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Any one in need of a bulldog? A dog's life in Poland

osbornemelissa46 1 | -
8 Aug 2018 #1
Pure breed English puppies available for adoption,e-mail or contact us direct via if interested. (646) 535-1527
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
8 Aug 2018 #2
No thanks way too many dogs in Poland already, barking all night mostly chained to lino covered boxes that are supposed to be doghouses even when the weather is minus 25c outdoors. lunatics walking with dangerous dogs that will kill anything smaller than them on sight, also need to carry pepper spray when out for a walk due to every other neighbour having a mad dog that barks at you and would try to kill you if it broke its lead of got through its fence.
Alexbrz 3 | 78
8 Aug 2018 #3
Maybe its time to find a new neighbourhood to live in? :P

But if anyone is getting a dog, go to the shelter. There's fuckin millions of abandoned dogs in Poland. They dont need puppies, they need to learn to take care of their dogs, not kick 'm out on the street when they move abroad.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
8 Aug 2018 #4
Maybe its time to find a new neighbourhood to live in?

no my neighbours are still very entertaining, something new and exciting or down right annoying happens every day.

I totally agree with you, go to a shelter if you want a dog, and yes dogs are abandoned all over the place, they even chain them to a tree in the middle of a forest, very nasty indeed.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
8 Aug 2018 #5
way too many dogs in Poland already, barking all night mostly chained to lino covered boxes

Blame the government for that. Nobody would vote for them in the villages if they were not allowed to routinely abuse and neglect their animals. Whatever happened to dog cruelty laws? And there should be noise abatement door knocking. If you can't keep your dog quiet (under control) then the person needs banning from keeping a pet and the animal should be adopted or destroyed. Instead successive governments are weak and ignore the problem.

Pure Scum (the animal abusers masquerading as "homesteaders" and the local government - not the dogs)

they even chain them to a tree in the middle of a forest, very nasty indeed.

There was a woman in Leicester who was filmed putting a neighbours' cat into a bin. She was given a new identity and police protection because she would have been lynched. Napoleon was right - the British do love animals more than their neighbours - the Poles less so. The chaining to a tree in a forest would make me wish I could catch them in the act and follow them to their home, and return with a shotgun.
johnny reb 31 | 6,245
8 Aug 2018 #6
You are to kind Doug.
I would invite the Scum to have a drink or two and slip him a "micky" so when he woke up naked he would be chained to the same tree with the same chain that he used on the helpless dog.

Once the wolves found him in a day or two there would be nothing left but the chain.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
8 Aug 2018 #7
barking all night mostly chained

dogs in a village had been chained like that for ever. You could argue that some provide better doghouse that others. Dogs braking, other animals making animals noises that is a norm in a countryside.

Instead successive governments are weak and ignore the problem.

What problem? Keeping a dog chained in a village and it barking during the night - that is not a problem.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
9 Aug 2018 #8
Have you lived in a Polish village Ironside? I refer you gto Dolno (post 2). tweo weeks skiing in Istebna was enough to swear me off Polish village life for good. Because of the incessant barking - illegal in other countries; obviously not in Poland. And if that's the kind of life you want - fine :)

I supppose the locals are used to it.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
9 Aug 2018 #9
dogs in a village had been chained like that for ever.

Ok fair enough, so were bears at one point, it's illegal to chain up dogs permanently in Poland

Listen to what the top man had to say about it,

" PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski, speaking about the fate of animals, emphasized that "barbaric things are happening in our country".

As for noisy animal in the countryside I have plenty of them on the farm, but not a dog that has to suffer this permanent torment.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
9 Aug 2018 #10
speaking about the fate of animals

He also babbles on about "outsiders" doing things in our country that they would not do in theirs'". When is it going to register that this man is mentally ill?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
9 Aug 2018 #11
Luckily, here in the USA, we can carry. An aggressive dog can very quickly be a very dead dog.

I love "America", Trump, and the 2nd Amendment.
johnny reb 31 | 6,245
9 Aug 2018 #12
- illegal in other countries

Where I live the law is from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. all dogs must be kept quiet.
Violations range from a first time warning to second time fine of $100 which doubles the third time.
Forth time you are charge with public nuisance and your dog is removed permanently and you are not allowed to own a dog for three years.

