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Leasing or financing a used car in Poland?

16 Nov 2017 #1
I'm planning to buy a used car from the dealer and I want to put 30-40% downpayment On it.

Would it be wise it lease the car or finance it? Which one is easier to get and cost less on the pockets as compared to the other in the long term?

What kind of documentation do I need?
polishinvestor 1 | 362
16 Nov 2017 #2
If you run a business it makes most sense to lease it as you can charge it fully (or half if car is also for personal use) to costs. So you get to deduct the VAT and strike some off the monthly income tax. So the car ends up costing as little as 2/3 of the price paid. You can also go the long term hire route where you get to strike it fully off each month since there is no differentiation on use. These deals look similar to lease where you can buy the car at the end of the period but you enjoy a zero deposit and your only worries are putting fuel in the car, the firm that owns it must take care of all repairs and servicing, something you need to do if leasing.
OP Beverly
17 Nov 2017 #3
If I'm self employed can I claim the amount of VAT I paid on the purchase of the used vehicle

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