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Married to PL citizen. The steps I need to follow to get in Poland and live there?

tabascorez_2302 1 | 4
19 Dec 2011 #1
Hi all!

I am married to a Polish citizen! I am currently in my country visiting my parents who i didnt see for 4years. I was married in the UK and live together with me wifey there. After some misfortune, we planned to get to Poland and start a new life there.

As I am a non-EU citizen, I was wondering that when I am coming there, at the immigration desk, what do I need to tell em? Am I coming to settle there? (if so what docs do I need?)

Or I am coming as a tourist and then later after the new year I proceed with the proper spouse visa thing? (but if as tourist what docs do i need? or amount of money or something?)

Thanking you all in advance.

Cheers! :)

love_sunil80 14 | 127
19 Dec 2011 #2
Please let us know about your nationality to advice further, Thanks.
Spaceman77 3 | 58
31 Dec 2011 #4
You and your husband will need to go to the local immigration office. Being from a non EU country you can only do this between the first three months of of arrival to Poland. The sooner the better.

Have ready your Marriage Certificate and translated in polish by certified translator. Your passport and ask there for any other minor requirement.
You will apply for your Karta Pobytu but expect a bumpy ride. It is very important that you ask them for the requirements and not here in this forum.

It is even more important that you do this as soon as possible after arriving to Poland. Don't leave it for the last minute.

Good luck.

Home / Life / Married to PL citizen. The steps I need to follow to get in Poland and live there?
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