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Rowing clubs in Krakow?

lgfox 4 | 22    
4 Apr 2018  #1
Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if you know any rowing clubs in Krakow for beginners / amateurs.

All I could found at the moment was a university club from the Jagiellonian university. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Looker - | 994    
  4 Apr 2018  #2
You may try contact AWF Kraków club: - tel. 793 666 981,
Although on the ad they invite people (kids and adults) with a disability to the rowing section, on their FB page they announce the recruitment for youth 12-16 years old for training. - tel. 605 979 104,
It's always worth to ask.

UKS 1993 - this is also a recommended rowing club in Krakow with ergometers:
30-105 Kraków ul. Kościuszki 38 skr. poczt. 153, phone +48 501 426 091, Fax 012-6449797, e-mail:;

The last one I found:
UKS Salwator
Skarbińskiego 10/117, 30-071 Kraków, tel. 12 658 16 85, e-mail:
OP lgfox 4 | 22    
5 Apr 2018  #3
Thank you @Looker. I contacted the clubs you provided me yesterday by email, but unfortunately I got no response. I've been looking for other clubs but it seems many of them are university clubs.
15 Apr 2018  #4
I'm a UK rower visiting Krakow. Just been for a jog along the Vistula on a beautiful warm, calm morning and astonished not to see a single rower on the most perfect water I've seen for a long time. Where are the rowers! :-D
peterweg 36 | 2,323    
15 Apr 2018  #5
Its a very underutilised river. I could be because of historic or current pollution. You can see the Salwater rowing club when you walk along the riverbank, you could just ask there.

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