A dog can't be any smarter then the owner so don't blame the dog.
Seems Polish people are short on social edict.
Have you ever noticed that chain dogs generally become very mean and bite ?
Ironside 51 | 11,510
9 Aug 2018 #13
Because of the incessant barking - illegal in other countries;

You should arrest those uncivilized dogs lol!
Dude, in a village you have animal noises in a city you have traffic and sometimes neighbors. You're looking for reasons to complain don't you?

, it's illegal to chain up dogs permanently in Poland

Most of those dogs are not chained permanently. Same are. As for those dog that are being neglected their owner are not doing that great either -

as a rule.

I personally would be bothered by the dogs on the loose that wonder freely on the roads and around a village.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
9 Aug 2018 #14
in a village you have animal noises

Of course. The opposite obviously applies as well. City people who retire to the village rightly get short shrift for complaining about the cock crowing at daybreak. It used to drove me quackers when the animals woke in my parents village, but that's nature.

The dog had been taught to give one warning bark, and not to bark for no good reason. That's not natural. That's a sign of an ill dog. Johnny is bang on the money on this argument. Guard dogs should be trained to react, not to take over, or become so psychologically scarred by neglect that they are paranoid. Dogs have to be physically walked. WTF don't a percentage of the population ever do that?

Unfortunately in Poland noise is not considered a crime - so hypocritically I'm going to put Breakfast In America on the turntable right now and take advantage of the fact.
johnny reb 31 | 6,245
9 Aug 2018 #15
As for those dog that are being neglected their owner are not doing that great either -

People that can't take care of themselves certainly should not own a dog.
Taking care of a dog properly takes time and money.
Time to train, clean up after, give attention to.
Money to de worm, vaccinations, house with a pen and not a chain.
A dog on a chain can not defend himself against another stray dog.
Most poor people can not afford to give a dog the proper care it takes.
Hell, some people should not have kids either.
cms neuf - | 1,658
9 Aug 2018 #16
Doug you are right about the walking thing - Alsatians are the second most popular breed in Poland and there are plenty on my street but I never see anyone walking them - poor creatures get bored and frustrated and then bark so loud they could wake the dead.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,287
9 Aug 2018 #17
Dogs in Poland are a real problem.
People living in high rise flats own huge dogs.
Many,quite violent dogs roaming the streets and dogs barking all night.
Not to mention the dogsh1t all over the place.....Poles need to sort this out.
It is probably my main dislike of Poland.
Crow 151 | 9,722
9 Aug 2018 #18
why would somebody want a bulldog?

This thread is mockery.

Likeable or not likeable, its artificial. You English boost on those artificial `top breeds`? Strange, backward. Isn`t natural race much better for the dog, for anything? If you want artificial thing buy yourself some toy or robot-dog. Animals should be taken as natural. I even don`t know why some people have necessity to play with genome for such a purposes. And some others pay for that.

As for `Neo-Nazi Serbo-Croats` comment of yours,.... We Serbians defended ourselves in situation when satellites of Islam and Nazism here in the region threatened us. Among else, when some Europeans sponsored some non-Europeans against us. Racial and religious hate never were our motivation. Not even nationalism. Rather patriotism. Or even tribalism in its non-vulgarized sense. But England is Nazi. It is England who is in alliance with the Croatia, helping in formation of new nation, helped and still helping Croat Nazis to finish genocide they started on Serbs during WWII. What Hitler was prevented to finish on Balkans, England sow to finish it.

this dog. This isn`t for Polish children. Its nightmare.


Because of never ending nationalist babbling and hate? Just a thought.....

You want the dog? Nice to you? Fine with me. Take him to your home

You are crazy same as that Queen of yours.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
10 Aug 2018 #19
I wondered about Dogs in Poland.

I second that.

Problem in Poland is they do not do much in the way of training, plus its expensive to pay for someone to do it

Chained dogs have never had any training, thus if they break their tether the can be a real nightmare, I have seen it first hand, worse when the free dogs band together.

