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iPhones/iTunes and Apple products market in Poland

AussieSheila 5 | 75
7 Sep 2010 #31
Android accounts for one-quarter of mobile web traffic

Thats minuscle considering Android covers all smart phone manufacturers vs one company that is Apple. It actually shows Apple iphone's dominance of high end smartphone market.
7 Sep 2010 #32
lol okay, paint it what colour you wish if it helps you :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
7 Sep 2010 #33
Thats minuscle considering Android covers all smart phone manufacturers vs one company that is Apple. It actually shows Apple iphone's dominance of high end smartphone market.

Let's see - ukpolska is involved with a company that supplies live streaming of video to handsets. You - a nobody. I wonder who might know more about such things?
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Sep 2010 #34
Iphone is an addiction for sure but it does not mean its users are smarter.Personally with the android I feel more like in combat with iphone I feel like a child.
3 Mar 2011 #35
Mr kchociej the optimistic person is me I just was thinking about
importing iphone 4g HD 32gdb from UK
I can tell you the most importent thing is the PRICE of course
If you wont more info --try on
bobbysingh 1 | 16
9 Feb 2012 #36
Hello! hello! hello!

Lets take some facts; Apple products from USA maybe cheap and since you said that you have contacts and you could get it even cheaper - thats fine, but the fact is, those will NOT be covered by the Apple European warranty. Which means, that, a buyer when registers the product with a Polish address, the product will not be registered therefore, the buyer will have only the 1 yr limited warranty, he or she will not be able to extend it any further. So how does the person here get service?

Secondly, Allegro has indeed developed its market very well. I know many Poles who smartly do their business with Allegro. As someone said, many don't even bother to have a website, let alone e-commerce. True again, not many Poles have credit cards and neither will they shop with a new website using their credit cards, unless its Amazon, and maybe, Allegro. Further, when buying from Allegro, a buyer can either chose to pay online via a bank transfer, which helps or enables the buyer to trace the seller/company or, they chose to pay in cash to the post.

And finally, how do I know all this ... well cause I am an authorized Apple re-seller and I tried getting Apple from Hong Kong, which is cheapest for whole sale purchases ... all is fine, but the mess is with the Apple EU limited warranty.
ashywildflower 1 | 9
13 Oct 2012 #37
[Moved from]: iTunes gift cards in Poland?

Hi, does someone know where in Krakow I can buy iTunes gift card?
They don't have it at the ISpot shop and could not say where it can be found.

morphis 1 | 2
22 Jul 2013 #38

I am interested in purchasing original apple products with full apple warrenty to start a small business as a reseller however to be competitive one must have low price or even wholesale prices to be competitve in my local market... Is there a way to get genuine products at low cost? Realisticly.

Looker - | 1,134
2 Nov 2014 #39
I'm afraid that the only option left is to buy it online (e.g. Allegro).
Strzelec35 36 | 1,099
9 Jan 2021 #40

So I recently got an Apple TV

I got one for Christmas. Anyone own one of these things? For the love of god I cannot figure out a way to make the u.s. content via vpn like what I use NordVPN able to work on it because it supports no native vpn apps. I tried mirro casting but it works for some apps and not netflix apparently since they took out airplay support. I think there is a way to do it via dns or putting the software on the router somehow? Anyone knows how to do this? Or what dns numbers I have to input into the fields manually? When I click on mirror cast or airplay from netflix from a show only available in the u.s. when i am on nord vpn it just keeps loading it but does not display unless i disconnect from the vpn and reenter netflix. but in another app it works called Tubi. I am watching this movie called sex and consequences and its quite good.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,099
12 Jan 2021 #41
anyone beside me want to start a perition at netflix and I can make the site and graphic design to get airplay available for netflix so european users can beam u.s. content from their ipads or macs in the eu or other regions? like its possible on virtually every other service like amazon prime?
Strzelec35 36 | 1,099
21 Apr 2021 #42
Anyone into Apple products as much as me? Great company and global brand.
Novichok 4 | 7,706
21 Apr 2021 #43
I hate Apple products. Always did and always will.
Apple is a religion and the followers a bunch of religious fanatics who cannot or will not justify the prices they pay for their icons.

My HSN Motorola smartphone with 1500 of everything runs me 50 bucks and lasts about 6 months before I am out minutes. Then, it's 20 bucks to add 1000.
Joker 3 | 3,164
23 Apr 2021 #44
I hate Apple products. Always did and always will.

Ive had 2 apple laptops. The first one was around 2010 and it was pretty good, no issues. I have a newer MacBook now and its a piece of junk!
Cargo pants 3 | 1,523
23 Apr 2021 #45
Ive had 2 apple laptops.

I never did as it has no USB ports.I only new I phone every year to rotate with my Polish & American Phones even though as said I- phone is for idiots but its easier to use while android has it all but is complicated.
Joker 3 | 3,164
23 Apr 2021 #46
I never did as it has no USB ports

The new MacBook has micro USB ports. I didnt know this when I bought it and had to buy an adapter also, its a real pain in the dupa. The track pad sucks as well and is over sensitive, the adjustment feature is useless. And the thing that sucks the most, they cost more that all the other computers. Ya, stay away from apple they've gone way downhill.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,523
23 Apr 2021 #47
Thats why I always buy 2/300$ laptops and feel no pain discarding them and same with desktops I buy cheap 400$ all in one lasts me 2/3 years.

Its funny to see them geeks/nerds sitting in starbucks with there macbook and Ipods,showing off to no one.

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