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My experience on mobile phones in Poland

JaynGarrick 10 | 16
19 Jan 2012 #1
I bought a very basic, old-school Nokia when I first got here, which is sufficient for the basics. I'm not really a new-tech enthusiast, so I don't need the best/most advanced phone on the market, but I had a smart phone (second hand, part of a family plan) back in the States-- an iPhone, more specifically, but it couldn't be jailbroken for use over here, and I'm afraid I accidentally dropped it a few months ago, so it's out of service completely.

Anyway, as my life is a bit chaotic, insofar as schedules, keeping appointments, etc., I'm certain a smart phone would make my life easier and my bag a bit lighter, not having to carry around a calendar/laptop/etc. The need for a smart phone is not only for a calendar, it's access to email while I'm on the go so I know when a company needs me to come in for anything (which happens often), or if a student emails me about class, I won't need to go home to find out. It's also to make texting and calling a lot easier and quicker.

However, I'm on a budget. I'd rather not disclose how much I want to spend on a smart phone, but if anyone could share with me the best place in Warsaw to get a cheap but reliable smart phone, it'd be much appreciated. I don't care if it's come out last year or in 2009 or whenever. A phone that permits email access, preferably with a web browser, as well as calendar and alarm functions-- that'd be great.

I've checked the underground shops at Centrum and DW Centralny, and the cheapest they'll go is 250PLN, for the most basic smart phone. I'd like the best deal for the price. I'm willing to spend a bit more on quality, but not willing to put money on things I don't need:

- I don't care about apps. Having instant access to weather and facebook is nice, but it's not necessary.
- I prefer buttons/a full keyboard, but I'm pretty good at writing texts quickly with the basic keys.
- A camera would be nice, and maybe all smart phones have them (told you I'm not tech-savvy), but if some don't and are cheaper for it: camera isn't necessary

I've checked Allegro, but as I don't speak Polish and as Google Translate is hardly inerrant, I'm not sure I trust buying something from there without help from a living person fluent in both English and Polish.

All advice appreciated. Thanks.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
19 Jan 2012 #2
I've checked the underground shops at Centrum and DW Centralny, and the cheapest they'll go is 250PLN, for the most basic smart phone.

That's still very cheap and probably your best bet. Anything cheaper is stolen.
19 Jan 2012 #3
I'd say that a 250zl smart phone is rather likely to be somewhat warm!
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
19 Jan 2012 #4
I just paid a bit less than a thousand for a nearly new Nokia N8 in Qatar - even the cheapest 'smartish phones' were half that, new.
londonpoland - | 3
7 Mar 2015 #5
Merged: Companies that repair mobile phones in Warsaw?

where i can find a company to repair my iphone glass in Warsaw please ?

Thank u
jon357 71 | 20,789
7 Mar 2015 #6
Try these guys, they do instant repairs:
7 Mar 2015 #7
These guys are in the city centre, cheap, quick and good:
7 Mar 2015 #8
/he speaks english/
londonpoland - | 3
9 Mar 2015 #9
Thank you all for your answers.
I have no sound too on my Iphone.
I just updated it to IOS8 , still don't have any sound.

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