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Russian citizen wants immigrate to Poland

Velund 1 | 403
8 Aug 2018 #31
I'm a pacifist, and I don't want to be a part of country like USA or Russia.

Based on this and other sentences in your posts, looks like you are a bit stupid, read a lot of wrong books and (probably) have even more brainless tutor (probably with non-traditional sexual orientation). ;)

What you cannot say in Russia that give you a feeling that there is "no freedom of speech at all"?
Ironside 49 | 10,316
8 Aug 2018 #32
Maybe I don't understand what Putin's doing, but I'm not sure YOU understand what Poland's going through right now either,

He is selling the same propaganda you do. That EU is full of gays, lesbians and radical Muslims refugees.
TheOther 6 | 3,821
9 Aug 2018 #33
And many Romanian Gypsies just nicely settled on the west of Europe.

And so did plenty of Serbs. Germany is full of them. They run Yugoslavian restaurants there.

Yet the western europeans came to poland knowing theyd make less

Lower wages, yes, but the cost of living is also much lower than in the West.

Many in Germany still love Hitler. That love never ended

Bullsh*t. Have you ever been there? Obviously not. The one that is trying to bring back fascism to Europe is Steve Bannon right now. He's on tour meeting with all the ultra right-wing nut jobs.
Crow 139 | 8,621
9 Aug 2018 #34
And so did plenty of Serbs. Germany is full of them. They run Yugoslavian restaurants there.

Yes, no matter imperfect, world deserve to eat Serbian food. Best food receipts in the world.

And after extending our food culture, many would return hopefully and that way contribute here, while saving themselves from Gerabia.

Bullsh*t. Have you ever been there? Obviously not.

Yes, I did. Last time in Frankfurt. Told to local man how is Germany great. He cursed and said- WAS and suggested me to look around and his hand motioned to black faces around.

Not that I don`t understand him. I do but, Germans have that habit to lose themselves in hate and then fascism grab them. We Serbians are different. We don`t know hate but only wrath, when circumstances push us.
johnny reb 23 | 4,534
28 Jul 2019 #35
I live in Russia, but I can't be here anymore: there is no freedom of speech.

I see today the Russian police arrested over 1000 people in Moscow because of rioting for freedom of elections.
Poland may be seeing lots of Russian immigrants soon.
pawian 170 | 11,396
28 Jul 2019 #36
Of course not. Russians have experienced much worse things and they stayed calm.

But in another thread you praised Putin and Kremlin actions, e.g, against LGBT.
Do you understand now that LGBT goes first under the boot of tyrants and then they deal with political dissidents who protest against undemocratic elections?
johnny reb 23 | 4,534
28 Jul 2019 #37
Well they got the first part right anyways.
Mr Grunwald 20 | 1,554
28 Jul 2019 #38
Ukrainians had a lot more reason to emigrate yet a lot of them stayed until recently. I can see a lot of Russians emigrating now, especially those with contacts to Ukraine or information of what is happening there. I am thinking mostly of the young population
Crow 139 | 8,621
28 Jul 2019 #39
While I absolutely understand when somebody from so called West wants to immigrate into Poland or return to Poland, I really don`t understand why would some Russian replace Putin with Duda which are very similar in some crazy way. Putin dictate directly and Duda dictate as puppet player. Also, as countries, one can hardly say which country shrinking faster with population, Russia or Poland. Conclusion- both countries have moronic leaderships. Sure, even so, Poland and Russia are promised lands in comparison to western Europe.

But you shall all see great return of USA under the guidance of hallowed President Trump.

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