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Wrapping Christmas presents before shipping to Poland.

23 Nov 2017 #1
hi i was wondering if i could send a few individually wrapped presents. Is it okay to send several figurines wrapped seperately and placed in one box together? or should i not wrap them? i dont want them to be damaged or sent back because of gift wrapping. it is coming from the United States to poland. Any help could and wil be much appreciated thank you so much.
NabaP 2 | 9
26 Nov 2017 #2
The consignee will get to receive the parcel. If you wrap small packets and put it into one big packet. The big packet will have only one consignee. He/she shall receive that packet. After that, He/she should individually resend those small packets to final consignee address.

If the receiver of your individual present is different, You better send those individual parcel to desired consignee individually.

And if the consignee is only one, then you can wrap as you desire. Just Don't let the volume exceed the weight. Balance it. It will save you cost.

You can always consult with your local cargo/courier service. They will precisely guide you about the packaging, delivery time, costs and others.

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