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The REAL Warsaw :-) Video clip.

Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #32
That's what I saw at Warsaw train station. Baldy coots everywhere.
4 Jun 2018 #33
and 4 Varsovians talking how rich and powerful they are.

DIrk Dagger would fit right in with his bling and fake smile and jewelry he would be showing off or his big watch in a bar. And most females regardless where would fall for it.

And that includes Kaprys. Dirk was made for Warsaw though. Totally his style.

Here is a question, Was Warsaw ever poor or backwards like in the darkest of times of communism or pre war was it always stuck up? Or was it like Kiev at one point where the only way to make it was through shady businesses (like LS studio) or front companies? Was it ever like that or always rich and stuck up?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,515
4 Jun 2018 #34
U know it man. Don't worry I'll set you up with a kind pretty girl or two next time I'm there or if you're ever in Chicago get you to loosen up.

Warsaw always saw itself as somewhat superior to the rest of poland. That's pretty typical though in European countries and its oftentimes because outsidr the capital and maybe 1 or 2 other cities the rest of the country is poor. Take Romania or ukraine for example.

But yeah in the days of communism hustling was the only way to get ahead. Keep in mind though even sell bread or meat at a stand was illegal. And not much has changed in all honesty people still hustle to get ahead
kaprys 3 | 2,280
4 Jun 2018 #35
Yeah, that's what I'm looking for ... not.

Why are you so obsessed with other people's lives?
It's not how others see you but who you really are.
Live your own decent life and be happy.
5 Jun 2018 #36
Interesting drik. I wonder how Bucharest and Kiev are today. Are they also descent cities to live in or visit vs the rest of the country and way ahead comparaively like Warsaw is in Poland?

No Kaprys,

People are obsessed with me. I shared something about my past and they decided to try grouping up and bullying me for it when I could have not shared it nor my prison time and just acted like a regular person who has never felt hate, discrimination, being foreign, etc. It reminded me of those guards in there who would go out of their way to try showing power or putting me down. like if I grabbed a clenex they would say, "no you got to ask me first to grab it." I just never knew how to respond automatically to them or how to deal with the situation like many other cons who were used to it. how would you feel if some burok or redneck was telling you you have to ask permission and wasnt telling anyone else or was asking you specific questions for something as simply why you are grabbing your magazine back you let a friend borrow while they let gang people walk in and out of the two adjascent dorms?

Its like people think they can just take advantage of me or rip me off or say anything they want to me. How would you feel if that was your life Kaprys? What about the fact some komis tried ripping me off real big and actually did rip me off as the owner of it had a fake last name and stopped responding to me when I asked her why she marked a different number right on top of the previous number I had of clothes (brand new kaszmirs) on the same spot? Then when I confront her she makes stories up or lies and says our deal was different or I had to sell them at this price not that without even consulting you ahead of time? And not only that but who do you even complain to in Poland? I already talked to the police but its not worth my time going to a civil court or going to even the cops tation and describing the situation as I had no witnesses with me nor did I record our first two meetings she ripped me off at only the third and I took the small money she gave cause deep down I knew I would get nothing or risk going to jail for ripping her apart or grabbing other clothes to ransom for mine if I didnt take it. How do you deal with people like this? Or these guards who get a sick pleasure tormenting you or making you feel lower cause they know in real life you probably are more educated or have a higher standing in society or simply look better or whatever.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,515
5 Jun 2018 #37
Are they also descent cities to live in or visit vs the rest of the country and way ahead comparaively like Warsaw is in Poland?

Definitely. Donetsk use to be better off than most of ukraine and onenof of the richer cities in Ukraine, that was before thread of course though.

How do you deal with people like this?

You need to be more assertive.
kaprys 3 | 2,280
5 Jun 2018 #38
I don't get it.
You keep writing posts about people who break the law and how you admire them but if someone breaks the law and it affects you, you complain about it.

Just stay away from trouble.
Stop talking about crime and sex all the time. You scare normal people away. Those who are not scared are unlikely to be loyal and protective.

Also, don't assume everyone wants to take advantage of you.
Cashmir or not, they're second hand clothes. Don't expect to get a fortune.
Just because someone's looking at you doesn't mean they're flirting (women) or they're looking for a fight (men).
They're just looking most probably.
Get a job, join a class, get new interests, meet new people. None of these has to be spectacular. Just get a normal, decent life. And get some some psychological help.