But don't get me wrong the problem is not as big as it is in Romania, anyway I always carry a can of anti hund when I take visitors for a late night walk up the lane. 4km of barking snarling dogs as you go by in every alternate house. I aint kidding .

Anyway apart from some of these little challenges dolnoland is great.
Joker 2 | 2,176
10 Aug 2018 #20
Chained dogs have never had any training, thus if they break their tether the can be a real nightmare

We have the same problem in Chicago, but its not as abundant. The owner of the dog could be charged with a felony if it gets loose and bites someone. Theres a big anti-Pit Bull thing going on here and Cops will shoot an aggressive dog. I blame to owner, it's their fault and if you happen to notice any animal cruelty/abuse you can call to report this and they will investigate.

Just a thought..

He has to be paying someone off around here. Anyone else would have been chopped a long time ago.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
10 Aug 2018 #21

Nowt wrong about being proud of your nation especially in Poland,

"Poland has not died , what foreign violence took from us, we will take with a Saber."

Beware the szabla that lives in the heart of every Pole.

Anyway back to topic, The British have the bulldog (Buldog spirit) as their national pet, what about Poland is there such an animal that connects the people
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,626
10 Aug 2018 #22
Buldog spirit

Wasn't that the "stiff upper lip"?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
10 Aug 2018 #23
the poor sods

That's what happens in a post communist free market Dystopian nightmare like Poland. We have people not behaving fairly and keeping dogs tied up outside their outhouses - knowing full well that the authorities are not going to be called out - as their neighbours do exactly the same. And this happens on most every street in Rumia (Male Troj-Miasto) I know, because I taught there every Sunday for two years and used to walk the length of the town with my lab. There were some crazed mutts that were NEVER exercised. It's a rich town, so I really don't know why the authorities tolerate animal cruelty there.

We also have government not behaving fairly, and arguably abdicating their legal responsibilities, as you refer to with the NSZ. The huge majority of doctors are culpable too, in cahoots with the system (although there are some good eggs who respect the Hippocratic oath and will break the law to attend to you ad-hoc)
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
10 Aug 2018 #24
why would somebody want a bulldog?

Because they're awesome and look cool as hell.

Instead successive governments are weak and ignore the problem.

Doug the government doesn't care about peoples dogs. There is no will to suppress something that mostly rural poles all over the country do. It isn't the government's role to tell people how their dog should behave on their own property. Also, larger aggressive dog breeds are still seen by many rural poles as a work animal. That is why they don't pamper them like say a babcia and her jamnik. As long as they're not beating the dog and rheyre giving them some food and water, even if that water is so old it's now green, unfortunately there isn't much of a case for animal abuse. Neither is there much will to enforce such laws.

People have had guard dogs for centuries in Poland. That is the same in all parts of Poland but especially in towns or villages. If a dog isn't barking and wouldnt eat a person alive if he got through the fence then theyre not much good as a guard dog are they? However yes I do believe they should take better care of those animals. A guard dog isn't like a goat or cow where itll graze on its own. If its chained up it obviously can't get food and watee on its own and should be fed and given clean water regularly. Sadly even one part one the family doesn't treat their dogs well, or atleast what would be treating a dog well in my opinion as an animal lover. They treat them as just another animal on the farm serving a purpose. So they're not abusing it or starving it or anything but I always feel bad whenever I go there and see the nasty green water that looks like it hasn't been changed in a month or is just rain water that kept collecting. I spoil my pets though especially my Macaw now that my dog passed so I look at it differently. I look at is as a pet, a member of the family and not a beast that's on the farm. But that's how many people in rural areas view their dogs. I guess it's just a difference of how you view your dog - a pet or a farm animal meant to gusrd the place. Still though they should take better care of them even if they're meant just to be gusrd dogs.

I supppose the locals are used to it.

