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Dog Boarding Facilities/Dog Hotels in Poland

terrabull 4 | 32
7 Jul 2008 #1
We're moving to Olsztyn in August. We are planning on taking our two dogs. Do you know if there are dog boarding facilities in either Olszytn or Warsaw (we'd just leave them in Warsaw if we're flying somewhere). Also, are they good quality? Does anyone know if there is a website I can try to find one? I've tried searching, even in Polish, and not getting much as far as results.
Kowalski 7 | 621
7 Jul 2008 #2
here's one close to Warszawa

google: "hotel dla psów" AND Warszawa

consider also petsitter
jesse23 - | 21
5 Nov 2008 #3
[Moved from]: Dog hotels or long-stay kennels in Poland

I wonder if any1 can help me i've just moved to wroclaw and would like to bring my 2 dogs over.
Here lies the problem iam in an apartment were they dnt accept dogs (miscommunication on agreement)so i want to no if any1 knows or recommends anyway they can stay like doggy hotels or long stay kennels or pet carers.

I understand that poland aren't very big on dogs in this way but surely there must be somewhere
Can any1 help please.
Prince 15 | 590
5 Nov 2008 #4

ul. Hermanowska 26a
enterance form ul. Elbląska
jesse23 - | 21
5 Nov 2008 #5
Japanrania - | 3
10 Nov 2008 #6
Hi Everybody.

I'm moving to Warsaw the Jenuary 1st, for 4 Years work there and I'm coming over with my two small Pomeranian dogs.
due to my job, I often travel and I would like to know if there, too there are kind of hotel dog or somebody who can keep them, as I was doing here.

any news on Warsaw?
Hopefully, the company I'm working for will find an appartment where I can, at least keep them, while I'm in warsaw.

jesse23 - | 21
10 Nov 2008 #7
well iam still having trouble finding somewhere and i am still waiting on a few peole to get back to me but foe warsaw it may be easy to fine somewhere as it is a popular city sorry i can be much more help but let me know if you are successful it would be interesting to find out
osiol 55 | 3,922
10 Nov 2008 #8
Someone I know in Warsaw has used a couple of different kennels in recent times. In one, her dog was unhappy and destroyed his bed. In the other one, the dog was happy and returned home much happier. Dogs are more important than humans in some respects. I might even be able to find names if you ask nicely.

Okay, so I have sent you a PM (just in case you haven't noticed) - no need to ask excessively nicely.
jesse23 - | 21
10 Nov 2008 #9
well if you can find me somewhere in wroclaw i would be so greatful and i'll even say pretty please with a cherry on top hehehe
Japanrania - | 3
16 Nov 2008 #10
Hi! osiol , I don't know how nicely I have to ask ;-) , but my dogs are really quite, very friendly and cute.. pomeranian.. so from 1st of jenuary I will be there, in case you know the name of those places will be very nice... Thanks for now..
osiol 55 | 3,922
16 Nov 2008 #11
How to ask nicely:

Woof? - That's quite a nice way of asking.
Yap yap yap yap yap! - That's not going to get you anywhere!

I am in no way affiliated to this company, I just believe it is one that had been given the thumbs up by someone I know (and her dog)...
Selwroc 3 | 7
6 Dec 2009 #12
Dec 6, 09, 21:36 - Thread attached on merging:
Dog hotel in Wroclaw


Does anyone have any knowledge of a dog hotel in the area of Wroclaw where one could leave the dog for some time?
sister act 2 | 88
4 Jan 2010 #13
I Know of a great dog hotel near olsztyn.
chuck bananas - | 1
9 Jun 2011 #14
Merged: Dog friendly hotels / boarding in Warsaw?

hi i am driving from the UK to Warsaw in a few weeks with my dog we have never been to Poland before and wondering if anyone could recommend a place we could stay for a couple of nights? i would prefer somewhere out of the way a little rural but close to the city if thats possible?

JonnyM 11 | 2,620
9 Jun 2011 #15
Hotel Susel [] is NOT rural and you can forget about a mint on your pillow but they are happy to take people with dogs.
nemo 1 | 3
10 Jun 2011 #16
During my stay in Warsaw Mariott hotel I've seen couple od guests with dogs, but i'ts a rather expensive one ;)
pawian 197 | 20,021
10 Jun 2011 #17
but they are happy to take people with dogs.

One condition: no parasites on pets or people.
susiecy - | 1
19 Aug 2011 #18
Im also looking for a dog Kennels in Warsaw for our little dog ?
cant find any on the net - please advise.
beckski 12 | 1,617
23 Aug 2011 #19
Im also looking for a dog Kennels in Warsaw for our little dog ?

Perhaps you can bring the little guy with you to your hotel. Try contacting a pet-friendly hotel to accommodate your needs:)
user8104 - | 1
5 Jan 2012 #20
[Moved from]: Where can i leave my cat during summer? [Wroclaw]

I'll be away 3 months. Well I don't have a cat yet, just want to get organized in advance... I assume there are places that will keep it and treat it well in exchange for payment.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
5 Jan 2012 #21
Well I don't have a cat yet, just want to get organized in advance.

it might be an idea to get a cat when you come back.

or, why can't you take the cat with you ?
gumishu 12 | 6,009
5 Jan 2012 #22
I'll be away 3 months. Well I don't have a cat yet, just want to get organized in advance... I assume there are places that will keep it and treat it well in exchange for payment.,wroclaw.html
CoachPaul - | 7
13 Apr 2012 #23
Anyone know of kennels in Gdansk?
6 Apr 2015 #24

im looking for hotel or person to take care of my 2 pekingese dogs in 6.7.2015 until 14.7.2015 in Warsaw.
Looker - | 1,126
6 Apr 2015 #25
Just put in google: hotel dla psów Warszawa
RAR74 - | 1
17 May 2015 #26
Merged: Seeking Pet boarding - Dog Boarding - Cat Boarding Warsaw area

Posted: 2015. Are there any boarding kennels for dogs and cats in the Warsaw / Kanie Helenowskie (sp?) area? A website would really be appreciated, or a tel # and postal address.

Thank you!
jon357 71 | 20,075
17 May 2015 #27
Kanie Helenowskie? You mean the Kosmepol L'Oreal factory, since there's nothing else there ;-)

There are a few such places round Warsaw and several on the western side towards Pruszków - just Google 'hotel dla psow'. Most will take cats as well.
21 Sep 2017 #28
There's one English speaking home dog boarding in Katowice (southern Poland) which takes up to two dogs at a time, is a registered company and offers great service, check

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