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World Cup: Best atmosphere for viewing in Poland?

PolskiChampion 1 | -
23 Apr 2018 #1
Dzień dobry. Native Polish speaker. 30 year old Male. I am considering Warsaw or Krakow. But would also be open for Wroclaw or honestly anywhere else. In general what should I expect - much of my family in large cities is busy in late June with school/work so I am considering renting an AirBnB. If need be maybe even a Hostel since I imagine the atmosphere will be chaotic during games anyway.

Are there websites (I already posted on Reddit) or apps that would assist me in this experience? Thank you!

Also - the registration question "View Off-Topic content". By clicking YES I will see the content, correct?
Aquarian - | 21
23 Apr 2018 #2
I would prefer &Kraków

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