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New to Poland (Bydgoszcz) - cost of living there

JohnNassan - | 10
6 Aug 2013 #31
you made me laugh :)

I am asking about average , the start of being comfortable
Monitor 14 | 1,820
6 Aug 2013 #32
your salary is already above average. You should be asking how much you can negotiate and not how much you can spend.
JohnNassan - | 10
6 Aug 2013 #33
what if i can get 8000 Gross salary ?

is this ok
Cardno85 31 | 976
6 Aug 2013 #34
is this ok

Yes, unless you enjoy coming home from work and sinking a bottle of champagne or cognac before bed every night.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
6 Aug 2013 #35
8000 PLN gross + 600 extra = 6059 net
6059 - 3000 for basic expenses = 3059
You could spend 1000zł for fun every month - it's quite a lot for Poland and you would still be able to save 2000zł as you wanted.

Write us here weather negotiations were successful.
JohnNassan - | 10
6 Aug 2013 #36
do you think they could accept giving me such salary in bydgoszcz or not
Monitor 14 | 1,820
6 Aug 2013 #37
I think that they wouldn't but some indian wrote that he got such offer there.
3 Oct 2013 #38
how much do you think i need to ask for to live me and my wife a good life in bydgoszcz and save some ?

Dear All,

I am getting an offer for the position of Network Engineer. I have to negotiate on salary. What salary is offered generally for this position? I really need some urgent idea of Cost of Living considering the following;

- My Family Relocation including 5 Members (Me+Wife+3 Kids between ages from 1 - 4 years)
- General Livings + Children Education + Medical + House Rent + Grocery + Utilities + Transportation + Entertainment (Resturant+Movie etc) + Savings

Appreciate quick responses :)
motazz - | 2
4 Mar 2014 #39
did you arrive Poland or not?
7 Jun 2014 #40
what is the small room rent per month in Bydgoszcz?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 Jun 2014 #41
I think from 450zł per month:
17 Jan 2015 #42
Merged: Bydgoszcz city and expenses there

Hi All,

Would 7000 gross salary sound like a good salary for someone with 3 year of IT experience ? Moreover, would that be enough for two people saying that we would cook at home during week and on weekends do some activities like tennis/cinema/eat out? Are the movies played there in English or dubbed to polish :D?

Is the city of Bydgoszcz an ok city to live in? We are bit concerned as we don't know any polish but we know some german but I don't think that's being used there? So how would the day to day interactions be like?

Is there a good transportation network there?

How easy is it to travel from Bydgoszcz to Germany for trip or other countries around?

With such money, would one be able to actually save anything at all?

Is the health care good there and if one has a kid, are schools for free or how much would it cost? Lastly, how long would it need to acquire permenant residence permit?

Danny Rocky
26 Oct 2016 #43
[b]Hello my friends
I am architectural draftsman and I know 2d & 3d ,right now I am working in india (tamilnadu) as a interior designer ,I planning to movie Poland at the same time I am really want to know if I taking visit visa means can I get the related job or not ...I am really confuse please any one reply me ASAP please

And one more thing I am black skin any one please reply me ...any my email I'd : rockyddd13 @gmail

Thank you
26 Oct 2016 #44
Hello M.
Tourist visa =/= work permit. Sorry.
18 Dec 2016 #45
Merged: Moving to Bydgoszcz cost? Being offered 12PLN gross.

I am being offered 12PLN is the gross salary for Bydgoszcz. How expensive stay it will be with family(me/wife/9 months child) including home stay and food?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
19 Dec 2016 #46
I am being offered 12PLN is the gross salary for Bydgoszcz

You mean 12ooo? Everything above 6ooo netto is enough.

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