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Reactions to death in Poland

Varsovian 91 | 634
23 Jul 2010 #1
If you announce a death in the family, the other person shakes your hand. Sort of a nice reaction and very much part of Polish culture.

I thought of it today on hearing about the death of a friend's brother.

Any other reflections on death, apart from:
(i) the macabre trend in the names given to funeral companies? Like "Hades", for example (ii) the fact churches sometimes dig you up after a generation or two - we've had problems finding relations on occasion.
Wroclaw Boy
23 Jul 2010 #2
Immidiete family wear black for a year.

I was astonished at one aspect of the burial process. Throughout the service there was a scruffy guy in overalls stood next to the priest, once the coffin is lowered into the ground this worker jumps on top of the coffin then places concrete slabs on top, then a guy with a wheel barrow full of cement arrives and starts shoveling cement on top of the slabs whilst the other guy in the grave trowls the cement over the slabs.

I suppose shoveling dirt is pretty grim aswell i just thought it was strange, i mean talk about final.
Olaf 6 | 955
23 Jul 2010 #3
- That's unbelievable. Looks like someone wanted to make sure the deceased won't be able to come out. Reminds me of "concrete boots". I haven't been to a funeral such as you describe, but mostly it were priests who spoiled the ceremony - by mistaking names of the deceased, by saying improper things etc. The rest was always fine.
Seanus 15 | 19,669
23 Jul 2010 #4
That's not what I would shake sb's hand for, sorry. I'd shake hands after a match, to congratulate or to welcome.

A nice reaction? You are mad, Vars!

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