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Do trailer park people exist in Poland?

Audioline 1 | 3
28 Mar 2012 #1

After some days of heavy thinking and searching I wanted to know if there are any trailer park people in Poland?

With trailer park people I mean people with:
- the gold chains,
- wear a tracksuit
- not working
- not always but most of the time asocial
and you can always spot them from 10km away.

I know that they are called "Kampers" and it is a not nice way to describe those people.
Are there any other people that fits the description?
What are they called and are there any documentaires of them?

Only people that I can think of are gipsies but are there also parks where non-gipsies Polish people live?

I appreciate all the answers
pip 10 | 1,658
28 Mar 2012 #2
yes they are called blokersi.
OP Audioline 1 | 3
28 Mar 2012 #3
Do blokersi only live in a certain part of Poland ?
mafketis 37 | 10,939
28 Mar 2012 #4
No, they're everywhere, especially cities, but generally a lot better behaved than british chavs or us trailer trash (or whatever term you prefer).
28 Mar 2012 #5
After some days of heavy thinking and searching I wanted to know if there are any trailer park people in Poland?

why do you want to know?
smurf 39 | 1,951
29 Mar 2012 #6
yes they are called blokersi.

I thought they were called "Dresiarz" everyone who lives in a block is a blokersi, no?
ReservoirDog - | 132
29 Mar 2012 #7
it's simple: all "blokersi" are "dresiarze" but not all "dresiarze" are "blokersi" :)
I live in blok and I'm not "blokers" but many of my neighbours are- not most, but many..especially those who live in social (public money) blok. From my experience describing my neighbours: they love Peja (polish rap music?? ), wear tracksuit - but I would love to see them in dress ;), I didn't notice any chains but probably many of them wear it, they are bald or close to be bald, stand in front of the block for half a day, smoking cigarettes and talking, making stupid comments when they don't know you..if they knew you they will probably say "good morning, hello, good evening".
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
29 Mar 2012 #8

I thought these were "townies", chav types who spend all day hanging around town centres drinking ?
OP Audioline 1 | 3
29 Mar 2012 #9
Thank you for your comments. I wanted to know this because I have a friend who lives in a trailer park and wanted to know how this is in Poland.
Sandy 1980 - | 3
29 Mar 2012 #10
I don't know about Poland but there are a few 'trailer park' types in the Brum area, heavy drinking, trackies and tacky females , unfortunately next flat but one to me !!!!!!!

That said, most of the Poles in the area are really nice!!!
jon357 74 | 22,796
29 Mar 2012 #11
The closest thing to trailer trash in Poland is the rural super-poor, often on the former collective farms, people who would rather buy a bottle of bimber than bread for their kids.
escar - | 7
29 Mar 2012 #12
You get very few "trailer trash" type people in Poland as you see them in UK or US. But you'll see lots of folks that fit the description:

- golden jewlery,
- track suits/sports wear 24h/7,
- typical roidosaurus sporting no neck and primitive behaviour,
- usually quite agressive and often racist, homophobic and antisemite with a strong nationalist attitude,
- generally antisocial,
- abusing alcohol, drugs,
- macho type culture with really terrible approach to women,
- etc.

They are called "dresi" or "dresiarze" in Poland. Usually they form the backbone of football hooligan groups and acts as soliders in gangs/mafia at least untill they get "promoted".

They don't live in trailer parks mostly because in Poland there's not much of that. Usually they come from housing estates comprised of big blocks of flats, so called "wielka płyta" in Poland. Some more come from the poorer areas where you can still find buildings ("kamienice") and streets which remember pre-IIWW times or times just after the II WW.

In media they are reffered to as coming from "pathological background" or "defunct families". Usually that means mother/father alcoholic, unemployed or convicted, often living of social care and with no real prospects of finding normal work. Actually if an opportunity arises they often avoid work, so today many experts start to ring alarm bells warning of a situation where social care is creating a state of inherited dependence on state help.
OP Audioline 1 | 3
29 Mar 2012 #13
Interesting to know. Well my experience (for 3 months) is that the trailer parks in the Netherlands are actually villas (they all have a typical style) and you can also spot them if they live in a normal house (white gate, eagle in the front-gardin, palmtrees).

But the ones on the parks are the most criminal (they do things like drugs, weapons, stolen goods).
They always have money. The closest it gets in Poland are the unemployed people/hooligan types?
Will continue my websearch with desiarze ;D
escar - | 7
29 Mar 2012 #14
Be sure to check out "ustawka" on YT. As I said football hooligans consist mostly of "dresiarze". Sometimes two groups that are at "war" organise za "battle" which is called "ustawka".

Using such words as "war" and "battle" to describe actions of those idiots really leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. :/ I guess the press in England would call it "rumpus". Or at least I'm lead to believe so by Terry Pratchett.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
29 Mar 2012 #15
Trailer parks? No, no, here is the real problem. Beware of Amish women? acks-230011076.html
mafketis 37 | 10,939
30 Mar 2012 #16
The closest thing to trailer parks in Poland might be 'baraki'

Some of these are old buildings converted (awkwardly and poorly) into living spaces. As with US trailer parks you get a mix of social dysfunction and better-functioning people without much money.

There are also containers (self explanatory). Controversy has been caused by plans to move those who can't provide themselves with housing from prime downtown buildings into container apartments.
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
31 Mar 2012 #17
I don't think there are any trailer parks in Poland in teh MAerican sense of the term. Caravans are an upscale possession in Poland for the better-to-do.
jon357 74 | 22,796
31 Mar 2012 #18
They've started importing old trailers to live in. There's a few places round Warsaw which are small-scale trailer parks.

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