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Thoughts on Music in Poland

Polson 5 | 1,770
7 Mar 2013 #121
Btw, isn't Matt Pokora French with some Polish roots?

He is indeed ;)

There are 3 pages ans 88 threads about music in general ..

I saw them, but nothing about Polish music in general.

some Polish Rap

Liber? ;)
Not too bad in Rafał Brzozowski's 'Katrina'...
7 Mar 2013 #122
3 Wymiar, Wzgorze Yapa 3 and 18L.. those were the days!
Paulina 16 | 4,050
7 Mar 2013 #123
18L.. those were the days!

I don't usually listen to rap but I liked those two songs by 18L:

And I like this one by £ona lol (btw, what happened to Polish diacritics on the forum? o_O):

7 Mar 2013 #124
Czasem tak bywa... great song :)
I can hear all over my chidlhood lol
7 Mar 2013 #125
I'm a big fan of Dzem..

+1, but I also really like Goya's album Smak Słow, although it's a bit old now.
Paulina 16 | 4,050
10 Mar 2013 #126
Not a Polish song, but I just had to share it because this woman made me cry yesterday lol (and her story - she was born prematurely and is blind in one eye and has some 30% of vision in the other) - Dorota Osińska singing "Calling You" (a song from "Bagdad Café"):

Rai 1 | 19
6 Sep 2015 #127
I like Polish music mostly old ones. I spend most of my times listening to the songs that I like so that I can sing and play them but I am not a musician so I cannot dissect them like an expert and tell you in detail about the strength, weakness and also how the industry can improve but as a layman as mentioned I love the old stuff. See for your self if I am lying :-)

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,013
7 Apr 2017 #128

Native Poles -What kind of music you listen to?

This is what i call "Futuristic Rozjebka" :P

I'm a Sci-Fi Geek. I read about 5 millions pages of Sci-Fi literature a year. :P
gumishu 13 | 6,067
8 Apr 2017 #129
I'm a Sci-Fi Geek. I read about 5 millions pages of Sci-Fi literature a year. :P

I used to read a lot of Sci-Fi when I was young
I listen to Cocteau Twins mostly
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,013
8 Apr 2017 #130
Its cool :) Too peaceful for me though but i also listen to different kinds.

for example

gumishu 13 | 6,067
9 Apr 2017 #131

this Bjoerk song is actually good

I frequent an English language chat that has a music room - it's - it requires registration but is otherwise free
in the music room people share their music fascinations - consider yourself invited to the chat - I'm gumish there
Lri 4 | 39
29 May 2019 #132

The very beginning of the 1970s song Oowatanite by April Wine most closely resembles which sound(s) in Poland?

Hello all, strange topic here,

The opening sounds of this 1970s song called "Oowatanite" (the Canadian rock group April Wine) most closely resembles which sound(s) in Poland? Railroad crossing bell? Burglar alarm? Fire alarm? School bell? etc? In Canada (and maybe also USA) it most closely resembles a railroad crossing bell (or at least that's how railroad crossings sounded back when I was a child, in 1980s). In actuality, the drummer is just using some sort of bell on his drum kit, it's not some pre-recorded sound sample

Oowatanite by April Wine:

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