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Poland's post. Lost parcel!?

alex8 1 | 1
28 Nov 2017 #1
Hello guys
I don't even know if i choose the right thread for my question and sorry for that, but i would like to ask about Poland post, i sent since November 1 a parcel to my friend who live in Warsaw ( i'm from Athens) and parcel didn't arrive yet, i already use the tracking number with the monitoring of Polish post site and say the same status for 29 days. These delays always happen? Maybe my parcel lost? Any kind of help will be very useful

Thank you
spiritus 69 | 666
29 Nov 2017 #2
Sorry I can't offer any constructive help but my own experiences of using Poland's own postal system is not good. I've had items removed from parcels and parcels gone missing.

Your best bet (if it's an option for you) is in future to use private courier companies that specialise in deliveries to Poland. Here in the UK almost every Polish shop will have some link with such companies
Looker - | 1,114
29 Nov 2017 #3
same status for 29 days

And what's the status?
OP alex8 1 | 1
29 Nov 2017 #4
Shipment status:
Event namedate and timePost office
sending package2017-11-02 01:04ATHENS AIR MAIL UNIT (AMU)
Start to believe that parcel is lost

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