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Pomeranian/Fluffy Dogs - where to buy in Poland?

9 Jan 2017 #1
Hello everyone. I am living in Wroclaw and I want to buy or adopt one little Pomeranian/fluffy dog. PLease help me out. tell me any place where I can adopt a little Pomeranian dog. I will really appreciate your help.
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9 Jan 2017 #2
You can buy one ,But fluffy dogs need a lot of work and care
9 Jan 2017 #3
I only know of this fundacja in Warszawa maybe they have a sister partner in Wroclaw
OP livinginwroclaw
9 Jan 2017 #4
I Just need a cute little baby dog, he can be a pomeranian or pug. and do you know what will be the price for one pug or pomeranian??? Or i just can adopt him? feel free to contact me guys. I will be waiting for next 4 months. Thnks
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9 Jan 2017 #5
Just be sure that you will be in a position to offer this dog a permanent home, especially if you adopt one from a shelter.
9 Jan 2017 #6

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