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Problems with Cyfrowy Polsat provider?

Forfour44 9 | 94
3 Feb 2013 #1
Hello Everyone.

I want to share my problems that i have with Cyfrowy Polsat. So you do not fall victim to them.

-They are charging me twice for the first of the month every month.
-They can not add up internet usage. 24mb over the limit is charged at 1gb 24mb. If this is used on the last day of the month, You will also get charged next moth for it too. As it's the 1st.

-They have 28 days to reply to your email, calls or letters. This is so they can wait for the last day. I have had two recorded letters sent to me on the 27th working day. Each saying nothing is wrong with the bills. When the guy at the shop said there was.

-They wont let us cancel our agreement without paying.

I do not know what to do with them. They are a pain in my ****.

I was thinking about sending them 2400 emails aday. Same email on a loop. 100 sent every hour. But i do not know the protocol in Poland for me doing that.

Does anyone know what else i can do?

Plus i would like to hear if you have had problems with this company.
pip 10 | 1,659
3 Feb 2013 #2
we used to have polsat cyfrowy. you can cancel the agreement if you give them 30 days warning I husband dealt with them - they are exactly how you described. so we cancelled them and got something better. nitro net. 99 pln per month no limit.

anyway, funny thing, a month after we cancelled we were getting loads of phone calls to come back for cheaper and less downloading limits.--we refused. they are not worth the hassle.

pretty much anywhere in the world will not let you cancel straight away. 30 days notice was not outrageous.

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