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An Englishman wanting to watch TV in Poland

Harry 7 1 | 1
6 Jun 2013 #1

I am new here (just registered today, this is my first post) although I have looked at the site over the past few months - it's been quite helpful!

Basically, I was wondering what my options are for watching TV over in Poland. I moved here a few months ago and brought the TV I bought in England which I have so far only really used to watch films etc from my external hard drive that plugs in by USB. I tried connecting an old aerial that I found in the flat that I live in; however, although it picked up 3 or 4 channels, the picture quality was terrible (plus it was all in Polish). I'm guessing I could buy a decent aerial and pick up the free channels, but I have heard that the shows aren't that great and there are very few (if any) English language shows.

I have tried looking online and seen various packages such as cyfra etc. but have not been able to understand what comes with them. Are there any channels offering English-speaking tv shows? Apart from English-speaking tv shows, I would be looking to watch the football (mainly the Premiership and Champions league). As far as I can tell, it is available on Canal +. I saw one package that offered this but, as far as I could tell, it was for a 12 month contract at about 120PLN per month, although this did come with loads of other channels too. Is there a cheaper way? I have seen something about pre-pay cards, would they work?

Basically, if there is any information that could be of help that would be awesome.

Thanks for any help!!
Wulkan - | 3,243
6 Jun 2013 #2
So you just moved to Poland and want to watch English tv instead learning the local language?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
6 Jun 2013 #3
I'm surprised your TV worked, because the Polish broadcast audio is different although the video is still PAL. Is it a quite new TV?

You will need a cable TV service that includes their relay of English channels. Ask in your block to see who supplies TV there, eg UPC, Dialog, Multimedia, etc. Then phone them and ask for a package that includes English stations. Budget for about 100zł a month for that.

Or you could watch TV on the internet using a proxy service, but they are also chargeable for the better ones.

Of course, if you can fit a satellite dish you'll have some English language news channels for free (or for the cost of the equipment).
6 Jun 2013 #4
Most people go with
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
6 Jun 2013 #5
Most people go with

What's there? I just see social TV channels like Skypers with an audience? Could you please post a link to the English Language regular TV stations because I couldn't find them. The only way I know of is via a paid proxy server and then going to the UK TV sites to stream.
OP Harry 7 1 | 1
6 Jun 2013 #6
Thanks InWroclaw and Warszawski, I will look into those options. And InWroclaw, yes, it is quite a new tv - less than a year old.

Wulkan, I do want to learn Polish - I never said I didn't; in fact, one of the reasons that I would want access to TV is to watch Polish TV to help me learn. However, if there was an option to include English-language shows in a cable package then I would want to include that too.

Having said that, I almost never watched TV when I was in England, so I don't know how much more I would watch over here (whatever language it was in). The main reason I would consider buying a cable package though would be for the football - which would have Polish commentary. In fact, if I could get a package that showed the football but no English-language shows then I might take it, but I would not take a package that included English-language shows but no football.
6 Jun 2013 #7
The only way I know of is via a paid proxy server and then going to the UK TV sites to stream.

The film on free is on the left:

you will have to sign up and download.

English-language shows but no football.

Bookmark this site for free sport:
smurf 39 | 1,981
6 Jun 2013 #8
Harry7, if you subscribe to UPC, they have the fastest Internet bwt, they have toa fair few English language channels.
They are no extra cost too, just when you select the channel you need to hit the 'info' button and change language to English.

A few diff BBC channels, a few sports channels, all the documentary channels, some american Fox channel, music channels. It's not many (about 20-30) HBO is available too, but I don't know how much, I usually just stream their stuff from the Net anyway.

Also, if you get the Internet, get yourself an IP proxy, I use this one [] it's only about $5 a month
You can change your IP address to a UK one and then you can watch things like BBC player, 4OD, ITV match streaming etc.

There's a handy Irish website too, called, so use Overplay to change your IP to an Irish one and they also stream a good few Irish and UK channels, BBC3, 4, etc

For skysports, just use,
Kinell - | 6
6 Jun 2013 #9
I would dispense with TV altogether as it's now just one giant propaganda machine interrupted by programs that would insult the intelligence of a gnat. Why would anybody with half a brain watch The X Factor or Big Brother for example.

The BBC was a well oiled machine yesterday but now it's nothing more than a sub Marxist voice of the immigrants....(never mind the people). Say a wrong word like 'black, brown or Pole and you will never have your voice heard on the British Broadcasting Corporation for fear of libel.

