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Shipping Company Pickup in Poland?

Melloj 2 | 4
9 Dec 2014 #1
Hello All,

I have a medium sized box in Poland at a relative's house that I need to get shipped to the UK.

I don't want to trouble the relative with paying for the courier or having to take the box anywhere. Basically, I just want to arrange for me to be able to pay online, have the courier go to the relative's address, pick the package up and ship it to me here in the UK.

Does anyone know of any service that does the above without too much hassle?

Thanks in advance.
gumishu 13 | 6,134
9 Dec 2014 #2
from what I can gather DPD (Deutsche Parcel Dienst) offers pick-up service in Poland - you can contact them on this infoline +48 22 577-55-55.

there are other such services too but they don't accept online payments

Edit: sorry its Deutsche Paketdienst my mistake
9 Dec 2014 #3
I'm pretty sure GLS offer this service.
larahollmes01 - | 11
11 Mar 2019 #4
For pick the package up and shipping, you can try company in Poland.
Check with Google this / Poland package forwarding and Polish address /.

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