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Going Smartphone Free - taking off in Poland?

jon357 67 | 17,530
1 Jul 2021 #31
extreme convenience is not necessarily a good thing though

It usually is though, isn't it...

all the fear that comes with that

What fear?

a world that strives to cater for your every 'need'

If only...
OP SamUK84
1 Jul 2021 #32
Being dependent on something creates a feeling of fear/powerlessness for me at least, maybe just me.
jon357 67 | 17,530
1 Jul 2021 #33
Are you dependent on it though? I have a smartphone, and in Poland I don't switch it on from one day to the next. Really, I only use it if I'm going somewhere special. During both lockdowns, I maybe switched it on twice. In the UK it's handy in the region where I am to store travel passes and useful to message friends because `I'm doing a lot of visiting but that's all. If I'm out and about and someone sends a message, I might look but wouldn't drop everything to respond. I keep the ringer switched off.
OP SamUK84
1 Jul 2021 #34
Well sounds like you are clearly not dependent on them so that's fine. There's obviously alot of people, my wife for example who use them with no problems at all. I suppose I'm focusing on the far end of the bell curve really where I find myself.
OP SamUK84
2 Jul 2021 #35
@johnny reb I agree with the sentiment, I would say it's probably not smartphones but screens in general though, smartphones are just the extreme example of it so the ill-effects of screens are becoming more obvious (i.e. glorifying competition between people and sex addiction) but it has been building for decades now and international business has been built on the back of their success. Cutting back on screentime as much as possible is the only option as far as I can see.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,120
2 Jul 2021 #36
My first 2 cell fones in 1990 & in 1994,was expensive as hell by the minute incoming and outgoing and no text messages.

OP SamUK84
5 Jul 2021 #37
Mate, get the charger out and fire 'em up, you'll never want a smartphone again ;)

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