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Relocating to Poland and want to get to know everything

MohamadAli 1 | 1
18 Jul 2015 #1
Hello everybody
Recently offered job from Poland with relocation package to Krakow, I found that job is good and Polish people are very nice, warm and sweet so I decided to relocate.

Here is my question how can i get friend or group of friends that be cool, warm and supportive to little exchanging culture and making fun life I am looking for something meaning-full i promise to be good friend and have lots of surprise.

I just found this online community you guy are my all connection .
Thank you.
jon357 67 | 16,843
18 Jul 2015 #2
Try Internations - they seem quite good and plenty of interesting people. I don't go myself, but know people who enjoy it.
18 Jul 2015 #3
Facebook groups for foreigners? I'm not sure but Kraków is big enough to have some and i'd think that would be a good thing to start from.
OP MohamadAli 1 | 1
19 Jul 2015 #4

Thank you for your nice idea, I registered in internations/ I am little rookie but i found very good events there, also i got idea check and when filtered hosts by krakow i found so many people listed there and i am so excited to you have any comment about ?

Home / Life / Relocating to Poland and want to get to know everything
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