem

Hey, this is cool! :)

Serbian female singer sing to Serbian males about Kosovo >

Danica Crnorogcevic - Serbian ethno song about Kosovo [English subtitles] - Shine bright sun from Kosovo >

Serbian soldiers sing song `Dawn Breaks`, in honor of Svetovid, during peacekeeping mission in Lebanon >

Dawn breaks - Vidovdan (Svetovid`s day in Serbian tradition)

NOTE: Insignia of Serbian army on the sleeves of soldiers. Its OCILO (fire-steels). This Sarmatian symbol >


Monete of the Polish King Mieszko I, over 1000 year old currency

To immortal ancestors

Evening gift... two Serbian songs and music...

Texas cowboy parties are child's play

Spot utter Serbian rural village parties - MUST SEE to be sure that you sow everything before you die - and this is just to show you soft things

Restless Racowie

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