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Are Xbox games in Poland translated into Polish?

Zaij 3 | 6
1 Feb 2010 #1
Are most Xbox games in Poland translated into polish? I've bought computer games in poland that weren't translated at all, just wondering if the same could be said for xbox. If possible, could someone link to a list of those that are/aren't?

My polish isn't good enough to understand what they're saying, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to get english language xbox360 games without ordering them in from overseas.
frd 7 | 1,399
1 Feb 2010 #2
For Xbox360 there's only one fully translated game - "Mass Effect 2" ( polish dialogues ) without an option to change it. Beside Mass Effect 2 there's only one game I know that has got polish menus and subtitles - Call of Duty 4:MW2 ( dialogues in english ). Beside these 2 games on xbox360 normally check your locale settings and set the proper language version following console language configuration. I'd say it's pretty safe to buy most of the games beside RPG games which are getting translated more often recently.
bookratt 6 | 85
1 Feb 2010 #3
My husband who plays Xbox360, says Gears of War II, which he bought here in Krakow at a Media Markt store, was in Polish.

Most of the ones he buys new here in Poland, though, are in English.
frd 7 | 1,399
1 Feb 2010 #4
Most of the ones he buys new here in Poland, though, are in English.

Do you guys have language locale set to English and location set to UK/US? It might be the reason? In the worst case only subtitles and menus should be in polish.. I'm pretty sure Gears of War 2 didn't have polish voices...

anyways, it's usually possible to buy UK versions of games on
Taking into consideration that games are much cheaper in UK many people import games and sell them here.
District12a 2 | 12
5 Sep 2011 #5
no, they're not, just on the back of the game there translated into polish. most of the little kids who play computer games and have just begun to learn english dont know what the heck they are reading. and they say its hard! awww poor things..... like english is the hardest language on earth ( polish is)
Sebastian 6 | 108
5 Sep 2011 #6
I have cousins in Poland who have xbox/PSP video games, and the subtitles and menus, etc, are in Polish, but the voices and dialogue is in English. For a video game company to have a game in over 40 different languages (dialogue), would take too long and it would cost a fortune.

And District12a, Polish is not the hardest language to learn.
27 Oct 2015 #7
Merged: Are the Xbox 360 games in Polish or only subtitled in Polish?

I want to buy COD Black Ops3 here in wroclaw, are the Xbox 360 games in Polish or the games are only subtitled polish. I saw the games in market and all the game covers were in Polish including the instructions.
Schmiznurf 9 | 31
31 Dec 2015 #8
Merged: Does anyone have Dying Light for Xbox One?

I'm talking about the Polish edition specifically. I know that it is down as being Polish dubbed but was wondering if it has the option for English as well or if I should just buy it from Britain instead?

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