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What is customer service in Warsaw like? Poland.

6 Jun 2018 #1
Is customer service in Warsaw same as in Prague or better? I've heard that store employees are nicer there. In Prague they vary, in one day they are nice the other rude (bipolar?). In Bratislava the customer service is terrible - a lady threw a girl's change on the floor and the girl didn't say anything, just collected it. I've met lots of Slavic people and Czechs are standoffish, Slovaks can be outright rude but Polish ones are usually very nice.
cms neuf - | 1,919
6 Jun 2018 #2
Service in stores is terrible in all 3 places, Nothing to do with being Slavs and everything to do with the legacy of communism and the slow inroads made by modern retail (which only started 20 years ago and didn't really get going until 2004).
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
6 Jun 2018 #3
Service in stores is terrible

This really got to me when I first came to Poland, I used to keep a 200zl note in my wallet that I would offer up as payment to anyone who was snotty with me at the checkout, they would inevitably moan about not having change due to the large denomination and I would promptly walk away leaving them piled high with stock to re shelf

Nowadays I just put up with it like everyone else does..
cms neuf - | 1,919
6 Jun 2018 #4
Once I arrived and my luggage got lost on the way the next day I knew that if I got to the shop I could buy a set of clothes and get back to my hotel and change in time for my meetings.

It was freezing about -7 and at 925 I was camped outside the door of a store obviously waiting to spend money, But rather than let me in

the security guard just paced up and down outside the door until it was 931 and then the mgr unlocked. Just one of literally thousands of examples I would have a poor service in Poland.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
6 Jun 2018 #5
f literally thousands of examples

Yeah the wife and I prefer to have a good laugh at the person giving the bad service, we even make up names for them like sour puss that works in castorama it makes it easier for us, but hey the good things here make up for it.
6 Jun 2018 #6
@cms neuf
Bulgaria and Serbia also had communism but the service is pleasant.
cms neuf - | 1,919
6 Jun 2018 #7
In Romania it is not. I visit often. However I do think that Romanians responds to tipping much better and recognise regular customers much better.

In Bulgaria there aren't hardly any shops I've only been a few times but I don't remember it for outstanding service. In general however the people are extremely friendly.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
6 Jun 2018 #8
Before I got the hell out, in Poland the customer was expected to service the clerk by making said clerk feel important. The exchange of money for goods was secondary and the transaction was deemed as a favor to the customer.

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