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Childrens bedroom furniture - where to buy directly in Poland without waiting 8 weeks

Marcus911 3 | 102
17 Dec 2012 #1
Hi, Just arrived in POland, need furniture for the children, beds wardrobes, drawers etc. My wife has been calling around and all the shops are extortionate as well as having to wait 8 weeks for delivery. It's hard to believe that being situtated in the Heart of Europe that it is impossible to walk into a shop that sells kids bedroom furniture choose something and have it delivered or just put it flat packed into your car immediately.

Any ideas anyone... Thanks
17 Dec 2012 #2
Ikea Poland.
GabiDaHun 2 | 152
17 Dec 2012 #3
I second Ikea. It has some lovely stuff (don't take your kid- s/he'll want everything)!
OP Marcus911 3 | 102
17 Dec 2012 #4
Thanks for the pointers guys, IKEA it is then... :-)
MoOli 9 | 480
17 Dec 2012 #5
Marcus I have a pal that imports furniture in Pieszcecno by Warsaw you can go to his site:GRAND LUXZURY PLAZA: he is doing tremedous business .He also has rooms set up in his ware house there like IKEA,and delivers all over the EU.His name is Arsen a very polite and accomodating man.Mention him me and hope you get a discount:)\Edit:grand luxury or Meble
ricky8001 - | 1
12 Apr 2013 #6
NEXT furniture,funique, Ikea and Lots of online sites..It can be little challenging to decide the furniture for your child's room, especially because you have plenty of furniture choices available to choose from. The key to deciding the right furniture for kids' room is that it should be multifunctional and easily accessible

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