Ditch all forms of modern media. Look at your own web sites and form your own opinions and then learn to play the violin instead of wasting your time
smurf 39 | 1,981
6 Jun 2013 #10
I would dispense with TV

And how would you watch football?
People without tvs freak me out, how do you watch sport?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
7 Jun 2013 #11
The film on free is on the left

Thanks, quite useful :o)
Kinell - | 6
4 Jul 2013 #12
Why not watch the Polish premier league instead of English football? Their football is like their lifestyle and economy....enriching, exciting, pulsating, tantalizing, rewarding.
Yeh you guessed...I'm joking of course. It is the dullest, depressing place. Why else would millions of Poles travel via National Express to settle in the UK? You are an anomaly .
4 Jul 2013 #13
only about $5 a month

you can watch English tv online for free with Media Hint add-on for Firefox, it works with Chrome too...
jon357 72 | 21,190
4 Jul 2013 #14

Media Hint add-on for Firefox, it works with Chrome too..

4 Jul 2013 #15
sgrya1 - | 3
4 Jul 2013 #16
If you are able to install a dish you can get British sky tv.
You will need to organize a sky box and card.

I had a card sent to me from and organized the box and dish myself.

There is another thread on the subject here. 11971/
2 Aug 2013 #17
Hi Harry,

You need a 75 cm dish and opexbox. Just point you dish to Astra2 satellite. You will plenty of FTA channel from sky HD. Here is the link which may help to properly point your dish, and you are done. If you want to watch other paid channel, google "cardsharing".
sashman 1 | 14
4 Aug 2013 #18
Sign up for a cheap VPN and you can watch Iplayer and ITV player etc as well as American channels
local_fela 17 | 172
4 Aug 2013 #19
you will have to sign up and download.

Or just download the app on your pc for live recording. furthermore, you can get the ipad/iphone app which is awesome.

btw, if you are in Krakow and want to enjoy the premier league or any other league from Skysports, go to free entrance ofc many screens and beer more/less for 8PLN. ;)
g60edition 6 | 175
6 Aug 2013 #20
you want to watch other paid channel, google "cardsharing

Unfortunately Sly are clamping down on this.Ive been it doing for sometime now and the rumours were that Sly had been working on it for some time to block it.They have done it Australia and it was meant to be getting blocked in June 2013 not only on Sly UK but across Europe.How ever its still working fine but who know for how long.

Plenty of chat about it on Alsat web site.
Cardno85 31 | 976
6 Aug 2013 #21
I would also recommend FilmOn for free-view channels. Just get an HD cable running from your laptop to the TV and you're laughing. Maybe not for Sky though.

As for:

btw, if you are in Krakow and want to enjoy the premier league or any other league from Skysports, go to ;)

I have only been in here twice and both times the staff were incredibly rude and place was very dark and dingy (and not in an "atmospheric Kraków" way). I personally wouldn't back up this person's recommendation. There are plenty of other places that have Sky.
17 Nov 2013 #22
Easy! I have been doing this for the past 6 years throughout Europe. You can access all uk tv stream sites and which stream all the main channels live. Plus you can use a netflix account.

First of all get yourself a uk VPN. I use Once you download the settings and/or software if you need to, you just have to click connect and away you go. Cost about equivalent to 30zl per month and is unlimited and fast.

To access sites and tv in the us, download hotspot shield. Once you have this you can access hulu and again, Netflix US!

Hope this helps
7 Dec 2013 #23
If you want to watch English tv abroad go to Adtelly you can make subscription for month or longer.Also you have 24h free to try service.I am also abroad they are great.
Kevvy 2 | 37
7 Dec 2013 #24
Iive moved to Poland from England and I have NC+ tv which costs about 100zł a month all nearly all the chanels can be set to english and has a few BBC channels as well as discovery
grubas 12 | 1,390
7 Dec 2013 #25
People without tvs freak me

Why?I don't have TV and I don't watch TV.Why would I pay for watching commercials when in fact I should be paid for watching them?

how do you watch sport?

On my laptop.
8 Aug 2015 #26
Hello We want to receive some English language stations via a 1.5m dish in Karpacz. We don't want to subscribe to Sky nor do we have internet connection. Has anyone managed this, happy to watch Polish TV some of the time to help with learning the language but want some English if we can get it. Thanks.
delboyinpoland - | 8
8 Aug 2015 #27
skybox +white card ( Spanish clue)+ small dish and you have channel 4 over here
8 Aug 2015 #28
Forgive my ignorance but does this mean subscribing to Sky? Or just getting a box? I'm not too familiar with what it all involves.Thanks
delboyinpoland - | 8
8 Aug 2015 #29
no no, buy a skybox + white card from ebay ( subscription expired, the box has to be paired to skybox)
set small dish to 28 2 and ...enjoy
8 Aug 2015 #30
Hi I've just found a Pace Sky box on ebay for £2 down the road. Would this work? I apologise for my ignorance, can plug in a freeview digibox in the UK and that's about my limit. The white card? Thanks for your help!

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