Bingo. Unfortunately they're also used to seeing malnourished dogs chained their whole lives so they become used to it. It's been that way for centuries though. But there are also a lot of people who treat dogs well although generally those tend to be ones who look at their dogs as pets, not farm animals
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
11 Aug 2018 #25
will shoot an aggressive dog. I

They don't just shoot aggressive dogs - they'll shoot ANY dog running towards tjem even if it's a small dog being friendly and playful. There are tons of videos where cops have shot at a person's dog for no reason and in many of them it was When the cop knocked on a door, started talking to the home owner and their dog comes running. In other cases the police were conducting investigations or looking for someone and hopped over a person's fence going on their property despite not having a warrant and then shoot the dog that comes running. Their excuse is always the same - I was scared, I felt endangered. Well if a person is that easily scared by a small dog wagging their tail and running towards them maybe they should have chose another profession. But US cops don't care. They're encouraged to be total ******** to people and regularly abuse their power. The amount of videos online of police harassing innocent people, beating even children and women and old people throwing them on the ground choking them all sorts of **** is just astounding.

Here's one I watched recently about a Russian immigrant truck driver who was beat by the cops worse than Rodney king was:

I hate the police in America with a passion. They are nothing like cops in Europe. They are total ******** hiding behind a badge and a gun acting tough against old people, women, children and anyone who knows their rights they hate. But when the cops meet someone who is also armed and being aggressive they become cowards instantly - just like at the school shooting in Florida. They had a team of cops, vests, all sorts of guns and backup and yet they didn't even habe the balls to confront 1 guy with a hand gun. And its the same in chicago when they patrol bad areas. Theyre too scared ro get out of their car and confront the guys openly selling drugs but then are extremely aggressive towards eceryday white suburbanites, women, or any person they know isnt armed. If that dude at stoneman was unarmed oh then all 20 would be running to him and throwing him on the ground and beating him just as that russian truck driver

Sry ranting... just goddamn do I hate American cops
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
11 Aug 2018 #26
A dog doesn't need to be big to kill you.

Milwaukee woman, 58, dies from rare blood infection after being nipped by her new puppy - the SAME bacteria that caused a Wisconsin man to lose all his limbs after being licked by his dog

Dirk, your hate toward the police is misdirected. The way the laws are written and confirmed by a Supreme Court ruling, cops are not obligated to protect anyone. They may actually ignore your 911 call and you can't sue them. They are there to protect the system and themselves, not individuals.

To me, the police brutality is a BLM slogan. I am still waiting for the first case where their victim did everything he was told and got shot. In all cases when I was pulled over, they were nicer than nuns while I was as guilty as sin. In some, I actually thanked them for reminding me that I was going too fast. "OK, slow down" - was the worst of it.
Crow 151 | 9,722
11 Aug 2018 #27
Try to open business line to China. Rumors are that Chinese kitchen cry for such a fatty dogs.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
11 Aug 2018 #28

A very sensible summary of the situation, if I may say so Dirk (now where are those emojis?). I just needed it pointed out why people act as they do - it just seems a little bit medieval and barbaric in this age, as well as coming over as laziness to the person brought up in a town. When in fact the farmer might say, "Oh him - he's just a dog..." Happens in the UK too, but the farmer gets busted, and if a hill farmer is banned from keeping dogs then that's him done. I guess townsfolk and villagers will never understand each others' habits and social mores - which is why we find it so fascinating and pleasurable to visit each others' worlds from time to time.

Rumors are that Chinese kitchen cry for such a fatty dogs.

That is just one city in China of 200,000 thousand people that eat dog Crow. The Chinese government have issued edicts for that city to cease it's dog eating festival but the authorities there refuse to comply.

A neutron bomb on their heads is what they deserve, at a height where all those "people" die, but the dogs survive:)
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
11 Aug 2018 #29
When the pet food occupies more store space space than the baby food, it's time to re-think our priorities or at least stop ridiculing India's holly cows.

The affection, time and money our dogs get is nothing to be proud of. Add to this the fact that the American kids are treated a lot worse that the American dogs and we have some major problem on our hands.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
11 Aug 2018 #30
The affection, time and money our dogs get is nothing to be proud of.

Nonsense. Never trust a man who wont take a drink, and have no truck with those who don't respect animals. Sprogs - don't like 'em.:)

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