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Swimming pool/swimspa manufacturers in Poland, private pool regulations, lakes safety

15 Aug 2016 #1
I will probably move to Poland soon. Due to health reasons, I must swim everyday.
While I know there are plenty of nice public pools in Poland, the corner I'm going to is sparsely populated and the next public pool is quite a distance away.

I haven't been able to find much info about building a private pool (regulations, etc) or manufacturers.
Any tips how to go about this?

Also, how is swimming in lakes during summer?
I've read it can be quite dangerous due to abandoned fishing nets etc.
also a bit worried about spearfishers...not keen on getting harpooned in a murky lake.
Looker - | 1,134
23 Aug 2016 #2

I found this site - there's a list of Polish manufacturers of swimming pools:

I believe you can build an own pool on your private area while maintaining the basic safety standards.

According to lakes, nobody will harpoon you. Just look if there's no swimming prohibition. I never saw any abandoned net in water where people were swimming. So look for places where people are present and you'll be safe.

An interesting article here about the VAT cost when building an own pool:,2368128,4211

In short, there are two possibly VAT rates for such constructions: 8% and 23%. And which one will be applied depends on how big is the flat or a house by which the pool will be constructed. And also the second question if the pool is permanently connected with the home or may be transferred to another place. In this second case the VAT is 23%.

Regarding the size: if the building or an apartment, where (or in which) a swimming pool (or minipool) is built, does not exceed 150 sq. m for apartments and 300 sq. m for houses then the tax rate is 8%, otherwise the 23% VAT will be applied.

And one more thing. It is advised to purchase the full building service:
Those who build houses less than 300 sq. M, and want to have a pool, should order the entire service in one company, including the purchase of equipment and then their assembly - then they save on tax.

If they make a mistake and buy eg. Jacuzzi bath separately, and later arrange the installation, then they will pay the lower VAT only on the assembly service.

OP Najade
23 Nov 2016 #3
very informative, thank you!

I had no idea there was an extra tax on building a pool in Poland.
That could mean me not being able to afford it, as even a very small pool already costs a fortune :(

Still going to check that manufacturer.

With lakes, I mostly asked because I have encountered spearfishers underwater before (in countries where it's forbidden, at that) and one of them nearly shot me before he realized I'm not a big fish.
g60edition 6 | 175
23 Nov 2016 #4
I would certainty think twice on purchasing a swimspa. They are very hit and miss.I work in the industry from manufacturing to repairs and servicing,sales.If you decide to go down that route insist on a wet test first.And please please DO not buy anything from the far east (China)The acrylic shells suffer from blistering and the equipment they use is some what dodgy.A hydropool swim spa will cost a fortune but are well made.

There is a European manufacturer called Wellis they are made in Hungry and their manufacturing plant is state of the art.
Depending where in Poland you are there is a spa dealer and pool builder in Nowy sacz
Najade - | 19
23 Nov 2016 #5
I'd definitely do a swim test before purchasing a swimspa (unless it has certain dimensions, I won't be able to use it properly anyway).

Wouldn't order anything that isn't from a good brand manufacturer either.

But yea, it'll be very expensive AND have the higher VAT because a swimspa is movable, even if you put it into the ground.

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