And no, not everyone is into money.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,791
5 Jun 2018 #39
adsdads or whatever your name is.
the issues you have to deal with are called 'life'.
You can tell the people that haven't been able to deal with it, as they are usually wandering about shouting to themselves, homeless.
We all just have to get on with it as best we can.
5 Jun 2018 #40
Well, how do black people in the u.s. deal with it? How did they deal with it at Starbucks? Somt you thi k they are more effective at dealing with human cockroaches and crap like the komis on poznanska 22 with a weird swiss sounding last name she gave me than you or me?

Kaprys, you are wrong on so many acocunts. First of all those clothes were rband new, hence why she so,d them so fast. literally within days she just caleld me to come and claimed she was in a hurry because she ahd to go somewhere and told me some story about the wuality of the kasmzir not being. up to par and without i for ing me selling them for half the agreed price. And this is the fake sounding name and i formarion she gave me about herself:

Hańka Jorgensen
Poznañska 3 komis

Here is my whole write up of what happened in Polish:,lodzki-komis-oszukal-klientow-poszkodowani-szacuja-straty-na-40-tys-zl,id,t.html

"And no, not everyone is into money."

Pretty much wveryone is, especially females. I am not though. But most of those polish females are filth and cockroaches like that komis person.

Its at Poznanska 22 not 3like I i itially thought with a big percentage sticker and 70 percent off also next to it.

You wont or shouldnt be able to hesr the recording as I made it only accessible to me but anyway it is real what I said.
kaprys 3 | 2,280
5 Jun 2018 #41
Google RODO. I'm not sure you can publish her details here. Or perhaps it's a business so it's possible. I don't know.

Don't get me wrong but ... is there a possibility that you misunderstood her? Your Polish may need some brushing.

Next time get everything in documents. You leave something in a pawn shop, get a receipt. Get a contract or whatever. I have never used one so I don't know but I wouldn't leave something valueable with a stranger.

Or just use allegro.
I didn't and won't open the links.

If you don't need advice and another perspective, don't ask about it. But it seems to me you have been complaining both about the US and Poland, both the countries and the people. And you write about problems others don't seem to have experienced so perhaps it's a good idea to live your life in a different way than you do.

You can take this advice or leave it.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,515
5 Jun 2018 #42
Pretty much wveryone is, especially females.

Yes and no. Women first and foremost want security and a confident man. There's plenty of girls who are wealthy and beautiful but date a guy who's middle class and average looking but is confident and can atleast provide a secure existence. A girl will.much rather date someone who's confident, good in bed (which generally comes with confidence, and not a two pump chump) and has a job, even if he's not making a ton of money than a guy.whos very good looking but is broke, lazy, etc. As girls age looks tend to become less and less important.

The gold.diggers are only gold digging because they found a sucker who isn't confident but can provide security, in this case financial. Gotta have both. Even if the girl is dating a guy who is providing her with everything and she's totally using him, shell.end up.dumping him or cheating on him anyway for a guy who is confident even if he doesn't have the same.means.

Learn to be assertive and confident and you wont get ripped off and you'll find a girl in no.time..staring at a girl on and off then when her eyes meet yours looking away only to talk to her later and try to flirt will never work
6 Jun 2018 #43
I don't know but many Polish women I've met are quite warm-hearted for a nation outside of Southern Europe. Czech and Slovak women are much more standoffish, they give me cold vibes even. Same with Russian women - they give off ice queen vibes. Like empty shells, no hearts. Polish women are more down to earth, less standoffish and more flirty. They might like luxury but at least they like flirting with any man they find attractive, even one from the South/Eastern Europe unlike Russian, Slovak and Czech girls that only flirt with Western men. So who's the real gold digger here?

Or maybe I am subjective - I've always been more fond of Polish culture and things rather than Russian, Czech etc. However, even being open-minded, after interracting with many Eastern and Western Slavs I'd say Poles are the best non-Southern Slavs, other Western Slavs are cold. Especially the women. And from the Eastern ones only Ukrainians strike me as warm-hearted.

It's weird how Poles had worse destiny than Russians and Czechs/Slovaks yet just feel more human. I know there are Polish jerks as well but even they don't strike me as cold as Russians, Czechs and Slovaks that seem in your face unfriendly. Czechs/Slovaks might have that redneck, small country mentalities (especially mountan rich Slovakia) but most Russians are unbearable to be around. I'm Bulgarian so religiously and linguistically they're closer to me but I prefer Poles.

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